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Incoming Junior Registration

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Incoming Junior Registration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Incoming Junior Registration . February 10, 2009. Graduation Requirements & College Admission Recommendations. Refer to the green Course Planning Guide page 1 for Geneseo High School Graduation Requirements and page 5 for College Admission Recommendations.

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Incoming Junior Registration

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graduation requirements college admission recommendations
Graduation Requirements & College Admission Recommendations
  • Refer to the green Course Planning Guide page 1 for Geneseo High School Graduation Requirements and page 5 for College Admission Recommendations.
  • Check the “Graduation Requirements” tab in your Skyward Access Account.
geneseo district 228 act benchmarks
Geneseo District #228 ACT Benchmarks
  • English 18
    • EXPLORE 13 PLAN 15
  • Math 22
    • EXPLORE 17 PLAN 19
  • Reading 21
    • EXPLORE 15 PLAN 17
  • Science Reasoning 24
    • EXPLORE 20 PLAN 21
registration materials
Registration Materials
  • Green Course Planning Guide
  • Blue course request page
  • PE Waiver form (if applicable)
  • Early Bird Form (if applicable)
    • Sign up - 2/11, 6:45 am in the hallway outside the front office
selecting your english class select one course
Selecting Your English Class(select one course)
  • Literature Survey I (10321 and 10322)
  • Literature and Communications (10311 and 10312)
  • AP Literature and Composition (10431 and 10432)
  • AP Language and Composition (10331 and 10332)
  • See your Eng 10 Comp teacher for your English placement recommendation

Select Algebra I (20151 & 20152) or IA (20131 & 20132)

Algebra IA

Select Algebra IB (20141 & 20142)

Algebra IB

Select Plane Geometry 085 (20221 & 20222)

Algebra I

Select Geometry (20211 & 20212) or Plane Geometry 085 (20221 & 20222)


Select Algebra II (20311 & 20312)

Plane Geometry

Select Alg II (20311 & 20312) or Basic Algebra 081 (20331) & Intermediate Algebra 090 (20332)

Algebra II

Select Pre-Calculus (20321 & 20322) or Trigonometry (20310) & Statistics (20320)

Selecting your Math ClassSee your math teacher for this recommendation.The course list first represents the class you are currently enrolled in and the course in bold indicates your class choice(s).

Earth Science

Select Environmental Science (30231 & 30232) or Biology (30211 & 30212) or Quality Core Biology (30121 & 30122)

Environmental Science

Select Biology (30211 & 30212)


Select Chemistry* (30221 & 30222) or Quality Core Chemistry (30331 & 30332)



Physics* (30351 & 30352)

* You must enroll in the core science course in order to take AP Biology, AP Chemistry, or Human Anatomy and Physiology

Selecting Your Science ClassYour science teacher will make this recommendation.The class listed first represents the class you are currently enrolled in. The class in bold represents your next choice(s).

selecting your social studies class

(select one)

US Government

1 semester(40330)

US Government Honors

1 semester (40340)

AP US Government

2 semesters (40331 & 40332)

Electives (one semester required)

World History to 1350 (40111)

World History since 1350 (40112)

Economics (40310)

World Problems (40350)

Sociology (40320)

Humanities (40300)

(You have completed this

elective requirement if you took a semester of World History or World History Honors in 9th grade. You are not eligible for WH if you had World History Honors in 9th grade.)

Selecting yourSocial Studies Class
pe waivers see instructions on waiver form
PE Waivers (see instructions on waiver form)
  • Participation in Interscholastic Athletics and Activities (Junior and Seniors only)    [Includes Maplettes, Cheerleaders, Gymnastics, and Swimming]
  • For additional information, students should see their guidance counselor. Students requesting a physical education waiver must apply during spring registration. An athlete who does not make a team or fails to try out for a team must contact a high school counselor and immediately return to physical education class by the following school day.  An athlete who quits the team after practice has started will be required to repeat the entire quarter of physical education regardless of the waiver status in the following semester.  The student is solely responsible for requesting a schedule change if they are no longer eligible for the PE waiver.  Failure to follow these directions may compromise the student’s graduation status. A physical education waiver may impact a student's grade point average and class rank.
pe waiver
PE Waiver
  • PE Waiver 1Q (50231)

& SH (90211)

  • PE Waiver 2Q (50232)

& SH (90212)

  • PE Waiver 3Q (50233)

& SH (90213)

  • PE Waiver 4Q (50234)

& SH (90214)

