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  1. Certificate Number: 10821 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 BELIEF BASED CULTURE CHANGE

  2. The principals behind MindSafetywere first conceived in the petrochemical industry around 1989. It was realised then that safety was a combination of people as well as systems. Despite the best systems, behaviours are driven by core beliefs, which can influence choices made by the individual in the workplace. Mindsafety specialise in influencing core beliefs, helping organisations in their step-change towards a positive safety culture.

  3. SAFETY = PEOPLE + SYSTEMS MindSafety challenges everyone to change their minds about safety, and to collectively contribute to moving towards a positive belief-based safety culture.

  4. MindSafety have a team of highly professional presenters, facilitators & advanced Safety Coaches trained and led by EDDIE WOODS. Using humour, fascinating knowledge & real-life examples, MindSafety starts the process of changing core beliefs that drive behaviour. Through dedicated leadership, & repetition driven by trained Safety Coaches, changes are then embedded into the very culture of the organisation.

  5. MindSafety’s training programme follows three main steps: Phase 1 Belief-changing ‘Head Turning’ sessions for everyone you wish to influence. Phase 2 Leadership Workshops. To create leadership involvement & visibility. Phase 3 Training of specialised Safety Coaches within your organisation for sustainability.

  6. The Program Model PART 2 PART 1 LEADERS MindSafety Phase 2 Leadership Development Workshops to create Leadership Visibility. For Leaders, Managers and decision makers to create a ‘Roadmap’ for change ‘Change your Mind about Safety’ MindSafety Phase 1 Events MANAGERS ‘HEAD TURNING’ SESSIONS FOR EVERYONE YOU WISH TO INFLUENCE SUPERVISORS FRONT LINE WORKERS A TYPICAL ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE PART 3 - ISCA SAFETY COACHES (MindSafety Phase 3) Specially selected Safety Coaches are trained and will be present amongst the workers, supervisors and managers. The safety coaches provide the structure for implementation and sustainability of the campaigns. The Safety Coaches can take on a formal or informal role.

  7. Recognition Mindsafety have created their own standard of excellence in safety coaching called the ‘International Safety Coach Association’, or ‘I.S.C.A.’ John Smith 001100101 8th September 2009 Mindsafety Ltd – Approved Centre Mindsafety recognise & support all active I.S.C.A. Safety Coaches, who receive a registered certificate of merit, and ‘credit card’ style Membership Card, which is supported by MindSafety and valid for one year, recognising their status as a coach. I.S.C.A. Safety Coaches also receive a comprehensive resource folder, with manual, DVD & recourses to further support them in their new role.

  8. The Process Phase 1 ‘Head-Turning’ sessions entitled ‘Change your Mind about Safety’ FOR EVERYONE YOU WISH TO INFLUENCE (including Leaders) Phase 2LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Phase 3ISCA SAFETY COACH TRAINING PERIOD OF ACTIVITY Interaction of ISCA safety coaches, leaders, managers, supervisors and frontline workers. Structured time frame FURTHER LEADERSHIP EVENTS For practical review & further development

  9. MindSafety are fast becoming the industry standard in workplace culture change and behavioural safety training. We are proud to have trained some of the world’s largest organisations, and our ever growing portfolio includes:

  10. Certificate Number: 10821 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 We are continually supporting all of our clients with influential, memorable events, helping to embed the key messages into the corporate culture. Mindsafety are passionate about quality & service, and hold and maintain the coveted international ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 standards.

  11. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS Comments taken from Course Evaluation forms

  12. Testimonials continued…

  13. Continued…

  14. Certificate Number: 10821 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 MindSafety are able to train anywhere, at a venue of your choosing, including off-shore and overseas, and are flexible with both delivery days and times. We will also work closely with you on logistics and planning. We write and develop all our own material, and can tailor training and support programmes to suit your organisation’s needs. Our contact information is as follows: Phone: (UK) 0845 130 1069 Email: Website: We are always happy to visit and discuss your needs in more detail, or you can visit us at our Head Offices in Chester. Regional Offices: Netherlands Herengracht 282 1016 BX Amsterdam Tel: +31 (0)20 520 9933 Dubai 19th Floor Festival Tower Festival City P.O.Box 36605 Dubai UAE Tel: +971 4 293 2622 HEAD OFFICE: MindSafety LimitedRegus HouseHerons WayChester Business ParkChester CH4 9QR United Kingdom

  15. Helping organisation be No.1