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Science Course Selection

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Science Course Selection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Science Course Selection
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  1. Science Course Selection Ken Bingman, Allison Johnson, Greg Schell: Honors Biology Teachers Michael Alsin: Department Chair / Physics Teacher This PowerPoint, and other handouts, will be posted by the Department Chair on his website: OR just Google “blue valley west jaguar physics”

  2. Honors vs. Regular Biology: SC1100, SC1101 Biology Prerequisite: None Grade: 9, 10 Credit: 1 Biology is the study of all living things and how they interact with their environment. This introductory course is designed for students who desire a general overview of biology including the survey of plants, animals, human beings, ecology and genetics. Laboratory experiences include microscopic work, technology applications, dissection and basic laboratory skills. The course satisfies the graduation requirement of one unit of Biological Science. SC1102, SC1103 Honors Biology This is a weighted grade course and requires more in-depth study of the curriculum. Students should carefully consider the extra time needed for this more challenging course. Prerequisite: None Grade: 9, 10 Credit: 1 Honors Biology covers the same subject matter as Biology but in more detail. Emphasis is given to the process of science. This course is for those students who possess either a high interest or ability in science and plan to enroll in advanced science courses. This course satisfies the graduation requirement for one unit of Biological Science.

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  4. Regular Science Course Progression

  5. Minimum Science Course Progression