  • Remember, you cannot have 2 semester study halls in the same semester.
making up credit if you failed a required class es
Making up credit if you failed a required class(es)
  • For a first semester failure which is not listed on your registration page, select “Make-Up S1 90601”
  • For a second semester failure which is not listed on your registration page, select “Make-Up S2 90602”
  • You may select “Make-Up” only once in the same semester. We will replace the class with the actual class failed before your schedule is built.
    • Please indicate if you need more than one semester of make-up.
now select your electives
Now select yourElectives
  • Classes which end in “0” meet either semester
  • Classes which end in “1” meet first semester
  • Classes which end in “2” meet second semester
  • Make sure you select both semesters of a year long course (i.e. TV 160, Accounting I, foreign language, band, choir).Your course planning guide will tell you whether a course meets for a semester or year long.
directions for students registering for band
Directions for students registering for Band
  • Marching Band
    • Select Marching Band (60111), Band 2nd quarter (60112) , and Band 2nd semester (60002) .
  • Concert Band
    • Select Concert Band (60101),Band 2nd quarter (60112) , and Band 2nd semester (60002)
early bird
Early Bird


Advanced Wellness - Mr. Johnsen

AP Biology - Mr. Ringenberg

Chemistry - Mrs. Hirshfelder

Humanities (1 semester) - need to pick another class if you want early bird for a year. - Mr. Hall and Mr. Harrington


Drivers Education (classroom 1st quarter - BTW 2nd-4th quarter) - Mr. Rakestraw -

French II - Mrs. Mattie (4)

Literature Survey I - Mrs. Eberhardt

PE - Mr. Hillman

early bird con t
Early Bird con’t
  • Pre -Calculus - Mr. Christiansen
  • Spanish II - Miss Croner
  • STEP - see Mrs. Breedlove

Please check the front office window. If your name is listed, you do not need to come to Early Bird Sign up. If your name is NOT on a list, you must come to early bird sign up, tomorrow morning at 6:45 am in hallway by the front office. The remaining openings are on a first come first serve basis.

bhc ghs dual credit

BHC/GHS Dual Credit

On page 28 you will find a list of course offerings. See Mrs. Johannsen in the Guidance Office for details.

directions for completing registration
Directions for Completing Registration
  • Students will request courses for next year using their Skyward Access Account bring February 10.
  • Select at least 12 credits under “courses requested”. If you want a study hall, please select it with “courses requested”. If you do not request a study hall, you must have 14 credits under “courses requested. Students enrolling in classes pds. EB- 7 need a minimum of 12 credits and a maximum of 16.
  • To begin the process, you will log onto the Family Access page using either the parent or student access. Follow the steps on the next frame.
directions for completing registration continued
Directions for Completing Registrationcontinued
  • 1. Go to “Courses for 2009 – 2010 “ (left side of column)
  • 2. Click “Update Request” (Middle of Page)
  • 3. Highlight the course (Follow your Registration Worksheet for choices)
  • 4. Click on “Add Course”
  • 5. After all courses have been selected, go to “selected” tab to verify choices.
  • 6. Print this page
  • 7. Attach this to your registration sheet, which must be signed by a parent
  • 8. Log out
other good information for juniors to use
Other good information for Juniors to use
  • Counseling Website
  • Good sources of information in the guidance office
    • College viewbooks
    • Rugg’s Recommendations on The Colleges
    • Handouts regarding college visits, financial aid, etc.
    • College Visit Suggested Dates Friday, February 13 and April 6-10.
power points
Power points
  • Available on-line under counseling on the district website
    • Go to high school website
    • Left hand tab, open “counseling”
    • Left hand tab, open “GHS graduation requirements, course planning, AP/Dual Credit”.
help with online registration
Help with online registration
  • A counselor will be available in the high school library on February 16 from 7:45 am until 3:15 pm.
  • You must have your Skyward Access information
  • You must secure a permit from your study hall teacher before coming to the library.
  • If you do not have a study hall, please come in before or after school.
  • If you do not have access to the internet, please come to the library on the 16th to request your courses.
due dates
Due Dates

Your blue registration form and a print out of your course requests must be returned to the Guidance Office on or before February 19, 2009. Also, attach other applicable forms.

You must complete your online registration in your Skyward account on or before February 19, 2009 Please attach a copy to your course request form.

If applicable, you must attach your early bird and/or PE waiver form to your registration form.

Please do not request your “alternates” in online registration. Write them on the last page of your blue registration page.

signature page
Signature Page
  • Your blue registration page must have your signature and a parent signature