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Who are we ?

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Who are we ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Who are we ?

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  1. Who are we? • A team of around twenty enthusiastic youngsters • Specializing in lots of different areas • But gathered around the idea of promoting the classy literature among Bulgarian internet space

  2. What is ShadowDance • A monthly magazine • Sci-Fi&Fantasy primarily oriented • But with articles of greater scope – cinema, anime, games, music, etc • Web-based • Our common non-profit hobby • Features a variety of interesting columns such as evergreen, game story retellings, etc

  3. Editorial • Poor Old Yanguss (our chief editor) talks about Life, Universe and Everything... • ... while others occasionally throw their two cents, be it desperate rambling, some witty note or the evergreen question – when will salaries at last(!) be available

  4. News • You’re interested in the title of the long-awaited forthcoming book from the “Your favourite fantasy here” series, vol. 134? • Or maybe not? • Nevertheless, we’re telling you

  5. Book Reviews • The milestone pillar of the magazine, around which it gradually evolved • Includes short and [occasionally] informative pieces of pointless literary narcissism formally aimed at sharing ShadowDance team’s impressions about everything recently published on the book market

  6. Profiles • Formerly presenting articles about various Sci-Fi&fantasy authors • Nowadays, we feature all sorts of men-of-arts, including movie directors, actors, composers, etc • Revealing hot and nasty details you sure don’t want to know ;p

  7. Articles • Philosophical ramblings on random topics • Or widespread analysis on impressive books or movies • Or simply assorted pieces of trivia knowledge • Anything interesting we have no other place to put, we put here • Except our pinky socks. That we don’t

  8. Foreigntongue • Presentations of books not yet published in Bulgarian and likely never to be. • Hopes are for establishing a fan base of authors considered worthy by us, in Bulgaria, and consequently, having them translated by the publishers • Or sometimes we simply share the experience of reading an interesting book that Bulgarian readers have no other sources of information about

  9. Evergreen • Opinions, impressions, analyses about books, usually regarded as classics for the Sci-Fi&Fantasy genres. • Every issue features a collection of short articles on the topic by various team members

  10. Fiction • Depressive lyrical confessions • Sci-fi thrilling action • Classic fantasy stories • Our creativity corner • We also publish reader-submitted stories

  11. Humour • Old Wheel of Time jokes • Old anime jokes • Old Bush jokes • New Bush jokes • stuff like that…

  12. Cinema • Features movie reviews • Usually longer than book reviews (more to criticize ;) • Also features articles about TV series and classic cinema • Sometimes around a movie revolves an entire “discussion” of opinions… • …all at the primary aim of making fun of incompetent Hollywood producers ;p

  13. Dark Chronicles • Consider yourself too old for PC games? • Thus missing marvelous plot stories… • … that you’re never gonna know? • Don’t worry! We’re telling them free – just for you! They are Dark.. And they are Chronicles..

  14. Anime • Big eyes, bigger… eyes, action, romance, drama, philosophy and of course nasty demonic incest sex • Your next door anime place, featuring the heartfelt outpourings of our pet band wild otaku beasts • In other words, Eastern Culture is the thing! • エヴァンゲリオンはス一パ一です(if you can read me, you’re now hooked)

  15. Others • Interviews – authors, publishers, Eurocon organizing committee’s ;) • Music – articles about groups, new albums, live concerts • Games – all you need to know about curling, you can find it here. Or... not. The last on the PC/PS games market

  16. Why vote for us? • We have been promoting Sci-Fi&Fantasy fiction in Bulgaria for six years now • We are young, we are many, we are able and we do good job • To simply keep the flame burning ;) • You vote for us, you get a free virtual BEER!