supercharge your revit workflow and performance and make collaboration dynamic with projectwise n.
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“Supercharge Your Revit Workflow and Performance and Make Collaboration "Dynamic“ with ProjectWise”. Joel A. Rosenbaum. Agenda. ProjectWise Overview Overview – ProjectWise Integration for Revit Details – ProjectWise Integration for Revit. ProjectWise Overview. Some background information.

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supercharge your revit workflow and performance and make collaboration dynamic with projectwise
“Supercharge Your Revit Workflow and Performance and Make Collaboration "Dynamic“ with ProjectWise”

Joel A. Rosenbaum


ProjectWise Overview

Overview – ProjectWise Integration for Revit

Details – ProjectWise Integration for Revit

projectwise overview
ProjectWise Overview

Some background information

Infrastructure Project Information Needs

Effectively utilize many large inter-related files, distributed among functions and locations using disparate software








Is This Your Situation Today?

FTP Site

Network Drive

Network Drive

Network Drive

Network Drive

Share Point Site

FTP Site

Network Drive

Network Drive

Is This Your Situation Today?

Distributed Staff Travel

Missing Information = Errors

FTP Site

Network Drive

Network Drive

Network Drive

Broken References

Time Wasted Searching

Network Drive

Share Point Site

Inconsistent Standards

FTP Site

Different Apps and Devices for Viewing

Network Drive

Large File Transfer

Paper-Based Review

Lost Feedback

Manual Design Review

Network Drive

ProjectWise Core Capabilities

Multi-Vendor Software Support

  • Accelerated Access for Distributed Teams

ProjectWise V8i

Engineering Project Collaboration Platform

Business Collaboration Platform

Project Security and Permissions

Login Based

  • Folders
  • Files

Workflow Based

Project Security and Permissions

Login Based

  • Folders
  • Files

Workflow Based

Project Security and Permissions

Login Based

  • Folders
  • Files

Workflow Based

Project Security and Permissions

Login Based

  • Folders
  • Files

Workflow Based

Workflow Management

Linear Timeline of a Document

Quickly Obtain Design Status

Notification Messaging

Audit Trail

Provides Accountability for Project Team Members

  • When was the file Modified?
  • Who Modified the File?
Advanced Search

Search By:

  • Application
  • Attribute Data
  • Status
Full Text Searching

Search By:

  • Full Text
  • Wild Cards
Web Portal

We Access for External Consultants or Project Managers

Application Association


  • AutoCAD
  • Revit 2010,12, 13 later this year


Many more !

Why ProjectWise and Revit?

User Demand

  • From the Building and Architectural Practices of Current ProjectWise Users
  • A/E, EPC, Owners and Contractors
  • Standardize on Work-Sharing Platform

Bentley ProjectWise Product Strategy

  • Be the Best Work-Sharing Platform for the AEC Industry
  • Multi-Office, Multi-Application, Multi-Discipline
  • Format, Application Agnostic
  • Invest Heavily in “Application Integration”
Integration for Revit

Enables Distributed Revit Worksharing with Large Models

  • Allows Revit Users to Collaborate with the Same Central Files Regardless of Location
  • Available to Entire Project Team
  • Eliminate FTP/Robocopy Model

All Users Use Revit the Way You Want them to

Provides structure to your standards

  • Eliminate Redundant Data and Servers
  • Powerful Search Capabilities to Find Content
  • Control Updates to Families, Details, and Templates
How it Works

Integration Server

  • Manages Central Files
  • Core of ProjectWise “Brain”


“Main” OfficeTexas

“Regional” OfficeMichigan

How it Works

ProjectWise Caching Server

  • Serves File(s) from Office(s) to Office(s)
  • Reduces/Eliminates Trips Across the WAN to Access Files
  • Passive and Active Caching


“Main” OfficeTexas

“Regional” OfficeLos Angeles

“Regional” OfficeMichigan

How it Works

Delta File Transfer (DFT)

  • Enables WAN team members to work at LAN-like speeds
  • Only transfers the changes to the file over the network
  • Reduces the overall network
  • Works from anywhere, no appliance needed
  • Works for all ProjectWise users



“Main” OfficeTexas

“Regional” OfficeLos Angeles

“Regional” OfficeMichigan

Effect of Delta File Transfer

Value of DFT to Revit Users

  • Available to All Users
  • Eliminates FTP\RoboCopy

Revit workflows where DFT is used includes:

  • Synchronize to Central
  • Reload latest
  • Reloading changed linked files
  • Subsequent file open (non-worksharing mode)
  • Import/Export
DFT Impact on Revit Files

Tested Revit Synchronize with Central operations over a WAN between 2 cities 4,400 miles apart

  • Average 135 ms latency

Examined the performance with and without WAN hardware acceleration

Tested performance of a large change

  • 60 MB Central file -> synchronized 7 MB of data
Test Results

7 MB change synchronized with a Revit Central file 4,400 miles away with a network latency average of 135ms

Test Results

7 MB change synchronized with a Revit Central file 4,400 miles away with a network latency average of 135ms

Results Interpretation

ProjectWise Delta File Transfer provided ~4.5x performance improvement compared to working on the WAN

ProjectWise DFT provides 1.75x performance improvement compared to working on the WAN with a hardware network accelerator

