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Srdjan Demonjic

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Srdjan Demonjic. A Leadership portfolio in progress. Personal Mission Statement. Seek out and take advantage of any and all opportunities to better myself, my family, and my community. Tread on no one else’s freedom or happiness in doing so.

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srdjan demonjic


A Leadership portfolio in progress

personal mission statement
Personal Mission Statement
  • Seek out and take advantage of any and all opportunities to better myself, my family, and my community.
  • Tread on no one else’s freedom or happiness in doing so.
  • Employ honesty, integrity, and respect in all facets of life.
  • Truly embody these values to be an effective leader.
  • Strive and make effort in all endeavors I pursue.
  • You are what you do; if I don’t give 100%, I won’t be 100%.
  • Seek to always expand my mind and gain the widest breadth of knowledge available to me.
  • “Minds are like parachutes — they only function when open.”
  • -Thomas Dewae
leadership style
Leadership Style
  • My personal leadership style is to lead with charisma while staying democratic and task-oriented. I seek to lead by example and inspire those I am leading to care for and be diligent with their work. I attempt to involve those I am leading in the decision making process in order to better understand group consensus. Most importantly I strive to always stay on task and work efficiently.
  • An area I focus on improving is putting more emphasis on people and relationships as a leader. Though I can lead by example, a truly great leader builds relationships that enhance the group chemistry and efficiency.
exemplary leaders
Exemplary Leaders

Mahatma Gandhi

Peter the Great

Peter the Great was the leader credited with successfully leading Russia on its path to greatness. Historian James Cracraft said that Peter the Great, “led a cultural revolution that replaced the traditionalist and medieval social and political system with a modern, scientific, Europe-oriented, and rationalist system.” Peter’s greatness stemmed heavily from his vision of future Russia and his willingness to do what needed to be done. He wasted no time in implementing measures to reach this vision. In fact, he personally got personally involved in many projects that he instated. Taking a personal interest in your cause is something I admire and try to embody. He knew his vision and did what it took to reach success.

  • Mahatma Gandhi is recognized as one of the greatest leaders of all time. Through charisma, integrity, and perseverance he led his people to independence from the British. He set an example for the entire country of India with his disciplined civil disobedience. Not only did he lead his people to independence but his doctrine inspired many movements for civil rights and freedom all over the world. He didn’t need to dish out orders or use intimidation; he was able to do what he knew was right and in doing so effectively lead his people to the freedom and independence they enjoy now.
the srdjan advantage
The Srdjanadvantage
  • What distinguishes my leadership abilities is an innate propensity for creative thinking. Thinking outside the box is something I value in problem solving of any kind. I try to approach situations from every angle and perspective possible in order to fully understand the problem and formulate situation specific solutions. The gathering of information and subsequent analysis are where I think outside the box, but the application of the analysis is where my creativity can truly thrive. I enjoy helping others with problems that vex them but I truly revel in explaining these problems and assisting others in thinking differently as well.
the mentee process
The mentee process
  • Though still new to the mentor/mentee process, I feel as though the both of us have extremely valuable experiences, guidance, and help to offer each other. As a mentee I have been able to use my mentor as a sounding board for ideas and problems I encounter. Likewise she receives a differing perspective from me when she needs help with a situation or problem.