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http://www.yespestpros.com –Discovering termites in your home is not the time to use a DIY method oftreatment for termites. Contacting a termites pest controllike Young Environmental Solutions, you can get a professional inspection, recommendations and a treatment program to rid your property of termites once and for all. Many reputable companies also offer warrantiesin the unlikely event of a return.

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Termite Control

Real Help, Right Now

Do i have a termite problem l.jpg
Do I Have a Termite Problem?

If you have already noticed termites with wingsinside your home, you already may have a very serious problem. Check around the base of your home or near your porch for additional issues.

If you notice any mud tubes, there’s a good chance you have a problem in your home.

Is it really that bad l.jpg
Is it Really That Bad?

If you’re a homeowner, termites are one of the biggest issues you can face. Every year, they do $1.5 billion property damage in the U.S. alone, and once you find termites in home, the chances are good that they’ve already done at least some damage to your home.

A quick guide l.jpg
A Quick Guide

Termites are most often discovered in the spring when the swarmers come out. These are the termites that leave the colony to find new breeding grounds.

Termites generally have a thick waist and four wings. If you’re not sure what you’re dealing with, collect a few in a plastic bag, then show it to your exterminator.

Getting some help l.jpg
Getting Some Help

Contacting a termites pest control expert is the best way to eliminate a termite problem. They can return, even with the help of reliable professionals, so if you have an ongoing problem, having a good termites exterminator on your side is an absolute must.

Attention do it yourself ers l.jpg
Attention Do-It-Yourself-ers

The discovery of termites in or near your home is not the time to head to your local hardware store and try out this treatment for termitesor that one. Treating your house on your own might seem like it’s going to save you some cash at the outset, but getting to the root of the problem requires specialized chemicals and equipment.

Termite prevention tips l.jpg
Termite Prevention Tips

It’s not always going to be possible to prevent termites, but here are a few things you can do to reduce your risk:

  • Make certain you don’t pile firewood near your home. If you do have a firewood pile, make sure you keep it off the ground.

  • Leaky pipes create standing water, and that’s a magnet for unwanted guests like termites.

  • Trim your shrubs and bushes regularly, and keep them away from the base of your house.

  • Seal any cracks or holes in your foundation immediately.

The safety factor l.jpg
The Safety Factor

The chemicals your pest control professional will use to treat your termite problem are carefully tested by the EPA to make certain your family and your pets will remain safe, even during treatment.

With Young Environmental Solutions, you can be assured of a professional inspection, recommendations if termites are discovered and a treatment program to rid your property of termites. Additionally, we offer a lifetime renewable warranty in the unlikely event that they return.