ProjectWise is compatible with pre-existing hardware accelerators

ProjectWise Integration for Revit

An Extension to ProjectWise that allows interaction with the Revit Applications and Revit Data

Supports Worksharing and Non-Worksharing Projects

Brings Well-Established ProjectWise Technologies for Revit Users

  • Delta File Transfer (DFT)
  • Link/Reference Management
  • Centralized File Management
  • Security and Access Control
Revit Data Managed by ProjectWise

The User Workflows are almost the same as when working without ProjectWise

ProjectWise provides a Structured Environment for managing Revit Data

  • Everyone access the data from the same place
  • No file shares to manage
  • Ensure only the intended people have access to the project data
  • Use ProjectWise project templates to accelerate project creation
Project Insight for BIM Coordination and Management

Central File Audit Trail

Linked file display

Dependency Management

Audit Trail Events

ProjectWise Audit Trail

  • When was the File Modified to be a Central file?
  • Who has taken a Local Working copy of the Central file?
  • Each Synchronization With Central event
    • Who?, When?, From What Computer?
ProjectWise for Managing Standards

ProjectWise has been used for years to manage CAD standards:

  • Control access and updates to MicroStation cells and AutoCAD blocks
  • Search for content by document name, metadata, or project properties
  • Provide document naming controls

Avoid re-work or rejected work due to standards compliance issues

Save time finding the correct content

ProjectWise for Managing Content

Manage and access Revit families (RFA files) and Revit templates (RTE files) in and from ProjectWise

  • Use integrated search dialog in the load family process
  • Controlled access to standard details

ProjectWise Explorer functionality valuable for Revit content management

  • Thumbnails
  • Custom environments and interfaces
  • Views
  • Access control
ProjectWise for Revit Content and Detail Management Benefits

Manage one copy of each RFA

  • Eliminate managing duplicate files throughout your organization
  • Allows for server consolidation

Search tools make it easy to find the right content

Maintain your content as your competitive advantage

Simply security and control updated for content and details

Large Projects Can Use Multiple Platforms

CAD and CAD-based products are still used for:

  • Survey
  • Site design
  • MEP
  • Roads and rail
  • Hydraulics
  • Landscaping design

Need a structured process for Revit-CAD workflow data exchange and interoperability

ProjectWise for Revit-CAD Interoperability

Focus on AutoCAD and Revit users working together


  • Design conflicts between CAD and Revit users
  • Email, DVD, FTP file transfers
  • Accidentally using “stale” data
  • Missing deadlines due to communication problems

Integrated Revit commands with ProjectWise:

  • Export to CAD
  • Import CAD
  • Link CAD – with notifications on changes
Additional Functionality

Disable ProjectWise Integration option

Manage RFA-type catalogs as sets

  • Ensure type catalog set is not broken by move or rename
  • Scan Reference discovers and builds RFA catalog sets

Decal Type Images stored in ProjectWise

Background Images from ProjectWise when rendering the open project in Revit

Export rendered image to ProjectWise

Notification messages include the user name who has locked the file.

Extending Revit Data

Integrated ProjectWise viewer

  • Displays digital photographs, Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, and any other content that can be viewed by an ActiveX viewer control

Allows for model view and review as a 3D PDF from ProjectWise Explorer without opening the file

Extending Revit Data

ProjectWise Web Server

  • Integrates ProjectWise content with Microsoft SharePoint
    • Set of Web Parts that expose ProjectWise content
  • Can be deployed in a non-SharePoint environment
    • ASP.NET web page

Surfaces Revit data to the project portal

Extending Revit Data – Bentley Navigator

i-Model Creation Directly From Revit

Summary of Benefits

Enable all project users to work with the project data the same way

Speed up Revit file synchronizations

Provide structure processes for managing, updating, and distributing Revit content

Easy to collaborate with and exchange data with CAD teams

Know everyone that accesses and updates the Central file (and when)

Summary of Benefits

Know immediately when linked files change

Easily incorporate Revit models with project data into Project Web Portals

Control updates to construction details – and easily make them available to everyone

Eliminate FTP and other creative file transfers

Launch the file with the correct Revit application – every time

ProjectWise: Broad Industry Adoption

Used by 71 of the ENR Top 100 Design Firms

Used by 34 of the ENR Top 100 Design-Build Firms

Used by 220 of the top 500 infrastructure owner-operators

Used by 25 of the 50 U.S. DOTs

““We’ve made ProjectWise our global work-sharing platform to streamline team collaboration on projects of all sizes and complexities. We're really happy with the way it allows widely distributed project teams to confidently share and manage project data. In addition, our strategic partnership with Bentley enables us to develop and implement world-class solutions that meet the needs of our integrated project teams around the globe.”

Bruce A. Strupp/ATLCPE-Design Technology Director


What Users are Saying

“We currently utilize ProjectWise in 32 projects, across more than 1300 users, representing $3 billion in construction costs alone.  As most of the design data we currently manage is Revit based, ProjectWise V8i (SELECTseries 2) with Revit integration, as well as Delta File Transfer, will further enhance our Revit community by incorporating their workflows with supercharged network performance. ProjectWise has been tremendous in helping us collaborate with our business partners. ”

– Radhika Menon, CIO