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Welcome to 2nd Grade! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to 2nd Grade!

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Welcome to 2nd Grade! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to 2nd Grade!. Miss Van Matre’s 
Moose. Basic Info: R ed Daily Folder. Includes: B ehavior Chart Reading Log Assignment Pencil Homework Word List in Spiral P lease check daily. Behavior Chart. Reflects child’s behavior each day . Green: doing great .

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Welcome to 2nd Grade!

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Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Miss Van Matre’s 


Basic Info:

Red Daily Folder


Behavior Chart

Reading Log

Assignment Pencil


Word List in Spiral

Please check daily


Behavior Chart

Reflects child’s behavior each day

Green: doing great

Yellow: warning (reminded of appropriate behavior)

Red: 2nd reminder

Red: 2nd reminder

Blue: 3rd reminder and/or severe infraction

I give one or more verbal warnings. If the undesired behavior continues the student will then be instructed to change his or her color. Please initial the behavior log if your child has changed his or her color from green.

Do not be alarmed if your child changes his/her color to yellow,

this is a warning and a wake up call for your child.


Reading Log

Record any reading outside of school

2nd graders should read at least 15 minutes per night all year.

Record the date and minutes read on the log

Please initial next to each entry

1000 minutes = GOLD MEDAL and recognition in 
morning assembly on the first Wednesday of every month.


Assignment Pencil

Updated weekly

Includes homework and the Phonics rules for 
the week.

Also contains 5 Words of the Week, special 
events, Library and Specials reminders, etc.

Needs to stay in the red folder in case of changes



Recorded on the Assignment Pencil

Unfinished class work may be sent home to 

Assigned Mondays and is to be turned in by 

Late homework is a responsibility infraction 
and the student will be expected to complete it during Fun Friday.



BLUE Folder EVERY Tuesday

Contains school notes and class work

Please remove the papers

Sign the sheet inside before returning 
it each Wednesday


Reading & Language Arts

Warm- Up: Daily “get in gear” activities such as, Making 
Words, journaling, and Daily Language Review

Spelling using phonetic patterns. In 2nd grade we do not have a 
spelling list, but a spelling rule for the week.

In addition there will be 5 word wall words for the week.

Writer’s Workshop: Students will use the Writing Process to 
compose original writing pieces.

Handwriting: Improving on modern manuscript

Vocabulary- We will be expanding our vocabulary in all subject 
areas using vocabulary activities to help us

make connections with new words


Writing Workshop

2nd graders will learn the writing process and take original 
compositions through each step.

Using literature examples we will focus on various aspects of writing



Graphing and probability

Focus on: Addition, subtraction (one 

 and two digits), problem solving, time, fractions, estimation, money, and measurement

Introduce multiplication and division

Reinforced through Math games and songs

Online textbook, games, and activities on my website



Weather and Space

Force and Motion

Plants and Animals

Matter (Solids, Liquids, Gas)

Natural Resources and Conservation

Hands-on Science using:

FOSS (Full Option Science System)

United Streaming and Educational Videos

Computer Games and Science Lab


Social Studies

People and Communities-Communities Project

Map Skills- Flat Stanley Project

Pioneers- Pioneer Day


Biographies-Biography project


Computer & Library 

Library Time: Thursday 1:30-2:00

2nd graders may check out 2 books at a time

Encourage your child to check out appropriately 
leveled books

2 week check out period per book

Computer Lab: Tuesday 1:15-2:15 (for 2nd)

Various projects relating to topics studied

Students will use Brain Pop Jr., Powerpoint, 
Microsoft Word, etc


Grading & Report Cards

You will see checks, smiles, or ratios on 
 graded student work

The report card is skills-based

The student is graded on a scale from 1-3.

1: The student has not mastered the skill

2: The student is making progress toward 

3: The skill is mastered

*Do not be alarmed if the report card 
reflects 2’s in any skill.



Every day your child may bring a snack

Healthy and nutritious

Some suggestions include yogurt, 
granola bars, fruit, cereal, crackers, or 

Only water is permitted in the 
classroom. Your child may bring a water 
bottle to keep at his/her desk.


Student Birthdays

District policy states: On the last Friday of the month, 
the last 15 minutes of the day, the classroom will 
celebrate those children’s birthdays for the month in the 

2:15-2:30 Celebration

The homeroom parent will organize who brings cupcakes 
for that month

Only cupcakes and water are permitted

The room parent will coordinate celebrations

*Birthday invitations: If your child is 
passing out invitations at school please 
make sure the whole class is invited



Planning Period:


Feel free to schedule a meeting during this time as 

Early Release Day Conferences:



Afternoon Times Available

Sign up afterwards


Please Keep in Touch

Communication is the key to success!

Please do not hesitate to contact me 
through notes, e-mail, or phone.

E-mail is an effective way to reach me 
during the day:

Contact office about last minute transportation changes

Phone messages: 533-6500 x 5513