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Academic Advising (AA) Hold Workshop

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Academic Advising (AA) Hold Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Academic Advising (AA) Hold Workshop. Department of Chemistry. First things first! . If you have questions during the presentation about registration, please refer back to the Basics of Registration PowerPoint available on the Chemistry Advising website. . Second things second! .

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first things first
First things first!
  • If you have questions during the presentation about registration, please refer back to the Basics of Registration PowerPoint available on the Chemistry Advising website.
second things second
Second things second!
  • Did you print out a copy of the AA Hold Worksheet?
  • What is your major? Open a PDF or print out a copy of your Degree Sheet.
    • Chemistry B.A.
    • Chemistry B.A. Biochemistry Emphasis
    • Chemistry B.A. Heath Professions Emphasis
    • Chemistry B.S.
    • Biomedical Sciences B.S.
    • Medical Technology B.S.
    • Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences, B.S.
  • Ready? Great!
think about what classes you want to take next
Think about what classes you want to take next…
  • Here are some things to think about:
    • Are you on track for your major or do you need to

take summer courses?

    • Do you have any Foundations of Knowledge

and Learning (FKL) classes left to take?

    • Do you have any Gordon Rule or Foreign Language requirements left to take?
    • Are you planning on pursuing a minor?
    • Are you ready to take Upper-Level (U/L), 3000+ courses?
    • Are there any other pre-requisites that the pre-health or graduate school you are planning on attending requires?
first do you have any fkl s left to take
First, do you have any FKL’s left to take?
  • Refer back to your DegreeWorks and AA Hold Worksheet.
    • If you still have missing requirements in your FKL, you will want to take a class that completes it.
finished with fkl s you may want to consider completing a minor
Finished with FKL’s? You may want to consider completing a minor!
  • Minors Available at USF
  • Africana Studies
  • American Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Biomedical Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Chinese Language
  • Classics Catalog Page 173
  • Communication
  • Economics
  • English: Creative Writing Catalog Pages 134-135
  • English: English and American Literature Catalog Pages 134-135
  • English: Technical Communication and New Media Catalog Pages 134-135
  • Environmental Policy
  • French
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • German Catalog Page 177
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Interdisciplinary Classical Civilizations
  • International Studies
  • Italian
  • Mass Communications
  • Mathematics
  • Modern Greek Catalog Page 176
  • Philosophy Catalog Page 162
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration Catalog Page 147
  • Religious Studies
  • Russian
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Women’s Studies Catalog Page 172
  • Women’s Studies: Women of Color Catalog Page 172
  • American Sign Language
  • Behavioral Healthcare
  • Criminology
  • Gerontology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • General Business Administration
  • Educational Foundations & Research Catalog Page 241
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • General Public Health
  • Art Catalog Page 300
  • Art History Catalog Page 300
  • Dance
  • Theatre
  • Aerospace Studies
  • Leadership Studies
  • Military Science
  • Naval Science and Leadership

Most minors are 18 credits of Upper-Level courses to help you meet the 48 requirement.


Not sure if you want to minor? Consider the suggested and required courses for the pre-health or graduate school you are planning on attending.

  • English
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • General Chemistry w/Lab
  • Organic Chemistry w/ Lab
  • Physics
  • General Biology w/Lab
  • Microbiology
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Cell or Molecular Biology (upper division)
  • Genetics
  • General Psychology or Sociology
  • Economics (Micro or Macro)
  • Humanities and Arts AND/OR Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • For example, USF’s Pharmacy Program requires the following courses:
  • Now is the time to start researching potential programs to make sure you are prepared.
now is a good time to jot down any questions you have on your aa hold worksheet
Now is a good time to jot down any questions you have on your AA Hold Worksheet

Is my schedule

‘da bomb?

let s think about the summer
Let’s think about the summer…
  • This is a time that you can use to catch-up in your major if you are off track.
  • Things to consider…
    • Summer terms move at a faster pace than regular semester, so it is

important for you to set yourself up for success by reaching out to the resources available on campus. (More information at the end of the PPT)

Fall/Spring = 16 weeks, Summer A&B = 6 weeks, Summer C = 10 weeks

    • Biology and Physics courses are offered over Summer C
    • Chemistry and Math are in Summer A and B. These two terms are 6 weeks in length. If you need to take a science course in summer A or B, this should be your only summer activity during this time, if possible.
time frame and set up for summer classes
Time Frame and Set-Up For Summer Classes

