national weather service 4 th quarter review 2001
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National Weather Service 4 th Quarter Review 2001

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National Weather Service 4 th Quarter Review 2001 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Weather Service 4 th Quarter Review 2001. Draft December 6, 2001. Action Items. Milestones and Accomplishments. 90\% of Milestones Completed Completed 109 of 120 Milestones. Milestones and Accomplishments. Significant Milestones Completed Deliver Better Products and Services

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milestones and accomplishments
Milestones and Accomplishments
  • 90% of Milestones Completed
  • Completed 109 of 120 Milestones
milestones and accomplishments1
Milestones and Accomplishments
  • Significant Milestones Completed
  • Deliver Better Products and Services
    • Extend public weather forecasts from five to seven days (1st Quarter)
    • Implement graphical 96-hour wave period and dominant wave direction forecast (2nd Quarter)
    • Establish “TsunamiReady” Program (3rd Quarter)
    • Implement 24 hour operation of the Aviation Weather Center’s Collaborative Convective Forecast Product (3rd Quarter)
    • Develop implementation plan to install 7 buoys in Alaska per Congressional direction (3rd Quarter)
milestones and accomplishments2
Milestones and Accomplishments
  • Significant Milestones Completed
  • Deliver Better Products and Services
    • Implement procedures to improve NWS fire weather incident response system (3rd Quarter)
    • Complete assessment of FY 2000 fire weather services (2nd Quarter)
    • Issue daily 6-10 day and week 2 probabilistic outlooks (1st Quarter)
    • Award contract to improve NWR voice transmission (4th Quarter) (OST)
    • Complete installation of backup site for the AWIPS Master Ground Station (4th Quarter) (OST)
    • Award contract for a permanent S-band Doppler Radar at Evansville, IN (4th Quarter)
    • Generate operational probabilistic flood forecast maps for Juniata River near Lewiston, PA to serve as prototype for national AHPS implementation (4th Quarter)
milestones and accomplishments3
Milestones and Accomplishments
  • Significant Milestones Completed
  • Capitalize on Scientific and Technological Advances
    • Establish Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation (2nd Quarter)
    • Begin Design and coding of AWIPS 5.2 Software (3rd Quarter)
    • Improve resolution of the global climate model’s from 300 kilometers to 200 kilometers (4th Quarter)
    • Complete study of the January 2000 East Coast snow storm (2nd Quarter)
    • Incorporate moisture data from NOAA’s 15 Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit into the data assimilation and forecast models (4th Quarter)
milestones and accomplishments4
Milestones and Accomplishments
  • Significant Milestones Completed
  • Exercise Global Leadership
    • Establish new river and flood forecast centers in El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua (4th Quarter)
    • Install EMWIN receivers in Chuuk, Yap, and Palau (2nd Quarter)
    • Host 4 visiting Chinese scientists in the Office of Science and Technology (2nd Quarter)
    • Establish and conduct the first training course for international and domestic commercial pilots and air traffic controllers for volcanic ash avoidance (3rd Quarter)
    • Host 20 meteorologists from Latin America, Africa, and Pacific Islands NWS International Training Desks at NCEP and Pacific Region Headquarters (4th Quarter)
milestones and accomplishments5
Milestones and Accomplishments
  • Significant Milestones Completed
  • Change the NWS Organizational Culture
    • Implement new web-based numerical weather prediction training (2nd Quarter)
    • Recruit 4 students for the High School/High Tech and the Workforce Recruitment Program (3rd Quarter)
    • Participate in the NOAA Graduate Science Program (2nd Quarter)
    • Develop an exit survey as a means of gathering information on how to make the NWS a better place to work (3rd Quarter)
milestones and accomplishments6
Milestones and Accomplishments
  • Significant Milestones Completed
  • Manage NWS Resources
    • Develop the new NWS Financial Management System (3rd Quarter)
    • Complete installation of Phase II of the IBM Supercomputer (1st Quarter)
    • Complete plan to implement cost accounting in all regions (4th Quarter)
    • Issue request for proposals for new Central Computer System (4th Quarter)
milestones and accomplishments7
Milestones and Accomplishments

