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North Peak Trading Co., Ltd. Yes Promotion Co., Ltd. The Organization. Professional staff w/20+ years of experience. Keeps stock of all items. Up to thousands of items to choose. Small MOQ, Express Delivery. OEM welcome. High-end facility for custom logos. Time Line.

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North peak trading co ltd

North Peak Trading Co., Ltd

Yes Promotion Co., Ltd

The organization
The Organization

Professional staff w/20+ years of experience

Keeps stock of all items

Up to thousands of items to choose

Small MOQ, Express Delivery

OEM welcome

High-end facility for custom logos

Time line
Time Line

2010Deployed High-end facilityin YES!

2013 – Jan.Sales Dept. 2formaly established

2011 – Oct.Factory 2 established

2002 – Mar.Shanghai office/Sales Dept. 5 established

2007 – Dec.start of Yes PromotionSales Dept. 1 & Factory 1 established

2002 – MayShenzhen office established

1990start of North Peak/Sales Dept. 1 established

2001Sales Dept. 2established

2002Sales Dept. 3 established

North peak sales dept 1
North Peak – Sales Dept. 1

Introduction –

Tracing back to 1990, North Peak started its operation in Metal Lapel Pin which is the major product line of our sales department 1. With our experience and expertise accumulated through the years and by our hard work, we are one of the leading suppliers of the product line in the world. Thanks to many of the customers who are still with us since the early nineties of the last century.

North peak sales dept 11
North Peak – Sales Dept. 1

Features –

  • Metal lapel pin badges

  • Metallic premiums(tie clips/medals/cufflinks/bookmarks/handbag hangers/money clips)

  • Event button badges(plastic button badges/tin button badges/name badges)

  • Blinking lapel pins

  • Awareness metal pins

  • Functional metal keychains(precious keychains/dog tags/revolving keychains)

  • Trolley coin keychains

  • Leather keyfobs

  • Basic metal keychains(brass etched/copper stamped/iron stamped/pewter/printed/zinc alloy)

North peak sales dept 12
North Peak – Sales Dept. 1

Features –

  • Basic plastic keychains (w/printed insert & PS injection)

  • Flag lapel pins (country/province/state)

  • Rubber magnets(with printed paper/with printed PVC/with printed metal/2D injected)

  • Molded magnets of printed emblem with magnets

  • Assorted magnetic premiums、magnetic bookmarks

  • Bottle openers

  • Photoframes (rubber with cut-out shapes/metal)

  • Luggage tags (metal/hard PVC)

  • Organizing tools of memo/name card holders

  • Mobile pendants

North peak sales dept 13
North Peak – Sales Dept. 1

Staff –








North peak sales dept 2
North Peak – Sales Dept. 2

Introduction –

We set up our 2nd sales department in 2001 when lanyards became as important as Metal Lapel Pins. At the same time our own production line in Fuzhou for lanyards was established. Before that important dividing year, people in Fuzhou and neighboring cities knew nothing of the lanyards. Now we encounter hard competition from that area for the product line. However we are proud to announce that over 6000 families in the areas make a living by making lanyards for the world.

North peak sales dept 21
North Peak – Sales Dept. 2

Features –

  • Lanyards of different materials/attachments

  • Reflective items(reflective slap bracelets/soft reflectors/reflective magnets)

  • Embroidery patches/woven labels

  • Webbing keychains

  • Carabiner hooks

  • Luggage tags (synthetic leather/PVC)

  • Pendant with mobile cleaner

  • FELT items

North peak sales dept 22
North Peak – Sales Dept. 2

Features –

  • Flags & Banners(flags/banners & pennants/scarves/buntings/embroidered flags)

  • Cheering supportes(bang bang cheering sticks/plastic clappers/fan banners)

  • Inflatables(beach balls/travel neck pillows/mattresses/swimming rings/sofas/toys)

  • Cotton wristbands/headbands

  • Novelty keychains (mini shoes/mini balls)

  • Neoprene items(Stubby holders/wine bags/coin pouches/mobile holders)

North peak sales dept 23
North Peak – Sales Dept. 2

Staff –








North peak sales dept 3
North Peak – Sales Dept. 3

Introduction –

It was known as doing all the "other" items in North Peak since 2002. Our sales department 3 was to serve the needs of "sourcing" new items for our regular buyers. Years passed by and we accumulated experience an expertise from the big events of doing the Imation Corp (NYSE:IMN) Flash Wristbands and the Lance Armstrong's Silicone Bracelets, etc., our department 3 is now mature, active and aggressive.

