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BUSINESS PLAN. Company name: To Be Determined. Business plan Proposal to redirect Olanglet funds towards projects beneficial to the local community. BUSINESS PLAN. Background information. • Provide economic opportunity to segments of our community.

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    1. BUSINESS PLAN Company name: To Be Determined • Business plan • Proposal to redirect Olanglet funds towards projects beneficial to the local community.

    2. BUSINESS PLAN Background information • • Provide economic opportunity to segments of our community. • Play a small role in eradicating poverty.  • Create a vibrant economic atmosphere. • Trigger a ripple effect within the community. 

    3. BUSINESS PLAN Objectives. • Provide access to capital through a micro-loan program. • Long term projection to provide basic business enterprise training (in 2-4 years). • Loan eligibility to depend on communal responsibility. To qualify, person(s) must be in good standings within the community by way of reputation. The burden can, and if need be, will fall on those willing to vouch for the applicants. They will implicitly “share” the responsibility of honoring the loan in the event of a default. • Small, short-term loans only (4-6 month maximum term). Loan amounts to be determined by our esteemed panel.

    4. BUSINESS PLAN Values and Visions. Values and Visions • Developing partnerships with the community to encourage self empowering mindsets. • Provide a means by which they can ultimately control their own destinies and serve as model citizens within their own communities.

    5. BUSINESS PLAN Missions and Goals. Missions and Goals • Provide “Olanglets” an opportunity to serve the community. • Use this as a learning tool and springboard to bigger things, God willing. • Increase awareness of the legacy left behind by the late Dr. F.H. Olang, first ordained African Archibishop of the Anglican Church of the Republic of Kenya.

    6. BUSINESS PLAN The Market • Market Trends • Kenya is a growing economy with potential for upward growth and social mobility. • Market Growth • The potential to grow exponentially will depend on the dedication and time put into the project. Market • Main Competitors • Charitable organizations. • Industry Analysis • Kenyas’ in large part, “laissez faire” business model is, in my opinion, an advantage.

    7. BUSINESS PLAN Summary • Who are we • A quasi micro-loan provider, providing small loans to community members deemed fit/deserving of assistance. • What do we produce/offer? • Financial assistance, Hope, Encouragement, Opportunity and more. • Which and how many customers? • Our pilot target group would be the local community in the Jaribuni area and its immediate surroundings. How many customers we can effectively serve remains to be seen.

    8. BUSINESS PLAN Summary • First year profit? • Limited profits anticipated in the first, possibly the second year of operation. Any profit realized should be re-invested during the first two years of this project. ffff • Funding needs? • Active members monthly contributions. • Stake in this venture is commensurate with your contributions to date, and is subject to change based on your total contributions. Monthly contributions have been capped @ KES500.00 to my knowledge. Example text Go ahead and replace it with your own text. This is an example text.