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A Loyal and Loving Wife PowerPoint Presentation
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A Loyal and Loving Wife

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A Loyal and Loving Wife
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A Loyal and Loving Wife

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  1. A Loyal and Loving Wife To what extent is this true of Linda Loman? Support your argument with details from Miller’s writing.

  2. Structure • Introduction • Brief glimpse of your personal response • Refer to task • Address techniques used to achieve effects • Main Body • Find evidence that support statement • Find evidence that contradicts statement • Conclusion • Evaluate the extent to which the evidence contradicts/supports

  3. Introduction Your introduction for question 2 should be similar to any other introduction. You must remember to address the title (Death of a Salesman) and the author (Arthur Miller). Also you must provide a brief summary of the play pertaining to the task you are given, in this case – Linda’s role. Do this by including the main plot line but highlight how Linda interacts with it. Furthermore, do not forget to include your opinion of task at hand, do you think Linda was a loyal and loving wife?

  4. Main Body Find evidence to how Linda is a good wife. Comment on word choice, motifs and conversations. Also be sure to illustrate other characters views on Linda that give the audience the whole picture. Be sure to check out the scene after the chop house or when Willy gets home in the first scene of the play. Also look for evidence that contradicts the statement even if you believe Linda is a good wife. You could even try to provide arguments to how certain tough situations prove Linda’s mettle as a good wife.

  5. Linda’s a good wife quotes • “Oh. Well Maybe it was the steering.” Shows Linda’s helpfulness and willingness to support Willy • “Willy darling you’re the handsomest man in the world –” Despite an obvious mental lapse on Willy’s part (as he is thinking of ‘the woman’) Linda tries to comfort him

  6. Linda’s a bad wife quotes • “Stop it!” “Don’t, Biff!” These quotes show how Linda can not even control her own family, as a good wife should. • “I think that’s…best…dear…,you’ll just never get along” Linda doesn’t seem to try to bring Willy and Biff together.

  7. Conclusion Sum up the points you have made while you evaluate the extent to which they support or contradict the task. Refer back to the task and provide your own opinion which links back to your evaluation. Take into account Linda’s inner character not just single quotes and ideas when giving your final conclusion and personal response.