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  1. Mathletics Erika Slater

  2. What is Mathletics? • Mathletics is a subscription based online math practice system for grades K-12. • “It is the next generation in learning, helping students enjoy maths and improve their results. Courses contain essential material for school students in Canada.”

  3. Why choose Mathletics? • Mathletics is the world’s most used mathematics website and Canada’s number one math website. • Used and trusted by more than 17 000 schools worldwide and used by over 4 million students. • Covers all aspects of mathematics; it contains more than 1000 learning activities for students aged 5-18. • Created by Canadian teachers who are currently working in the classroom

  4. Why choose Mathletics? • Mathletics responds to students’ individual strengths and weaknesses with targeted and adaptive practice activities. • Students have flexibility and choices with what activities they want to complete. • Students instantly know if they are on the right track and they can improve at their own pace. • Step by step animated supporters are like having a teacher 24 hours a day.

  5. Full Curriculum • Mathletics includes a full curriculum section where students practice hundreds of math topics in 10 question increments. • Courses contain essential material for school students in Canada from K-12. • Teachers can design and customize courses via the user-friendly Course Creator to specifically fit their classes.

  6. Live Mathletics • Live Mathletics is where students race against other students across the globe to answer mathematics questions. • The game engine finds 2-3 other students from around the world that are at the same level and students race to see who can answer the most correct questions in one minute.

  7. Rainforest Maths • The math activities in Rainforest Maths include explanations and examples for each activity that teach students concepts, strategies, and patterns that will aid them in their learning. • Rainforest Maths has over 800 interactive activities for each grade from K-6. • It is designed to appeal to students through its bright, colourful, and interactive components. • Rainforest Maths suggests related activities that are only a click away and displayed to the left of the current activity.

  8. Times Tables Toons • Gets students excited about learning their multiplication tables using original songs that are catchy and fun to sing along with. • Students can sing along with the Times Tables Toons characters as they dance, jump, and count their way through the times tables in fun and egaging music videos.

  9. Points System • Mathletics provides a points system that works as a great motivational tool for students. • Students can earn points, credits, and gold bars from completing different activities. With these students can win awards, unlock separate games, buy various things for their avatar.

  10. Mathletics Hall of Fame • Students are motivated to earn more to compete with other students to make it into the “Mathletics Hall of Fame” shown on the main page. • Students can aim to make it into top 100 students in Canada or the world or to become the “Mathlete of The Week.” • Students can also work as a class to make it into the top 50 classes in Canada or the world or compete as a school to see what class can achieve the highest points.

  11. Parent Center • Along with the weekly reports of their child’s progress that is sent to parents, Mathletics also has a whole parent center. • The parent center has a valuable search engine where parents can search the website for resources using key words. This aids parents in finding all the possible help and resources for any particular topic that their child may be struggling with.

  12. Parent Center Tools • “Instant Workbooks” are printable resources that include hundreds of pages for each grade level. • “Parent Toolkit” is where you can find short videos and animated examples on various math concepts, as well as an animated math dictionary. These resources support parents and aids them in being able to teach concepts to their children.

  13. Classroom Management • Teachers are provided with a list of all students’ usernames and passwords that is automatically updated when any changes are made. • Mathletics can be sued as a reward system for students who finish work early or for students who need a break from what they are working on. • Great tool for teachers with split or large classrooms.

  14. Assessment • Within the Mathletics teacher console, teachers can view a full diagnostic analysis of students’ positioning and progress through the curriculum. It also identifies students strengths and weaknesses within each specific curriculum outcome. • Assessments are automatically marked and provide detailed reports by class and student that provides a recommended work plan for each student, targeting specific curriculum outcomes.

  15. Technology • Not only is Mathletics used in the classroom, but students can also access Mathletics at any time of day. • Students can access Mathletics at home or on the go with the Mathletics app for tablets or cell phones available for all Apple, Samsung, and Android products. • Mathletics offers multiple apps such as Mathletics Student, Mathletics Teacher, Mathletics Dictionary, and Times Tables Toons.

  16. Quotes • “As I continue using the program, I continually see the love of math grow within my students.” –Mr. Kasap (Grade 6 teacher) • “They do not even realize they are learning because they are having so much fun.” –Mrs. Davies (Grade 5 teacher)

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