essential facebook etiquette 10 dos and don ts n.
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Essential Facebook Etiquette: 10 Dos and Don’ts PowerPoint Presentation
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Essential Facebook Etiquette: 10 Dos and Don’ts

Essential Facebook Etiquette: 10 Dos and Don’ts

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Essential Facebook Etiquette: 10 Dos and Don’ts

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  1. Essential Facebook Etiquette: 10 Dos and Don’ts

  2. DO’S…

  3. 1. Message Private Matters Instead of Posting On Wall You may want to share your most personal secrets but your friends might not have the same idea. So when posting on walls or making a status make sure your keeping things about others private.

  4. Be Mindful Of What You Post • When posting something you have many “friends” that can see it. So when you post something say about the service at wal mart you may have poepl3e agreeing with you but you may also have people who work there and take offence to it.

  5. Call Rather Than Post Personal News • Be courteous and break good/bad news face to face its just common courtesy. Like if there was a death in your family don’t post it on facebook.

  6. Reply To Comments Especially If They Are Questions • If someone comments on a status and it asking you something directly the least you can do is answer them. Otherwise it just makes them look like there talking to the wall and they wont bother with your statuses any more.

  7. Avoid Posting Comments On Every Post • Everyone is known to “stalk” someone's page on facebook every once in a while but don’t make it a regular thing or you’ll be labeled a pest.

  8. Bonus: Be Careful Of Your Tone • Sometimes things are misinterpreted so make sure your comment, post or inbox is easy to understand.

  9. Don’ts…

  10. Make Friend Requests To Strangers • You don’t know who they are and not everyone is who they say they are. Its just being smart.

  11. Tag Your Friends In ‘Unglam’ Shots • Guys may not care but girls do and its not very cool to do that because if someone did it to you then you wouldn’t appreciate it either.

  12. Overshare Yourself • Its annoying and people tend to delete or block you because of it. No body wants to know what your doing every ten minutes.

  13. Vent About Your work • You workplace has easy access to your profile so don’t say bad things about it.

  14. Post Chain Status Updates • Its annoying and no one really reads them. It just fills up your news feed and then people get mad and you might get freaked on.

  15. Bonus: Flame Others • Don’t go around saying stuff about people on it. Like fighting over facebook may be entertaining for other people but it can cause as much damage or more than a real face to face fight. People tend to say more then they would if they were sitting right in front of you.