North peak sales dept 31
North Peak – Sales Dept. 3

Features –

  • Molded soft PVC items(keychains/labels/magnets/pendants/coasters/bracelets… and more)

  • Unique 3D PVC injected items(keychains/pendants/mobile phone pendants/decorations/figures)

  • USB flash drives

  • Polyester-related items for daily use(bags/pencil cases/cooler bags/wristwallets/backpacks… and more)

  • PVC items(cosmetic bags/beach bags/foldable vases/business card holders)

  • Safety items(vests/coats/hard reflectors/flashers/bike reflectors/warning triangle)

  • Plastic coin keychains

  • Silicone items(bracelets/keychains/coin wallets/kitchenware)

North peak sales dept 32
North Peak – Sales Dept. 3

Features –

  • Office supplies(pens/stationeries/stationery gift sets/calculators/mouse pads)

  • ECO-friendly items(corn pens/convenience backpacks/recycled pens & stationeries)

  • Plastic frisbees

  • Polar fleece textiles(coats/blankets/scarves)

  • Personal care items(hand warmers/manicure sets/shoe shines)

  • Picnic & household convenience(sunshades/household organizers/cooler bags)

  • One-time use bracelets

  • Ice scrapers

  • Microfiber cleaners

North peak sales dept 33
North Peak – Sales Dept. 3

Staff –









North peak sales dept 5
North Peak – Sales Dept. 5

Introduction –

Our sales office in Shanghai was established in March 2002 and we named it as our Sales Department 5. Being close to the manufacturers, we serve you more efficiently. An important percentage of product lines is by the use of material made of cotton which grows from the earth, symbol of our department.

North peak sales dept 51
North Peak – Sales Dept. 5

Features –

  • Textiles(baseball caps/knitted hats/bandanas/gloves/T-shirts & polo shirts/baby bibs)

  • Shopping bags(cotton/canvas/PP woven/non-woven/PP non-woven)

  • Stress relievers

  • Outdoor items(umbrellas/fans/binoculars/seat cushions/cooler bags)

  • Water containers(sports water bottles/shakers/plastic mugs & cups/stainless steel mugs)

  • Picnic ware(foldable outdoor chairs & stools/hammocks & hammock chairs)

  • Sport balls(soccer balls/basket balls/volley balls/rugby)

North peak sales dept 52
North Peak – Sales Dept. 5

Features –

  • Flash lights

  • Sports & leisure(beach bats/kites/bouncing balls/Cooling Neck Wraps)

  • Office supplies(highlighters/letter openers/memo & name-card holders)

  • Housewares(aprons/oven mitts/bread baskets/ice buckets)

  • Personal care(pedometers/first aid kits)

  • Multi-tools

North peak sales dept 53
North Peak – Sales Dept. 5


Staff –








North peak shipping
North Peak – Shipping






North peak other staff
North Peak – Other Staff




Vivian Wang




Vivian Liao

North peak domestic sales dept
North Peak – Domestic Sales Dept.

Staff –










Yes promotion sales dept 1 factory 1
Yes Promotion – Sales Dept. 1 & Factory 1

Introduction –

Established in December, 2007, Yes Promotion started out to serve growing demands for small quantities and fast delivery by stocking all items, by in-house machinery to apply logos on the items. In this factory we possess all the techniques of Screen-Printing, Laser-Engraving, Pad-Printing, Embroiderying, Heat-Transfer, Digital Inkjet-Printing, and so on. We are most competitive in Sublimation, being fully armed by the more than 2-dozen large inkjet printers and heat-pressing machinery.

