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Implementation of Green Growth Concept in Korean K-12 Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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13 OCT 2010 Young Sik LEE Kyung Hee University, Korea. Implementation of Green Growth Concept in Korean K-12 Education. Background : Green Growth. National Geographic Magazine 2004 Sep issue. Global warming is real…. Greenhouse Effect. The Inconvenient Truth.

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13OCT 2010

Young Sik LEE

Kyung Hee University, Korea

Implementation of Green Growth Concept


Korean K-12 Education

Background green growth
Background :Green Growth

National geographic magazine 2004 sep issue
National Geographic Magazine 2004 Sep issue

Global warming is real…

The inconvenient truth
The Inconvenient Truth

Concentration of Carbon dioxide is increasing by human activity…

Asia pacific we are special
Asia-Pacific : We are special

  • Area : 40% of the world

  • Population : 60% of the world

  • 670 mil people live on $1 per day (2004)

  • Economic growth is a must!

    ‘ESCAP(2006). Green Growth at a Glance, A Way Forward for Asia

    and the Pacific. United Nations Publication

Energy consumption per capital
Energy consumption per capital

  • The relationship between GNP per capita and energy use per person follows a straight line and emphasizes the relationship between how much energy we consume and our standard of living.

World energy consumption
World Energy consumption

  • Economic growth in the conventional norm will induce more environmental problem

  • Green Growth is required at all aspects

I. Definition

  • Green Growth Education

  • What is GGE?

  • While balancing the Economic Growth and Environmnetal sustainability, GGE teaches the value and methods of green life. The students will be future global citizen who will lead the green growth.

Green technology + Green life style



Economy + Environment


Global citizenship with global awareness



I. Objects of GGE

National Agenda

Global Change

Green Growth is one of the top

agenda of Korean Government

Global citizen

K-12 education

GG Education

New Educational Paradigm

World Cooperation

take a role of Leading

country for GGE

GG will produce a new kind

Of market and business sector


II. Current Status of GG Education in Korea

  • Current Status

  • Low interests in Environment Subject

  • Small number of schools teach “Environment” classes

  • ※’08 Middle School : 257 schools (8.4%), 59,278 students (3%)

  • ※’08 High School : 498 schools (37%), 142,654 students (10%)

  • Not many teachers are ready

  • ※’05 1,986 teachers - 73%(1,449명) are not Environment Majors

  • Teaching Resources in short supply

  • ※Especailly in Teaching Resources

  • 『Green School Project』

  • Hareware and facility improvement for K-12 schools

  • (’09 52개 schools, 학교지정, 19 mil $)

  • ※ 친환경자재교체, 신재생에너지설치, 에너지절약형시설개선, 생태환경조성, 리모델링등


II. Strategy for GGE in Korea

  • Basic Principle for K-12 GGE

12th Grade




Economic Growth

Environmental Issues




II. Vision & Goals

비전 및 목표

Vision & Goals

Leading Green Growth Country thru Education

① GG education infrastructures

② GG citizen with Global mind

③ Open resources to the world

Green University

Green Life style

GGE outreach

Share Korean Resource

K-12 GGE Education

GGE curriculum development

GGE Textbook & Resource book

GGE teacher training at levels

Establish GGE center(GERC)


III. Action Plan

  • Plan 1. GG curriculum

New Curriculum('09 issue)

New subject/course in 10-12

Environment & Green Growth

Creativity emphasis

GG Projects in all areas of school activity

Partial implication to current curriculum(-2010)

Topic addition

Add GGE topics to current curricula

Add GGE chapters to current curricula

Chapter addition


Environment & Green Growth』 Curriculum

Textbook Model (Published)

GG &

Sustainable Society

Green Industry

Green Economy

Governemt side

Environment and sustabiable growth

Sustainable Society & Culture




Individual & local Efforts

National, Global Efforts

Environment & Green Growth』 Textbook writing - Holistic

Environment Education

Textbook Model (Published)





GG &

Sustainable Society

Green Industry

Green Economy

Governemt side

Environment and sustabiable growth

Home Economics

Environmental Engineering

Sustainable Society & Culture

Home Economics






Individual & local Efforts


Social Science

Foreign Affairs

National, Global Efforts

III. Action Plan

  • Plan 2. GGE textbook model & Resource book

GGE textbook model after the new curriculum

  • Textbook model for textbook developers and publishers

GGE Resource & Resource book

  • Resource

    • means educational resoures

    • will be used in extra-curricular activities (projects)

  • Needs internet based archive for easy access


Environment & Green Growth』Resource book


Energy and Natural Resources

Water in nature

Water in Korea

Renewable energy

Water pollution

Lack of water

Conumption of natural resources

Water resource

Energy & GG

Nuclear Energy

Understanding climate change

Pros and Cons

Short History of NE

Definition and effect

Safety issue

How to respond

III. Action Plan

  • Plan 3. GG teacher traing

Need for teachers for GGE

  • Make GGE certified teachers K-9 and 10-12 levels

  • Regional Training Centers

    • Kyung Hee Univ, Kyung Nam Univ, Daegu Univ

    • Gyong In National Univ of Edu, Seoul National Univ of Edu

Introduce GGE concept for teacher re-training program

  • Climate change and Green Growth Concepts

  • New training course syllabus


III. Action Plan

  • Plan 4. Establish GGE Center

Green Education Resource Center

  • Located at Kyung Hee University, Global Campus, Korea

  • Established on Nov 2009 (Director Prof. Young Sik LEE)

  • Funded by Ministry of Education, Science , and Technology &

  • Korea Foundation for the Advancment of Science & Technology

Textbook & Resource book





Workflow/Timeline of Korean GGE (2009-2010)



Of Korea

2009 Nov

  • Distribute resources thru various channels

  • Webpage, twitter, blog etc.