Summer A

6 weeks

Starts on: May 13thEnds on: June 21nd

Summer B

6 weeks

Starts on: July 1stEnds on: August 9th

Summer C

10 Weeks

Starts on: May 13thEnds on: July 19th

on track for your major and want to take summer classes
On track for your major and want to take summer classes?
  • Ok cool! Things to ask your advisor about if you’re interested in taking summer courses:
    • What if I want to take classes at a school closer to home? How will the courses transfer back to USF?
    • Can I take science courses over the summer? How can that be viewed by pre-health schools?
    • What is considered a balanced summer schedule?
  • That’s ok! Here are some other activities to get involved with:
    • Community service and medical shadowing experience
      • Remember it is important to engage in quality experiences. Be sure to journal your experiences and keep track of contact information.
    • Begin preparation for MCAT or other standardized tests you may be taking in the future based on coursework completed so far
    • Create undergraduate research profile and explore opportunities:



based on your spring and summer schedule fill in your fall 2013 schedule
Based on your Spring and Summer Schedule, fill in your Fall 2013 Schedule:
  • Rocky based his schedule only on his Spring Semester. He is not planning on taking summer courses.
  • Your fall schedule should be based on the following:
  • Your spring & summer schedule
  • Your major/minor requirements
  • The FKL requirements you have left to complete
  • Additional Pre-Health/Graduate School Requirements

We suggest you create a schedule that consists of 1 Chemistry course, a 2nd science course, a math course, and an FKL course.

when do you register
When do you register?
  • You will register for both Summer and Fall at the same time.
    • Check OASIS for your registration date and time.
    • You will also receive a reminder e-mail from the registrar’s office mid-March.
    • You can also view your midterm grades in OASIS and any holds that may be on your account and may prevent you from registering.
    • The registration period begins March 25th and your registration date and time is determined by your earned credit hours and GPA.
tips for your advising meeting
Tips for your Advising Meeting
  • Remember, you must meet with an advisor during walk-ins or a scheduled appointment in order to have your AA Hold released before your registration date/time. Holds will not be removed via e-mail.
  • Make sure you bring your AA Hold Worksheet. Your worksheet must be completed before you can meet with an advisor.
  • Note: Walk in advising meetings are only 15 minutes long, if you have something that you would like to discuss that will take more than 15 minutes, please make a full 30 minute appointment with an advisor on our eScheduler.
    • If the eScheduler is completely booked 2 weeks out, please check our walk-in calendar.

See you soon!

search a bull
  • If you are unsure about which class to take, this is a great resource to help you decide.
  • Here’s a list of some of the things you can find on search-a-bull:
    • Prerequisites for a class
    • Class name and description
    • Requirements the class meets (e.g. FKL, Gordon Rule)
  • What if I am declared the wrong major in DegreeWorks?
    • You can process a “What-If” degree sheet to view the requirements of your desired major. Please see the following slide for a demonstration.
  • Do I have to schedule a meeting with an advisor to get my hold lifted?
    • Yes, if you are a first year student, the only way to get your Academic Advising hold removed is to meet with an advisor either during a scheduled appointment or walk-in hours. We will not remove AA holds through e-mail.
  • Who should I see if I want to declare a different major outside of the Chemistry Department? Who will lift my hold?
    • In order to make sure you are taking the right classes, it is important for you to meet with the advisor for the major you wish to pursue. The advisor will help to ensure that you are taking an appropriate schedule for your intended major and will lift your AA hold.
how to process a what if degree sheet
How to process a “What If” Degree Sheet

After you Click “Process What-If” a degree sheet will appear that shows what your DegreeWorks would look like if you were declared that major.

helpful links
Helpful Links
  • OASIS Scheduler Tutorial
  • Degree Sheets:
    • Chemistry B.A.
    • Chemistry B.A. Biochemistry Emphasis
    • Chemistry B.A. Heath Professions Emphasis
    • Chemistry B.S.
    • Biomedical Sciences B.S.
    • Medical Technology B.S.
    • Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences, B.S.
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still have questions
Still have questions?
  • Email us at
    • Please make sure to include your

full name, major, and U # so

that we may assist you


- Thank you!