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I NSPFALCA, The Company PowerPoint Presentation
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I NSPFALCA, The Company

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I NSPFALCA, The Company - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I NSPFALCA, The Company.

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I NSPFALCA, The Company

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    1. INSPFALCA, The Company We are a solid company founded in 1988, ISO 9001:2008 Certified, ASNT Corporative Partner with over 2o millions M-H and 23 year of experience dedicated to supply highly specialize service in areas such as: Equipment Inspection, Up Inspection, Plant Shutdown Planning, None Destructive Testing, Heat Treatment and Security and Hygiene (SIAHO) and quality assurance and quality control in new plants constructions . INSPFALCA,developes equipment inspection and maintenance for plant shutdown; allowing the absolute short, medium and long term client satisfaction. Supported by qualified personnel, and necesary equipment to detect and identify material quality problems and equipments in Petrochemical and Oil Refinery facilities

    2. VISION Place INSPFALCA in a leading position, nown by its technology and specialization, with a highly attuned and certified team and high ethical commitment in all activities, supported in a management system that allows strenghten the Client-Company relationship reaching and keeping leadership among its competitors

    3. MISSION To serve and satisfy the client, assuming the commitment with the quality that each individual and each work team bring to the, starting with the management itself, maintaining that way the market leadership and projecting our presence thru human resources development and always more competitive technology

    4. Quality Policy Supply highly specialize services in areas such as: equipment inspection, up inspection, none destructive testing and heat treatment, that satisfy our current clients demands, in terms of quality, quantity and response time, applying procedures and methods defined by standards and nationals and internationals technical specifications, continuously improving the quality management efficiency, meeting the planed goals


    6. OFFICE LOCATIONS MAIN OFFICE Alí Primera Intercomunal Ave., California Street Warehouse 1 and 2, Creolandia Sector , Punto Fijo - Falcón. Phone Number. (0269) 247-4229 Fax: (0269) 247-5213 Contacts: Francesco Solari , Phone Number.: 04146934336 Rosa Solari ,Phone Number.: 04166691307 Antonio Zavarce, Phone Number.: 04146930966 WESTERN DIVISION Punto Fijo Salto Ángel Mall, 3y Av. Between 78 and 79 street. 1st floor Number 7. Barcelona Contacts: Carlos González, Phone Number: 04146154376 EASTERN DIVISION Tricentenaria Urbanization B #77 street. Phone Number: (0281) 2775550 Contacts: Carlos Di Gregorio Phone Number: 04141343314 Milagro Méndez Phone Number: 04262810494

    7. Who are We?



    10. SERVICES PlatesUltrasound Inspection, pipes, bars, metallic structures , cast and forge pieces, welded joins , etc. Radiographic Inspection  with gamma rays in welded joins in pieces, pipes, vessels, valves, tanks, metallic structures, cast and forge pieces, etc. Magnetics Particles Inspection with direct and alter current equipments, using dry magnetic particles with natural light or wet fluorescent particles, in any ferromagnetic material. Ultrasound Thickness Measurement Inspection in pipes, vessel, metallic structures or any type of construction.

    11. SERVICES Alloy Analysis (PMI), Material ID test throughX rays emission spectrometric analysis emitted from the equipment. Penetrating Liquid Inspection the test is about using regular and fluorescent dye in fabrication, repair, equipments and pipes assembling or construction, (to detect superficial flaws) Coatings Discontinuity Detector, coating adherence inspection in pressure vessel, pipes and tanks protectors among others. Eddy Current, Tubular heat exchanger inspection with induce current (Eddy) application

    12. SERVICES Hardness Measurement in different materials, Hardness Test in Brimmel scale with portable gauge (Durometers) Tellebrimeller for Butt-Welds and Fillet-Welds. Categories: Workshops Plant Shutdown Plant Start Naval Works Structure, Mechanical and electric Works Up Inspection Refractory Assurance and control Quality Raising Equipment Inspection/Certification

    13. SERVICES Up Inspection it consist in the inspection engineering work implementing an audit software of diverse plants conditions and thickness monitoring within a Data Management System (DMS) that records and plans pipes and static equipments circuits inspection considered as critic according to the Risk Based Inspection Analysis (RBI). This software makes remaining thickness calculation, corrosion velocity and refinery facilities lifetime and future inspection dates. Integral Plants Evaluation general engineering inspection work through the installation of a programmed system for recorded inspection conditions management of plants; to get a mechanic integrity total criticality evaluationin oil industry, petrochemical or any process. The Inspectores de Falcón C.A. Company

    14. SERVICES Heat Treatment Stresses Relief Welding preheat Hydrogen Release Controlled heating to mechanical interlock and unlocking Drying of refractory Isolation and other coating drying Heating to liquefy products in obstructed lines and pipes Calefactor or ceramic resistance repairs Equipment Rent with operator

    15. SERVICES Consult Engineering Technical Consultation.Inspection and Project Construction Supervision and Plant Shutdown. Seeks Management. Plant Shutdown Planning and Assistance. Contract Administration and Human Resources management. Blueprints Elaboration and Updates Assignment of Staff. Feasibility Studies. Permission Management. Environmental Advice. Conceptual and Basic Engineering. Detail Engineering.Project Management. Training.  Material and Corrosion Engineering. Mechanic Construction Evaluation.

