php training in chandigarh n.
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PHP training in Chandigarh PowerPoint Presentation
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PHP training in Chandigarh

PHP training in Chandigarh

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PHP training in Chandigarh

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  1. PHP training in Chandigarh

  2. HTMl vs PHP HTML is a language used to describe to a browser how to display text and other objects in a browser window. It is not a programming language. HTML works on a client computer (the system on which the page is being viewed). PHP is a scripting language, and can be used to create web pages written in HTML

  3. PHP core Core PHP means pure php with using any frameworks. Core PHP is very basic PHP. It is used to create dynamic web pages. ... So it is very important to learn core or principle PHP programming to create dynamic web applications. You can see more about PHP from the official site of PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.

  4. Need to use PHP A good benefit of using PHP is that it can interact with many different database languages including MySQL. We work with MySQL at Bluelinemedia since this is also a free language so it makes sense to use PHP. Both PHP and MySQL are compatible with an Apache server which is also free to license.

  5. What is a PHP developer do? PHP developers develop programs, applications, and web sites using the dynamic scripting language PHP. PHP is known for web development and business applications. Depending on job function, PHP developers may be classified as software developers or web developers.

  6. CBitss Technologies Call us now: 9988741983 Address: SCO: 24-25, Piccadilly Road, Sub. City Center, Sector 34A, Sector 23, Chandigarh, 160022 Website:

  7. Thank you