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ASTRONOMY. The study of the universe.

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The study of the universe


astronomy – the study of the universeastronomer – scientist who studies astronomyconstellation – a pattern made by a group of starstelescope – an instrument used to view far away objectsobjective – the convex lens in a telescope ( )eyepiece – the concave lens in a telescope ) (


Two ways planets move

1) rotate

2) revolve

Inner planets mercury venus earth mars
INNER PLANETSMercury, Venus, Earth, Mars

  • SURFACE: rocky, terrestrial

  • MOONS: few or none

  • RINGS: none

  • ORBITS: faster than outer planets

  • ROTATIONS: slower than outer planets

Outer planets jupiter saturn uranus neptune
OUTER PLANETSJupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

  • SURFACE: mostly gas; “gas giants”

  • MOONS: many

  • RINGS: many

  • ORBITS: longer than inner planets

  • ROTATIONS: faster than inner planets

Closest to sun but not the hottest smallest planet


closest to Sun, but not the hottest; smallest planet

2 nd from sun hottest planet said to be earth s twin because of its similar size


2ND from Sun; hottest planet; said to be Earth’s twin because of its similar size

3rd from sun only planet known to support life


3rd from Sun; only planet known to support life

4th from sun called the red planet because of the rust on its surface


4th from Sun; called the Red Planet because of the rust on its surface

5 th from sun largest planet has a large red spot that is a huge wind storm


5th from Sun; largest planet; has a large Red Spot that is a huge wind storm

6th from sun known for its many beautiful rings


6th from Sun; known for its many beautiful rings

7 th from sun bluish color due to methane gas rotates sideways


7th from Sun; bluish color due to methane gas; rotates sideways

8th from sun bluish color considered the twin of uranus has a dark spot that is a storm


8th from Sun; bluish color; considered the twin of Uranus; has a Dark Spot that is a storm



1. A STAR MAP is a tool used to locate certain stars and constellations.2. The stars that are visible to you depend on YOUR LOCATION ON EARTH AND THE TIME OF YEAR.3. Why do stars appear to move across the sky? EARTH’S ROTATION ON ITS AXIS4. POLARIS, OR THE NORTH STAR, APPEARS TO STAY IN ABOUT THE SAME PLACE ALL THE TIME.