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The Engel Initiative

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The Engel Initiative. Sponsored by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Joe Engel … “knew in order to spike fan interest, he’d have to offer more than a baseball game to a nation full of unemployment and despair. He had to offer entertainment, a sense of prosperity and hope.” .

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the engel initiative

The Engel Initiative

Sponsored by

the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

steve martini the chattanooga lookouts 100 seasons of scenic city baseball

Joe Engel …

“knew in order to spike fan interest, he’d have to offer more than a baseball game to a nation full of unemployment and despair. He had to offer entertainment, a sense of prosperity and hope.”

Steve MartiniThe Chattanooga Lookouts & 100 Seasons of Scenic City Baseball
getting there from here


Establish the WinningTeam that will own/drive the project

  • Create The Bold Vision
  • Build support among critical Stakeholders
  • Secure funding for planning


  • Create a Business/Marketing Plan
  • Secure redevelopment resources
  • Build public support through programming “quick wins”


  • Implement Business/Marketing Plan
  • Complete stadium renovations
  • Launch Engel Foundation
  • Expand programming



Getting “There” from “Here”
the winning team

Owner: UTC

(Project Sponsor)

  • Vice Chancellor Brown
  • Players:

(Project Team)

    • Renovation
    • Historian
    • Marketing
    • Development
    • Programming
    • Finance & Legal
  • Pinch Hitters:

(Specialists & Experts)

  • General Manager:

(Project Director)

  • Coaching Staff:

(Advisory Committee)

5 to 7 Community Leaders

  • Fans:

(Engel supporters everywhere)

Everyone who cares about this project and wants to help make it happen

The Winning Team
initial project requirements

Coaching Staff (Advisory board)

Provides strategic direction, policy, high-level decision-making; helps secure funds

  • Players (Project team leaders, committee members)
  • Pinch Hitters (Experts and specialists)

Individuals accountable for getting the work done. University staff, public resources, contract services, community volunteers

  • General Manager (Project director)

Responsible for project implementation and coordination

  • Seed funding for planning phase

How much? By when? Funding in place prior to visioning session

Business Plan $

Marketing/PR Strategy $

Renovation Costs $

Project Management $

Visioning Session $

  • Vision/Goal (Visioning Session)

Defines what Engel will become; creates public excitement & commitment

Initial Project Requirements
the accelerated vision session
What is the Accelerated Vision Session?
    • An intense 1-2 day facilitated design session where key decision makers and stakeholders define vision parameters and story. Additionally, the group defines the sponsor group and key strategy elements for success.
  • What are the client benefits?
    • Radically reduces cycle time from design to delivery
    • Maximizes productivity through collaborative design and planning
    • Maximizes creativity and innovation by using visualization and synthesis techniques
    • Enhances sponsorship buy-in and support
The Accelerated Vision Session
a new vision for engel

Session Purpose:

Create a common vision for the future of Engel Stadium as a historical and community resource linked to UTC’s Sportsplex. The session will also define the strategic elements required to launch the vision and the Coaching team to sponsor its success.

  • Objectives:
  • Define a common vision for the future of Engel Stadium
  • Define the strategic elements required to launch the vision
  • Define the strategic partners and champion team to sponsor the initiative’s success
  • Define initial high level time line, and key milestones
  • Define an Engel initiative name and kick start community excitement
A New Vision for Engel
a new vision for engel1


    • Engel Stadium will need to align with UTC’s Sportsplex facility and strategy
    • Engel Stadium’s historic nature will be preserved
    • Engel Stadium will serve as a center for UTCs Hall of Fame
    • Engel Stadium will need to continue to serve Tennessee Temple’s sports needs
    • Engel Stadium will need to be a community resource center
    • Engel Stadium will need to support youth development in the region
  • Deliverables
    • Vision
    • Strategic Elements
    • Strategic Partners and Coaching Team
    • Time line, and key milestone
    • Engel initiative name
A New Vision for Engel
potential visionaries

UTC – Vice Chancellor Richard Brown

  • TTTU – Dr. Mark Brown
  • Coaching Staff/Advisory Group
  • Pinch Hitters/Specialists & Experts
  • General Manager
  • Funders, public and private
  • Renovation
    • Southeast Development
    • Cornerstones
    • Fortwood Neighborhood Asso
    • Larry Zehnder City Parks and Rec
    • County Parks and Rec
  • Preservation
    • Regional History Museum
    • SABR
    • Paul Archambault – SEDEV
    • Dan Creed
    • Ron Bush TFP
    • Hugh Moore
  • Marketing/Communication
    • Darryl Patterson
    • MayCreate
    • Create Here
  • Development
    • Dave Wilhoit, TN Temple
    • Bob Lyon, UTC
  • Programming
    • Missy Crutchfield – City Arts and Education
    • County Arts
    • HAMCO Dept of Education
    • Erlanger
    • UTC faculty
    • Allied Arts
    • Chip Baker/Jeff Stiles
    • CHA
    • Sports & Events Committee
    • Boys & Girls Club
    • Lurone Jennings
    • Girls Inc.
    • Renterias/Terry Shapiro
    • Rick & Debbie Honeycutt
    • TN Temple – Gus Hernandez
Potential Visionaries