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video marketing trends in 2014 n.
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video marketing trends 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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video marketing trends 2014

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video marketing trends 2014
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video marketing trends 2014

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  1. Video Marketing Trends in 2014

  2. 2014 is the Year of Video in B2B Marketing Do you know Video is the next big content marketing weapon !

  3. Here is the Evolution Print Radio Internet TV OnlineVideo

  4. Companies are appointing Director, Video Strategy Now marketing department allocates some budget for video marketing. To manage the video campaign & take the content strategy ownership, they are hiring content strategy guys for their department.

  5. Mobile video penetration is going to be high According to Cisco, more consumers in emerging markets are acquiring handsets, bandwidth is improving, and 37 percent of consumer media consumption already takes place on mobile devices. Mobile video to increase 25-fold between 2011 and 2016, accounting for over 70 percent of total mobile data traffic by the end of their forecast period.

  6. Consumption of micro video content will be high Brands are adopting Vine & Instagram videos to interact with customers as a part of their digital marketing strategy Brands like Burberry, Zappos are using Vine to increase their sales conversion

  7. Marketers will focus on Video SEO Videos will appear more on search results with thumbnail images to drive users attentions. People were focusing on page & off page SEO for their websites. Now they will focus on SEO of their video.

  8. Birth of new video startups More number of Social video startups like Viddy, Klip will come up in the market. Many video creating apps like Magisto will run the show. Big media companies started acquiring these kind of social video startups.

  9. Video marketing will go personalized Marketers will use third party data to show targeted videos ads on publishers property relevant to their interest. Content marketing will go more data centric and persona based to get higher number of views and CTR Adoption of Video re-target marketing will be high

  10. Marketers will use Video for lead generations Video will be used for lead generations. Marketers will integrate Video campaign with their CRM to capture leads and data.

  11. Marketers will try Wearable & connected device in 2014 In 2014, we will see lot of  marketers will demand to interact between screens via interesting approaches with the users. For them Google glass, Smart watch & other wearable devices look potential

  12. Finally every brand is becoming a media company Just look at the brands like Nike, Pepsi, Coke, Redbull. The way they are interacting with consumers through video is un-countable.

  13. Video production will go portable Everybody is using mobile & handy cam to shoot video. Some of them are using photos to create video by using mobile apps like Magisto. Dependency on production house will be reduced from now.

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