    16. SERVICES QA/QC in Worksites Work Revision Personnel Qualification Work Control Quality Assurance (QA) Quality Control (QC) Supply Inspection Supplier Evaluation Quality Plans Elaboration NDT Certification Start On (Pre and Post)

    17. SERVICES PLANNING AND CONTROL Establish Objectives. Define the Project. Establish needs in project activities. Organize the Team. Activities Resources Allocation and bound it to each other. Daily monitoring and reports elaboration. Quality Improve , Time and costs Inspection Planning

    18. SIHO-A SERVICES INDUSTRIAL SECURITY OCCUPACIONAL HYGIENE AND ENVIRONMENT The Company through their highly capacitated personnel gives security in work areas. To detect and correct unsafe acts and conditions that could caused accidents. In the environmental area are perform activities monitoring to check the standard, procedures and rules compliance, detecting deviations and correct them immediately, these allow us eliminating the accidents probability or environmental contamination. The fundamental objectiveis to minimize the conditions and at the same time control the contaminant and/ortoxicsagents, thatmay cause fatality, injuries and equipment and facilitydamages in the worksite, as well as environmentalcontamination. ASESORIA

    19. SIHO-A SERVICES INDUSTRIAL SECURITY OCCUPACIONAL HYGIENE AND ENVIRONMENT • The company counts with equipments to execute the environmental monitoring activities such as: • Flammability Test • Toxicity Test • Portable Environmental Monitoring • (Hydrogen sulfide detectors H2S) • Bellows Pumps and colorimetric Tubes

    20. OTHER SERVICES • Metallography • Welding Equipment Inspection Services. • Topography Service • Raising Equipment Service • Environment and Security Services • Lifter Rent Integral Service • Boiler Certification Services • Specialize None Destructive Testing Through alliances. • RETOME FIELD TEST(RFT) heat exchanger tubes • IRIS (Internal Rotary Inspection System, heat exchanger tubes) • GUIDED WAVE TEST. (Pipes) • RPA (Boilers Tubes) • AUTOMATED UT • TOFD UT • PHASE ARRAY UT • ACOUSTIC EMISSION. • MFL FOR TANKS FLOOR. • FAILURE ANALYSIS AND MATERIALS EVALUATION.

    21. CURRENT PROJECTS PDVSA, PETRÓLEOS, S.A (PUERTO LA CRUZ REFINERY) Nº 4600043083GamagraphyApplication to welded Joins in pipes and plates, Puerto La Cruz Refinery , State of Anzoátegui, Venezuela. PDVSA, PETRÓLEOS, S.A (PETROANZOATEGUI UPGRADER) Nº 4600039024Inspection Services and Specialize Test in Static Equipments ,PDVSA PETROLEO C.A. (Petroanzoátegui Upgraders), State of Anzoátegui, Venezuela. PDVSA, PETRÓLEOS, S.A (PETROREGIONAL DEL LAGO UPGRADER) Nº J04710010 Pre-Plant Shutdown Static Equipments Inspection Services, Programed Plant Shutdown and Emergency Plant Shutdown in Operational PETROREGIONAL DEL LAGO, State of Zulia, Venezuela PDVSA, PETRÓLEOS, S.A (PARAGUANÁ REFINERY CENTER) Nº 4620010048Inspection Services and Technical Assistance for equipment and Paraguana Refinery Center (Amuay, Cardón and Bajo Grande Refineries) and external Worshops , State of Falcón, Venezuela Nº 4620009867Inspección Services for Ultrasound thickness mesurement. And SILCO line system in PRC Plants, state of Falcon, Venezuela Nº 4600039206Pipes Heat Treatment , Accessories and equipment in PRC, State of Falcón, Venezuela Nº 4620009758Radiography Services in pipes and equipments welds in PRC, State of Falcón, Venezuela

    22. RELEVANTS ACTIVITIES A brief summary of the Relevant Activities of the last 12 months. INSPECTION SERVICES IN THE AREA OF PLANT GENERAL REPAIRS : GENERAL REPAIR IN AMUAY CATALYTIC COMPLEX IN PDVSA's CRP PARAGUANA 2012. Assurance and Quality Control in the 07 facilities under general maintenance plan from February to April 2012, in which over 326 Static equipment were Inspected ( reactors, furnaces, drums, towers, exchangers, tanks, pipes, etc.) but the Heat Treatment Service , Industrial Radiography and Security Service, Health and Environment (SIHOA), with the participation of over 69 static equipment inspectors, 27 SIHOA inspectors , 15 Heat Treatment Technitians, 13 X-ray technicians, logisticians administration and coordination, INSPFALCA´s work equipment was put to the services of PDVSA to build a 102,700 Project H / H, Heat treatment 2873 H / Machines and 5,146 welded joints evaluated by radiography, in order to achieve the goal of Complex repair in the time planned, under the quality standards required by the customer and work with a view to ensure the running of the complex for 3 years.

