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Words Their Way. Getting Started 2010-2011. General Info to Help Get Started. Blog: http://wtwtruman.wordpress.com Other teachers at Truman who have been used WTW before. The first few weeks. Focus on establishing your routines and procedures Assessment

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Words their way

Words Their Way

Getting Started


General info to help get started
General Info to Help Get Started

  • Blog: http://wtwtruman.wordpress.com

  • Other teachers at Truman who have been used WTW before

The first few weeks
The first few weeks

  • Focus on establishing your routines and procedures

  • Assessment

  • What foundation do you want your students to have for the rest of the year?

Ways to establish routines
Ways to establish routines

  • Suggested first 15 days in Words Their Way, pgs. 77-78

  • Chapter 3 of Words Their Way: “Organizing for Word Study: Principles and Practices”

My first days
My First Days

  • The First Week:

    • Day 1: Introduce working with words and name assignment (see primary Homeside Activity “The Story of My Name” or for upper grades do “Name Star”)

    • Day 2: Give Words Their Way Assessment

    • Day 3: Introduce how to start a sort

      • Give cards with student names

      • Cut out

      • Store in board

    • Day 4: Review procedures, do first sort

      • Go over getting out/putting away cards

      • Do a concept sort—boys/girls; kids you know from before/new friends

My first days continued
My First Days (continued)

  • The Second Week

    • Day 5: Anchor Chart of Ways to Sort Words, Independent Sort (a different way)

    • Day 6: Set up notebooks, sort a different way and write

    • Day 7: Start sharing name assignment, sort a different way and write

    • Day 8: Finish sharing name assignment, teach and do guided blind sort

    • Day 9: Go over all procedures for a “unit” of word study (i.e. independent work, schedule, groups, etc.)

  • Prepare to start instruction the third week of school

How do i know what to teach
How Do I know what to teach?

  • After the assessment . . .

    • Score the tests (Remember: You may need to assess some kids higher or lower during some of the more independent times of teaching the routines!)

    • Divide your class into the number of groups you want to have (3 is recommended in WTW, 4 is good for 2 groups/day that meet every other day)

    • Look at the overall needs of each group

Example group
Example group

  • 4 students all tested at “Within Word Pattern: Middle”

  • Highlighted all Within Word errors and found common areas of mistakes:

    • Long a—ai (2/4)

    • Long e—ea (2/4)

    • Long o—oa (3/4)

    • Long I--igh (3/4)

  • Looked at yellow Within Word Pattern book—placed students in Unit III, Common Long Vowel Patterns

Questions plc time
Questions/PLC TIME

  • Please work with your PLC for the next half hour to get ready to kick off the year in word study!