an integrated english course l.
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AN INTEGRATED ENGLISH COURSE. Gao Yufen English Department R-406 84724483. Unit 7 . Text 1 The Chaser. Teaching Points. I. Pre-reading discussion and presentation II. Introduction III. Text Analysis IV. Questions V. Structural analysis and Rhetorical features

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an integrated english course
  • Gao Yufen
  • English Department R-406Nancy5815@sina.com84724483
unit 7

Unit 7

Text 1 The Chaser

teaching points
Teaching Points
  • I. Pre-reading discussion and presentation
  • II. Introduction
  • III. Text Analysis
  • IV. Questions
  • V. Structural analysis and Rhetorical features
  • VI. Discussion about Text II
i pre reading discussion
I. Pre-reading discussion
  • 1. do you believe love can be fostered .
  • 2. What is likely to happen when a couple no longer love each other?
iii text analysis
III. Text Analysis

Paragraph 1:

In this part, the protagonist, Alan Austen,

has been introduced.

language work
Language work

1. peer ~ to look very carefully or with difficulty, especially as if not able to see clearly

  • She peered over my shoulder at the computer screen and asked about the figures.

cf. peep ~ to look at something quickly and secretly, especially through a hole or other small openings

  • Now and then she peeped to see if he was noticing her.
paragraphs 2 12
Paragraphs 2-12

The old man is trying to sell his mixture. Austen's reaction to the old man's selling pitch?

language work10
Language work

2.make somebody's acquaintance ~ to meet somebody for the first time

  • He made her acquaintance at a dance.

3. imperceptible ~ that cannot be noticed or felt because so small, slight or gradual

  • an imperceptible change in temperature
  • Martha's hesitation was almost imperceptible.

Word derivation: perceive v. , perception n. , perceptible a. , imperceptible a. , imperceptibly ad.

4. apprehensively ~ full of anxiety about the future

They looked at each other apprehensively.

Word derivation: apprehensive a. , apprehension n.

She was apprehensive about/for her son's safety every time he went out on his motorcycle.

Students are waiting with apprehension for their final examination results.

paragraphs 13 45
Paragraphs 13-45

This part is mainly developed through the dialogue between the old man and Alan Austen. Austen got to know about the love potion and in the end bought it.

language work13
Language work

5. oblige

(1) to do somebody a favor; to fulfill the wishes of

She asked him to lend her his car, and he willingly obliged (her).

I should/would be obliged if you could speak louder.

(2) to make it necessary for somebody to do something

The heavy snow obliged me to abandon the car and continued on foot.

Eric felt obliged to resign after such an unpleasant quarrel with the vice president.

6. substitute ~ to put something or somebody in place of another

They were expected to substitute violence for dialogue.

to substitute A for B = to replace B with A

7. rapture ~ great joy and delight

They stared with rapture at the new opera house.

Smith was in/went into raptures at/about the news.

8. overwhelm

(1) to give somebody a particular feeling very strongly

The family of the victim was overwhelmed by/with grief.

The need to talk to someone, anyone, overwhelmed me.

(2) to make powerless by using force

Government troops overwhelmed the rebels.

The attacker overwhelmed the young man by squeezing his throat. overwhelming a. ~ very large or very great

9. fervently ~ (formal) with deep sincere feelings

It is a cause for which we have campaigned fervently these past four years.

We fervently believe in the peaceful reunification of the motherland.

Word derivation: fervent a. , fervency n.

a fervent desire to win

There is growing sense of national fervency in the state.

10. be better off ~ to have more money than one used to have or most other people

Mr. Cooper was much better off when he got promoted, and even could afford foreign travel.

She'll be ~£50 a week better off.

be better off doing / to do something ~ to be wiser to do something specified

If you've got heavy bags you are better off taking / to take a taxi.

be better off with somebody / something ~ to be happier or more at ease with somebody / something

You'd be better off with her as a roommate.

iv questions
IV. Questions
  • 1.what are the effects of the love potion? Describe them in detail.
  • 2. Why is the love potion priced so low while the glove-cleaner so high?
  • What moral lessons can be drawn from the story?
v structural analysis and rhetorical features
V. Structural analysis and Rhetorical features
  • A short story is built almost entirely through dialogue.