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Procurement. Warning – may contain useful information BIRMINGHAM – 13 th March 2012. Introductions. Steve McGarvie, Senior Procurement Category Manager – Reducing Reoffending Joanna Fernandes, Procurement Category Manager – ESF

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Warning – may contain useful information

BIRMINGHAM – 13th March 2012


  • Steve McGarvie, Senior Procurement Category Manager – Reducing Reoffending

  • Joanna Fernandes, Procurement Category Manager – ESF

  • Simon Ambrose, Assistant Procurement Category Manager – TA Funding

  • Also includes Richard Hoy, Geraldine Curran (Main CFO Regional Contract Managers) and Tony Oloya (Assistant Procurement Category Manager – ESF)

The procurement process overview
The Procurement Process – Overview

  • Aims and Aspirations:

  • Innovative, proactive and inclusive procurement process

  • Identify and minimise the barriers to smaller organisations in terms of bidding for government work – Big Society, Localism, Social Value

  • Offer technical support throughout this procurement – shaped by your input

  • User-led processes based upon your needs – please complete the questionnaire!

The procurement process
The Procurement Process

  • Launch events including initial support

  • Consortia Building Time

  • Stage 1 Request for Proposal (RFP)

  • Short-listing

  • Technical Support

  • Two way dialogue

  • Stage 2 RFP and Evaluation

The procurement process timescales
The Procurement Process - Timescales

  • Key milestones:

  • Competition advert published via Contracts Finder – February

  • Deadline for submitting the first Request for Proposal (RFP Stage 1) response – June

  • Shortlist of bidders taken forward to second stage announced –July

  • Deadline for submitting the second RFP response (RFP Stage 2) – October

  • Publication of the result of the procurement process – November

The procurement process overview lots
The Procurement Process – Overview - Lots

  • No. to be shortlisted / grants to be awarded

  • Lot 1 – Up to £250k (National) 31

  • Lot 2 – Up to £150k (Regional) 62

  • Lot 3 – Up to £50k (Local) 248

  • Lot 4 – South West including Cornwall - Up to £100k 62

  • Lot 5 – South West including Cornwall- Up to £50k 62

  • TOTAL £1,250,000

The procurement process guidance
The Procurement Process - Guidance

  • We have produced the “Helpful Hints for Better Bids” leaflet to focus your thoughts when writing your response

  • A separate word of advice:

  • It is the responsibility of each consortia to manage any commercial or other risk that may result where an individual organisation is affiliated with more than one potential consortia model

The procurement process points of contact 1
The Procurement Process – Points of Contact (1)

  • Main NOMS CFO Prime Providers here today:

  • East Midlands: Leicestershire and Rutland Probation Trust, Carrie Peters –

  • [email protected]

  • West Midlands: PPDG, Dal Veysey - [email protected]

The procurement process points of contact 2
The Procurement Process – Points of Contact (2)

The procurement process points of contact 3
The Procurement Process – Points of Contact (3)

  • Prisons and Probation:

  • Points of contact will also be provided for Prisons and Probation to ensure equality of access to information for all bidders

  • This must not be used to influence or lobby in support of individual bids

  • Clarification questions and responses will be published to all bidders, unless commercially sensitive

The esourcing portal 1
The eSourcing Portal (1)

  • Supported by Emptoris (no longer Bravo Solutions)

  • Web address:

The esourcing portal 2
The eSourcing Portal (2)

  • Some of you may already be registered from previous activities and will be familiar with the portal

  • Some of you may have asked to register on the eSourcing portal following the launch of this programme

  • At this stage it is not critical for everyindividual organisation to have access to the portal

  • Bids will be submitted via the portal by consortia – the consortium will require access

  • Alternatively, the RFP Stage 1 submission may be made by a nominated organisation on behalf of the members of the consortia

  • All the documentation on the portal will be made available via

Drop in sessions
Drop-in Sessions

  • Steve McGarvie, Joanna Fernandes and Simon Ambrose will be available to answer any questions you may have relating to:

    • how to apply

    • stages of the process

    • pitfalls/common failings

    • the eSourcing portal

  • We are also happy to receive feedback on the shape and nature of the exercise

Clarification questions etc
Clarification Questions etc

  • Today – Please use the Question Box to outline any areas that may still be unclear after this event

  • After the event – please submit questions to [email protected]

  • Once the RFP Stage 1 has been launched - questions should be submitted via the eSourcing portal

  • Answers provided to the above will be circulated to everyone (unless the question is commercially sensitive)