Facts about lions.
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Facts about lions. B y: T oni T or n qui s t. Where do lions live?. Lions live in cool climates as well as in places with hot heat: like the woodlands, grassy plains, and in areas with thorny scrub tree. How do lions travel?.

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Facts about lions

Facts about lions.

By: Toni Tornquist.

Facts about lions

Where do lions live?

Lions live in cool climates as well as in places with hot heat: like the woodlands, grassy plains, and in areas with thorny scrub tree.

Facts about lions

How do lions travel?

Lions travel mostly at night in packs and at a speed of 6 seconds for every 100 yards. They travel in groups called prides with as many as 40 lions while hunting for prey.

Facts about lions

How much cubs can a female lion have?

Female lions can have 4-6 cubs at the same time or have 1-4 cubs at the same time.

Generally, lionesses have 1-4 cubs per litter.

Facts about lions

Where do white lions live?

The white lion is an exceptional species that originally lived in the Timbavati region of South Africa. However, the species has been hunted and captured; hence, majority of surviving white lions are today living in captivity in different parts of the world, especially US.

The white lions scientific name is Panthero LeoKrugeri.

Facts about lions

How long does a lion live?

According to scientists, an average lion should live for 16 years. Lions are well adapted for their survival although today, it is being threatened by human encroachment on its habitat. Lions in captivity typically livelonger than those in the wild, about 20 years, as compared to 12 years in the wild.

Facts about lions

How many teeth does a lion have?

Adult lions have not more than 30, extremely strong teeth. Lions are members of the cat family and are, in fact, the only social cats in the family, not to mention the most fierce and strongest.

Facts about lions

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Facts about lions

Facts about lions.

This book is about lions. It tells facts about lions.

If you want to find more out about lions then this

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I based this book on my best friend Caleesto who

loves lions so much that she acts like one.