Yes promotion sales dept 1 factory 11
Yes Promotion – Sales Dept. 1 & Factory 1

Techniques & Facilities –

  • Screen printing(anti-slip car pad/foldable drink water bottles/volunteer vests/printed lanyards)

  • Direct embroidery(baseball caps)

  • Sublimation(sticky screen cleaners/FELT lanyards/microfiber towels/bandanas/mouse pads/bar mats/flags & banners)

  • Manual transfer heat-pressed(touch screen gloves/polar fleece beanie)

  • Heat transfer

  • Inkjet printing

  • Pad printing

  • Laser engraving

Yes promotion sales dept 1 factory 13
Yes Promotion – Sales Dept. 1 & Factory 1

Large Heat-Pressing Machine (Sublimation) –

Yes promotion sales dept 1 factory 14
Yes Promotion – Sales Dept. 1 & Factory 1

Staff –



Mr. Lin


Ms. Hsiao

Ms. Chen





Yes promotion factory 2
Yes Promotion – Factory 2

Introduction –

Our team of factory 2 in Xizhi was established in October, 2011 and moved to current location in June, 2012 to expand the equipment. We possess the high-end technology and apply to newly developing materials and products. Our production lines of Phone covers, Felt decoration and Acrylic ornaments are the main force. Our team dedicates to making a friendly working-environment and is highly cooperative.

Yes promotion factory 21
Yes Promotion – Factory 2

Techniques & Facilities –

  • Flat-bed UV LED inkjet printer

  • Flat-bed digital cutting machine

  • Co2 Laser-cutting machine

  • Co2 Laser-cutting machine

Yes promotion factory 22
Yes Promotion – Factory 2

Application & Products –

Stocked items with UV Digital Printing

  • Shells for Mobile Phones & Tablets

  • Magnetic Book Marks

  • Plastic Rules

  • Plastic Pens

  • Handbag Hangers

  • Flash Light Keychains

  • Pocket Memo Note Pads

  • Shopping Coin Cards

  • Sliding Puzzles

  • Highlighters

  • Ice Scrapers

  • Letter Openers

  • Badge Holders/Pull Reels

Yes promotion factory 23
Yes Promotion – Factory 2

Large UV Flatbed Printer –

Yes promotion factory 24
Yes Promotion – Factory 2

Application & Products –

Raw Material by Laser Cutting, with Custom Design by UV Digital Printing

  • Acrylic Key Tags

  • Acrylic Badges

  • Acrylic Pendants

  • Acrylic Magnets

  • Acrylic Miniatures

  • Acrylic Placements/Coasters

  • Acrylic Paper Weights

Yes promotion factory 25
Yes Promotion – Factory 2

Co2 Laser-Cutting –

Yes promotion factory 26
Yes Promotion – Factory 2

Application & Products –

Raw Material by Digital Cutting, with Custom Design by UV Digital Printing

  • Custom Rubber Magnets

  • Magnetic Photo Frames

  • Magnetic Sets

  • Badges and Keychains with Paper Inserted

  • Fast Pin Badges (not by Digital Cutting)

Yes promotion factory 27
Yes Promotion – Factory 2

Application & Products –

Raw Material by Laser Cutting

  • Felt Keychains and Accessories

  • Felt Accessories and Pendants

  • Felt Christmas Decorations

  • Felt Placements/Coasters

Yes promotion factory 28
Yes Promotion – Factory 2

Laser Cutting (on Felt) –

Yes promotion factory 29
Yes Promotion – Factory 2

Application & Products –

Raw Material by Laser Cutting, with Custom Design by CO2 Laser Engraving

  • MDF Collection (Fiberboard Coasters, Rules and more)

  • Acrylic Collection (Key Tags, Dog Tags, Name Badges, Awards and more)

Yes promotion factory 210
Yes Promotion – Factory 2

Staff –








Mr. Hsu


Yes promotion sales dept 2
Yes Promotion – Sales Dept. 2

Introduction –

To encourage ourselves to maintain the role as an outstanding supplier/business partner, our 2nd sales department was established at the beginning of January, 2013. With this new team we now strive for developing new techniques, creating more possibilities of realizing our ideas of items, and equipping ourselves with technologies to meet the global trend.

Yes promotion sales dept 21
Yes Promotion – Sales Dept. 2

Staff –





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