oasis the organization for the advancement of structured information standards n.
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OASIS The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards

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OASIS The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OASIS The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards. Laura Walker Executive Director. OASIS. Dedicated to the Advancement of Structured Information Standards - XML - - SGML - - CGM -. OASIS.

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oasis the organization for the advancement of structured information standards

OASISThe Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards

Laura WalkerExecutive Director



Dedicated to the Advancement of Structured Information Standards

- XML -

- SGML -

- CGM -

  • OASIS is a member consortium dedicated to the advancement of structured Information standards, such as SGML, XML and CGM.
  • Members of OASIS are providers, users and specialists of standards-based technologies and include organizations, individuals and industry groups.


schemas vocabularies and xml org

Schemas, Vocabularies, and XML.org

Bill SmithPresident - OASIS

The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards

industries xml vocabularies

Content Syndication


Electronic Data Interchange

Enterprise Resource Planning



Human Resources

Intellectual Property Rights



Real Estate

Science (Math, Genome Research, etc.)


Web Applications

Industries & XML Vocabularies
  • Schema:

“a proposed arrangement”

  • Vocabulary:

“words used in a language …”

  • Semantics:

“branch of linguistics concerned with meaning”


Concise Oxford Dictionary

why build a schema
Why build a schema?
  • Rules
    • Establish a shared language
    • Provides platform for building distributed solutions
  • Production level process control
  • Predictability and uniformity
    • Stops surprises
  • Validation
  • Avoid needing to infer intent from content
    • Machines aren’t good at this
  • Interoperability


i will not be
I will not be:
  • Comparing languages
    • DTD
    • DCD
    • XML Data
    • XML Schema
  • Going into deep technical detail
  • Judging schemas presented
  • Discussing Privacy laws!


xml me
“XML Me”
  • Personal Information
    • Name
      • Laura Walker; Walker, L.; Walker, Laura, laurawalker@earthlink.net; lawalker@oasis-open.org; www.laurawalker.com
    • Address
    • Date of Birth
    • National Insurance Number
    • History (education, work)
  • Relationship with family
    • Spouse
    • Children


xml me buys
“XML Me” buys...
  • Banking services
  • Credit
  • Insurance
  • Health care
  • Utilities
  • Tax!

All include same set of core information


xml me prefers
“XML Me” Prefers
  • Food products
    • Purchasing profile
  • Books, audio, ……
    • “If you enjoyed this ….. “
  • Travel
    • Frequent flyer
    • Car hire
    • Hotel
    • Restaurants


xml me goes on a trip
“XML Me” goes on a trip
  • Research, book and pay on-line
    • Flights - frequent flyer profile
    • Hotel
    • Car hire
    • Insurance
    • Visa
  • Also capture on-line information about destination
    • Timetables
    • Restaurants
    • Places to visit


while travelling
While travelling ….
  • Lose luggage
    • Insurance claim
  • Change existing booking
  • Make new bookings
  • Find new restaurant
    • Pay e-cash
    • Capture details for future reference
  • Learn to dive
  • Make new contacts
  • Keep in touch


on return
On return …..
  • Decide to change job
    • Update resume, including new interest
    • Post resume
  • Pay credit card
    • e-banking
  • Join diving association
    • Subscription
  • Update XML Me
    • Provide feedback to external sources

Then I decide to move to Brazil!


xml me must be
“XML Me” must be:
  • International
  • Heterogeneous, Open and Equitable
  • Extensible
    • Capture new information and summarise old
  • Human and machine readable
  • Usable and maintainable by others
    • Aggregation and conjunction
  • Reusable
    • Element and entity, both out and in bound


vocabulary development
Vocabulary Development
  • Scope
  • Identify and build community
  • Develop and test
  • Publish
  • Maintain


  • Elements, attributes and relationships
  • Examine application internally & externally
    • Human to machine and machine to machine
    • Requirements down and up stream
  • Look for points of interoperability and integration
    • Often at the portal
  • Build consensus with others
    • Anarchy results if everyone did their own thing
    • HTML has made the web usable
  • Do not reinvent wheel


what is an etap62
What is an <etap62>?
  • It might mean something to your app
  • Does your customer understand?
  • Does your trading community understand?
  • Does it semantically describe the data?
    • Human readability
    • Unambiguous
  • Is there an industry term?
    • Medical glossaries and thesauri


case for registry and repository
Case for registry and repository
  • References to existing resources
    • Internet string search
    • Printed materials
  • Authenticity
    • Multiple copies on multiple locations
    • Where is latest?
  • Naming
    • Public identifiers should be unique and meaningful
  • Access
    • Delivery of resources as reliable as Web
    • “404 file not found”


example schemas
Example schemas
  • Published in public domain
  • Working to gain community consensus
    • Industry partners
    • Industry and global ‘standards’ groups
  • Share concepts
    • “method of payment”, “currency”, “customer”
  • Have common requirements
    • EDI in Insurance, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing
  • An industry may have more than one answer
    • Finance: FinXML, FpML, FIXML, FXRML


where does the work happen
Where does the work happen?