Milestones Not Completed

milestones and accomplishments8
Milestones and Accomplishments

Milestones Not Completed

milestones and accomplishments9
Milestones and Accomplishments
  • Forecasting
    • Provided Advanced Lead Time for Tornados
      • WFOs Provide Accurate Warnings for Record Number of Tornados
      • Siren, Wisconsin Tornado
    • Provided Support and Forecasts for Florida Drought/Fires
    • Issued Updated 2001 Hurricane Outlook
    • Forecasted Tropical Storm Allison
milestones and accomplishments10
Milestones and Accomplishments
  • Organizational/Programmatic
    • NWS Receives Straight A’s
    • Provided Weather Support in Aftermath of September 11th Attacks
    • Joint NWS and Coast Guard NOAA Weather Radio Expansion
  • Products
    • Lighting Public Awareness Campaign Launched: “Lightning Kills, Play it Safe”
resources budget
  • FY 2001 Obligations
  • (Dollars in Thousands)



resources ftes
  • FY 2001 FTE Utilization
resources infrastructure
  • Identified 162 Critical Infrastructure Resources
  • Vulnerability Assessments(91% Completed)
      • 144 Completed
      • 3 Declined for audit by NOAA (AWIPS Connected)
      • 15 Were Scheduled by NOAA via NSA for Review
      • NSA workload hindering scheduling efforts;
      • NWS OCIO reviewing alternatives in cooperation with NOAA
        • outsourcing
        • in-house teams
  • Contingency/ Disaster Recovery Plan(All Exist)
      • 140 Reviewed for compliance, corrective actions identified
      • 22 Scheduled for review FY02
congressional gao and oig reports
Congressional, GAO, and OIG Reports
  • Congressional Reports
    • Cooperative Observers Network
  • GAO Reports
    • USAID
    • U.S. Assistance to Micronesia and Marshall Islands
  • OIG Reports
    • WFO Reports
    • NWS Weather Observer Program
    • National Data Buoy Center
    • NOAA Weather Radio
eeo msi diversity accomplishments
EEO, MSI, Diversity Accomplishments

EEO Accomplishments

  • Converted 3 Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) positions to permanent positions (1st Quarter)
  • Provided Special NOAA Weather Radios to Deaf Families (2nd Quarter)
  • NWS employees participated in 2002 Workforce Recruitment Program (4th Quarter)
  • 1st Native Alaskan promoted to Meteorological Technician (3rd Quarter)

Minority Serving Institutions (MSI)

  • 2MSI Faculty Members Appointed to NOAA Faculty Research Program (4th Quarter)
  • 8 MSI Scholarship Students visit NWS Headquarters (4th Quarter)

Diversity Accomplishments

  • Began Weekly Publishing of NWS Focus (2nd Quarter)
  • OHD begins Telecommuting Program Pilot (3rd Quarter)
  • WFO Midland Expands local BLAST Initiative (4th Quarter)
  • Aviation Weather Center Begins Trial Shift-Evaluation Program (4th Quarter)
open nws environmental safety audit findings 4 th quarter fy 2001
Class I

Class II

Class III

Health & Safety

Open NWS Environmental / SafetyAudit Findings – 4th Quarter FY 2001








upcoming activities
Upcoming Activities
  • Alaska Region, Coast Guard to Sign MOA
  • Host 34th Session of ESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee and Workshop on Development of a Unified Northwest Pacific (NWPAC) Best-Track Tropical Cyclone Data Set
  • National Academy Committee of Public-Private Partnerships Meeting in Washington, D.C.
  • Implementation of 12 km Eta scheduled for November 27, 2001
  • NOAA, NWS Praised for Hurricane Michelle Forecast Accuracy
  • Eastern Region Conducts MIC/HIC Workshop focused on Customer Service
  • Establishment of additional “TsunamiReady” Communities