  • Train GGE teachers at 1-6 & 7-12 levels

  • (2010 Aug)

  • Develop model Textbook (2010 July)

  • Develop Resourcebook (2010 Sep)

  • Develop GGE textbook structure

  • Analyze current textbook

Establishiment of Green Education Resource Center (GERC)

Future of korean gge
Future of Korean GGE

  • Establish GGE Roadmap

  • GGE Fund (from carbon tax?)

  • GG Education Outreach

    • Education for citizen

    • CEO forum

  • Global Partnership

    • UN and Asia-Pacific Organizations

    • NGO and individual schools

Thank you


Thank You

IV. 녹색성장교육활성화방안(안) - 정책과제별추진방안

  • 정책과제 7. 녹색시민을위한평생교육기반조성

녹색시민을 위한 녹색성장 관련 평생교육 실시

  • 지역별 녹색성장 교육원 지정 및 지역 주민 대상 녹색성장 평생교육 실시

  • 교과부 평색학습도시 조성사업과 연계 추진

  • 다양한평생교육기관을 활용한 녹색성장 평생교육 강화

범시민 녹색생활 실천 교육

  • 저탄소녹색생활실천자가진단프로그램개발및보급

  • 우수 녹색성장교육 프로그램 인증제 추진

  • 녹색성장교육콘텐츠개발지원

사회지도층 대상 인식 개선 추진

  • 최고경영자대상기후변화및저탄소녹색성장관련단기교육프로그램개설

  • 국내외 동향을분석, 기업의녹색성장전략과비전을구축하기위한경영원리

  • 제시

IV. 녹색성장교육활성화방안(안)

  • 녹색성장교육세계화(정책과제 8~9)

  • 기본방향

  • 녹색성장교육의국제협력및공조체제구축

  • · UN 지속가능교육10년(UNDESD)의국제이행을통한국제협력강화

  • ·국제경제협력기구에서의환경교육, 지속가능발전교육및녹색성장관련교육

  • 활동에적극적참여와협조

  • ·아시아-태평양지역에서의녹색성장벨트구축에따른교육관련전략마련

  • 차별화된韓style 녹색성장교육의세계화

  • ·한국형녹색성장교육에서생성된다양한프로그램의국제홍보및한류화모색

  • · '아시아-태평양 3G 교육원(AP3G)'의지정을통한세계화

V. 향후추진계획

  • 녹색성장교육로드맵작성및이행

  • (가칭) 녹색성장교육협의체구성

  • 관계부처및전문가 15인내외의협의체구성운영

  • 녹색성장교육의종합적체계적추진을위한녹색성장교육모니터링및성과확산을

  • 위한평가역할수행

  • 녹색성장교육장기로드맵작성(2010년도상반기)

  • 녹색성장교육협의체를통해동세부추진과제로드맵작성및과제별이행지표개발

  • 세부추진과제별이행지표에대한주기적모니터링및평가실시

  • 녹색교육펀드(녹색성장교육기금) 마련

  • 전기세 00%, 유류세 00%

  • 장기적으로탄소세부과시총부과액의 00% 녹색성장교육기금으로적립

IV. 녹색성장교육활성화방안(안) - 정책과제별추진방안

  • 정책과제 8. 녹색교육관련국제사회공조

UN 지속가능교육10년(UNDESD)의 국제 이행에 협조

  • ‘유네스코’지속가능발전교육한국위원회’(’09.8 출범 예정)의 내실 있는 운영을

  • 통해 국제사회의 지속가능발전교육 이행 노력에 합류

  • ※ ’02.12월 제 57차 UN 총회에서 UN 지속가능교육 10년(2005-2014)의 제정을 결의하고

  • 유네스코를 선도기관으로 지정

  • 동북아지역을 중심으로 국제사회의 다양한 지속가능발전교육 네트워크를 활용

  • 하여 녹색성장교육의 질적 향상 국격 제고

  • ※ 한·중·일 환경장관회의(TEMM) 및 환경교육네트워크(TEEN)을 통해 녹색성장 교육의

  • 노하우를 교환하고 국내 사례 전파

국제경제협력기구에서의 녹색성장 관련 교육의 공조 기반 구축

  • OECD, APEC, ASEAN, ASEM 등 국제협력기구에서의 지속가능발전 및

  • 녹색성장관련 사업의 협조자로서 역할 지원

  • OECE가 진행 중인 지속가능발전교육 수행능력 국제학력평가(PISA)포함

Us energy consumption
US energy consumption

  • During the 140 years between 1850 and 1990 total energy consumption per individual more than tripled.

  • US uses 3 times as much energy during our lifetimes as someone who lived 1850s

  • As energy consumption per capita increased, so did the nation's GNP.