Learned societies

Global bodies/govt

Industry groups


Independent industry organisations


Inside the company

Informal groupings

acord www acord org
  • Insurance industry standards association
  • Standards to enable and enhance information sharing (AL3, Forms, ObjX, OLifE)
    • Property/casualty, POS document, common facilities, life
    • ANSI X12 and UN EDIFACT
    • Implement in COM and JAVA
  • XML
    • Capitalise on existing standards investment
    • Enable distributed computing on internet
    • Interoperability between COM and JAVA


acord xml adoption www acord org
ACORD - XML Adoptionwww.acord.org
  • Prevent growth of non-standard schemas
    • Multiple, uncoordinated, more costly
    • Need to move fast
  • XML for Life Insurance
    • Based on OLifE
    • Started Nov 98, approved June 99
  • Property/casualty Insurance Dictionary
    • Based on AL3 & ObjX
    • Started May 99, completed Sept 99
  • XML Transactions for e-commerce
    • Ongoing


open travel alliance www disa org opentravel com
Open Travel Alliancewww.disa.org/opentravel.com/
  • Travel industry one of largest e-commerce participants
  • Current methods up to 30 years old
    • ResTeletype
  • “efficient and effective exchange of travel industry information via the Internet”
    • New products, services at lower cost
    • Development of more distribution channels and choices
    • Improve links between consumer, distributor and supplier


open travel alliance www disa org opentravel com index htm
Open Travel Alliancewww.disa.org/opentravel.com/index.htm
  • Travel industry organisations
    • Air WG: inc. American, Delta, KLM, United,
    • Hotel WG: inc. Bass, Hilton, Marriott, Swissotel
    • Car WG: inc. Avis, Budget, Hertz
    • Other travel WG: rail, bus, cruise
    • Non-supplier: travel agents, ISPs
  • Develop dictionary of common usage terms
    • Make better use of Internet
    • Airline “passenger” = hotel “guest” = travel agency “client” = car hire “customer”
    • v.1.0 in 4th quarter 99.


rosettanet www rosettanet org
  • Global non-profit consortium
    • e-commerce framework to align processes in IT supply chain
    • Amex, Cisco, Compaq, Computacenter, EDS, FedEx, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Netscape, Oracle, SAP, …
    • Server-to-server business exchange
  • Partner Interface Process (PIP)
    • Describe transactions, business rules and models
    • XML document: PIP Service, Transactions, Messages and dictionary properties
    • Class and sequence diagrams in UML
    • Validation tool
    • Implementation Guide
    • 100 defined


rosettanet econcert www rosettanet org
RosettaNet eConcertwww.rosettanet.org
  • Master dictionary (June 99)
    • Properties for products, partners, business transactions
    • Common definitions of “price”, “shipping”, “processor speed”, “modem”, etc
  • Pilot
    • Update catalogs and purchase products
    • Resourced from 15 members
  • 2/2/2000
    • Rollout to all member companies
    • Encode product catalog data, exchange purchase orders, coordinate product launches


e content
  • HTML
    • Common desktop
  • User support & Help systems
  • Interactive training
  • Knowledge bases
  • Content syndication
    • Information and Content Exchange Protocol (ICE)
    • Managed exchange of web site assets


hr xml www hr xml org
  • Currently incorporating as non-profit
    • Recruiting and staffing
    • Employee benefit transactions
  • Provisional schemas (Sept 99)
    • Job Posting
    • Candidate Profile
    • Resume


common business library cbl www marketsite net xml
Common Business Library (CBL) www.marketsite.net/xml/
  • Developed at Commerce One, Inc.
    • Proof of concept e-commerce language
    • Reference model
  • Platform and application heterogeneity
    • Components communicate through shared language, vocabulary and business concepts
    • Integration at semantic level
  • XML Building blocks and document framework
    • Assemble and extend to develop XML applications
    • Reusability
    • Preserve existing EDI investments


common business library cbl www marketsite net xml1
Common Business Library (CBL)www.marketsite.net/xml/
  • Information models for generic business concepts
    • Business primitives: company, services, etc
    • Business forms: catalogs, purchase order, invoices, etc
    • Standard measurements: date, time, country, language, etc
  • Collaboration with industry initiatives
    • CommerceNet’s eCo Working Group, Oasis, UN/SIMPL-EDI, BizTalk
  • Publicly available
  • Applied in Commerce One product
    • MarketSite


recent news
Recent News
  • eCo Interoperabilty Framework (16/10)
    • Part of CommerceNet eCo Framework Initiative
  • ISIS XML/EDI (16/10)
    • Best practices for creating XML/EDI DTDs (Draft)
  • Meta Data Coalition (4/10)
    • XML Spec. for Open Information Model
    • Core metadata types for operational, data warehousing and knowledge management
  • X12 form XML group (18/10)
    • Endorse ebXML


  • Electronic Business XML
    • Facilitation of World Trade (EDI)
    • Advancement of Structured information Standards (XML)
  • Enabling Small & Medium Sized Enterprises
  • Co-ordination of multiple initiatives


  • Not core business
  • Never done it before
  • Need special resources to:
    • Research & develop
    • Publish
    • Maintain
  • Are there stable standards?
  • How to gain acceptance of result?