    23. RELEVANTS ACTIVITIES GENERAL REPAIRS OF PDVSA PETROANZOÁTEGUI UPGRADER 2011. COMPLEJO CRIOGENICO DE JOSE, Western Venezuela . Assurance and Quality Control Facility, through its general maintenance plan from September to November 2011, in which over 967 were Inspected Items (reactors, furnaces, drums, towers, heat exchangers, valves, pipes, etc.) but the Heat Treatment service, Industrial Radiography and Inspection Service Specialist (Eddy Current, Remote Field, Iris, Phase Array Guided Waves, Acoustic Emission to MFL and tanks), with the involvement of more than 80 Inspectors of static, 20 END Specialists 's, 10 specialists in the field of engineering, combustion and civil, 04 Heat Treatment technitians, 04 radiographers, staff planning, logistics, administration and coordination, work team INSPFALCA put to the client´s disposal “PDVSA” to generate a project of more than 200.00 H / H, 1,100 H / Heat treatment machines, 100 joints evaluated with X-ray welds and more than 40,000 tubes of heat exchangers evaluated with specialized techniques, in order to achieve the goal of repairing the complex in the time planned, under the quality standards required by the customer and work with a view to ensure the running of the complex for 5 years.

    24. RELEVANTS ACTIVITIES INSPECTION SERVICES IN THE AREA OF UP INSPECTION : THICKNESS MEASUREMENT IN PIPES IN SERVICE. Measuring over 100,000 IMR in Different pipes belonging to Refining Center (PRC) of PDVSA, for SILCO system. Measurement of 50,000 TML in the different pipes and equipment of the Breeder Petroanzoátegui PDVSA for UltraPipe system. Added to this: Identification of Corrosion TiesField survey of the schematic. Schematic drawings on AUTO CAD and Location of TML Implementation of Phase array technology. Thicknesses Obtained analysis. Recommendations according to the results. Measurement of 20,000 TML in the different pipes and equipment of the Breeder Petrocedeño PDVSA for UltraPipe system.

    25. RELEVANTS ACTIVITIES INSTALL PLUGS IN PIPES AND EQUIPMENT IN SERVICE. Installation of more than 10,000 inspection plugs 2-1/2 "and 1-1/2" in diameter in the different pipes and equipment belonging to the Breeders Petroanzoátegui crude and Petrocedeño JOSE Eastern Complex. INSPECTION SERVICES IN THE AREA X-RAY: In order to improve customer care, INSPFALCA began the process of digitization of image plates or films, with the acquisition of equipment FS50B GE General Electric and in accordance with the process of continuous improvement of service provided and customer satisfaction . The benefits are: Software tool that allows the analysis of the results more accurate according to the code that applies. Allows mass communication of the results in real time via email. Scans plates and becomes a product of easy access and quick response. The digitization of the plates helps the client in their audits.

    26. RELEVANTS ACTIVITIES CURACAO ISLAND REFINERY Inspection Services for Project Heat Treatment adequacy of the Curacao Isla refinery, IREM SPA CURAÇAO Contract Branch, August 2002. Heat Treatment Services for Curacao Isla refinery in Curacao Branch Jantech Consortium, March 2001. NDT Inspection Service during the project Adequacy Refinery as Curaçao Island Contract A-0225. IREM SPA Consortium, March 2002. ENGINEERINGPROJECT JURONG CURAÇAO BOO NDT Inspection Service (RT) for the Project under contract Curaçao BOO Jurong Engineering in June 2001. SINCOR Inspection Service Sincrudos Eastern Company, San Diego Cabrutica, August 2000

    27. PROPOSAL Based on our experience in the full scope of inspections in the oil and petrochemicals, we apply all our intellectual capital to serve the needs of the Oil and Petrochemical Industry nationally and internationally. View / evaluate long-term relationship with our customers through the preliminary identification of opportunities Identifying key contacts in our organizations and work to extend our vision of future business. Start in the short-term relationships that allow to know and build trust Afford to invest in a relationship that promises to create value and development We are ready In Inspfalca Will you joing us?