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Reflection # 38

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Reflection # 38 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reflection # 38. You are getting a divorce. You have 3 kids under the age of 12. How will you handle this? ( 3-5 sentences) Bell Quiz Day 4 Divorce. Bell Quiz Day 5 Positive Family . 1. Which of the following statements is true?

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reflection 38
Reflection #38

You are getting a divorce. You have 3 kids under the age of 12. How will you handle this?

(3-5 sentences)

Bell Quiz

Day 4 Divorce

bell quiz day 5 positive family
Bell Quiz Day 5 Positive Family

1. Which of the following statements is true?

c. The order in which a child is born into a family has an influence on the development of the child.

2. Sibling rivalry occurs:

d. Usually at all stages in life.

3. All of the following are qualities of a strong family EXCEPT:

b. Having a lot of money.

4. Families are most strengthened by:

b. Each member working to support one another

5. Which statement regarding family values and families is true?

a. strong families share a strong moral base in values.

6. One of the most important ways for a family to bond is to:

c. Have traditions

7. All of the following are secrets of strong families EXCEPT:

b. Time apart.

chuckles goldfinn

Chuckles Goldfinn

Adult Roles and Responsibilities

Crisis Management

Death/Grief, Divorce, and Abuse

chuckles goldfinn1
Chuckles Goldfinn

Chuckles Goldfinn, age 8 days, died yesterday from over enjoyment during a fish tickling session. Shim is survived by the brothers and sisters of the Adult Roles and Financial Literacyclass of Ben Lomond High School. At the time of death, shim was working on the new concept of fish fetching. Shim will be honored for representing our family and bringing us closer together as a class. Shim always hoped to inspire all students to build a strong family.

Thank you for all your love and support you’ve shown! Our family greatly appreciates your condolences.

eulogy obituary and headstone
Eulogy/Obituary and Headstone
  • Many people find the thought of their own death very frightening. As a result, the majority of people try to avoid thinking about the possibility of their death. Every person must die eventually. To avoid ever thinking about your own death is to avoid facing an event that ultimately must happen. Write and obituary/eulogy using some of the questions on your study guide or the paper at the station. Attach your ideal headstone to this eulogy.
crisis management book
Crisis Management Book
  • Now that you have the information and have read some children’s books about the topics, write a book for a child.
  • Fold the paper to make a book:
      • Fold your paper hot dog style
      • Unfold it and fold it hamburger style
      • Now fold it hot dog style again
      • Unfold it and cut fold to next line
      • Unfold the hole thing
      • Now fold in hot dog again
      • Holding both ends push them towards the middle
      • Muwa! Let the ends kiss and now we have a 4 page book.
crisis management book cont
Crisis Management Book Cont.
  • Choose one of the 3 topics and create a book that would help a child in these situations.
  • Use your information from your Study Guide and examples in the books to help you.
  • Make sure you use your creativity!
  • Use all your resources to do your best! This will be turned in with your study guide on April 27th!