"When we teach people about XML, one of the first questions they ask is always 'where do I go to find DTD’s?’

It's a good question, and I'm delighted to see OASIS going to work on building a good answer.” -- Tim Bray - co-editor of XML1.0


the xml cover page
The XML Cover Page
  • A comprehensive online database containing reference information and software pertaining to SGML and XML.
    • A News Column: “What’s New?”
    • A cumulative annotated bibliography with over 2000 entries.
  • “Simply, the best source of XML information and XML related news on Net. An incredible achievement.” -- Ontology.org


xml org


The XML Industry Portal

xml org provides
XML.org provides
  • Input
    • See how others have solved ……
  • Visibility/Distribution
    • Make my schema public
    • Schema resources for community
  • Entry point
    • New participants to broad-based existing community


xml org the xml clearinghouse
XML.org - The XML Clearinghouse
  • XML Catalog
    • Information on and links to more than 70 industry XML specifications
  • XML Publications
    • Submissions
    • Recommendations
    • Working Drafts
  • XML Submissions Page


xml publications
XML Publications
  • Understanding XML
  • XML for Managers
  • XML for Developers
  • XML, SGML and HTML
  • XML Storage Requirements
  • XML Schemas
  • Robin Cover on XML


recent xml org submissions
Recent XML.org submissions
  • HR-XML
    • Candidate Profile
    • Job Posting
    • Resume
  • Commerce One
    • Common Business Library (CBL)
  • DataChannel
    • Portal Markup Language


technical work
Technical Work
  • Registry and Repository
  • XML table model
    • Published 11/10/99
  • XML Conformance Test Suite
    • Joint initiative with NIST
    • Early planning for other suites
  • Schema development/maintenance
    • Docbook
    • BusinessDoc


registry and repository
Registry and Repository
  • Registry of XML-related entities
    • Including DTDs and schemas
    • Enabling searching on the contents
  • Registry and Repository shall:
    • Interoperate and cooperate with other compliant registries and repositories
    • Respond to requests for entities by their identifiers.


why work at oasis
Why work at OASIS?
  • Wholly dedicated to structured information standards, such as XML
  • Community of experts and shared interests
  • Non-profit, vendor-neutral
  • International
  • Open
  • Independent
  • Successful through industry-wide collaboration


sponsor members
Adobe Systems, Inc.


Arbortext, Inc.

Bentley Systems

Boeing Commercial Airlines 

Chrystal Software

Compaq Computers, Tandem Division


DataChannel, Inc.

Document Management Solutions, Inc.

Dun & Bradstreet


Enigma Incorporated

Extricity Software

Graphic Communications Association 


Informix Software, Inc.

INSO Corporation

InterCAP Graphics Systems, Inc.

ISOGEN International Corp

Interleaf Inc.

Interwoven Inc.

ITEDO Software GmbH

Keyfile Corporation 

Larson Software Technology 


NextPage LC


Object Design, Inc. 

POET Software Corporation

Reed Technology


SoftQuad Software Inc.

Software AG

STEP (Sturtz Electronic Publishing GmbH)

Sun Microsystems



Wavo, Inc. 

Xerox Corporation

XyEnterprise Inc. 

Zeh Graphic Systems, Inc.

Sponsor Members
membership in oasis
Membership in OASIS
  • Organizational
  • Individual
membership in oasis1
Membership in OASIS
  • Organizational
    • Contributor 2500 USD or 5000 USD
    • Sponsor 9500 USD
  • Individual
    • Associate 250 USD
    • Individual 250 USD
next steps
Next Steps
  • Establish and work with community
  • Disambiguate where possible
  • Use semantics where appropriate
  • Submit your schema to XML.org
    • http://www.xml.org/xmlorg_submit.htm
  • Benefit from work already in place
  • Join OASIS and participate
  • Gain from experience of others


the xml accomplishment
The XML Accomplishment
  • Freedom from control of data by tool vendors
  • A level playing field for independent software developers
  • Common infrastructure for e-commerce
  • New applications using new web technologies (and old data)
  • Enabling internet based server to server


Users are the big winners

more information
More Information
    • http://www.oasis-open.org
  • XML.org
    • http://xml.org
  • The Cover Pages
    • http://www.oasis-open.org/cover/
  • CGM Open
    • http://www.cgmopen.org
  • Laura Walker, Executive Director
    • lawalker@oasis-open.org