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  1. Medox Hospital Lucknow - +91 522 401 0303 Best Chest Surgeon in Lucknow Chest diseases related to lungs in general chest infection is an infection that harms and damage your lungs, either in the larger airways or in the smaller air pneumonia. There is an increase of pus or fluid and the airways become swollen, making it difficult and harder to breathe. Chest infections can be harmful to all ages of people. Such that in young children, the aged (old age), and smokers, people with suffering from lung disease asthma.And some chest infections are mild and mystery on their own, but others can be severe and life with terrifying. The main and common symptoms are: ➢chesty cough (you may cough up green or yellow mucus) ➢wheezing and shortness of breath ➢chest pain or discomfort during breathing ➢Always high temperature (fever) like 38C or above ➢Headache ➢Aching muscles ➢Tiredness and laziness during activities or work

  2. Chest Infection Treatment in Lucknow The doctor may arrange all tests related to chest diseases, like a chest X-ray, a sample of your phlegm (mucus), a dry mop to detect influenza and blood tests. For most people, who suffer from chest infections do not need to worry. In some case the antibiotics are needed to help with recovery and pain relief, such as “paracetamol”, may help with pain and fever (Take any medicine after consulting the doctor during chest pain). After some relief, you should immediately consult to the Doctor Best Chest Surgeon at Medox Hospital Lucknow because your health is more important than your work. Don’t take any kind of risk with your health, during the diagnose of your condition, the doctor will evaluate your symptoms and perform a physical examination, during which they’ll use a stethoscope to listen to your heart and lungs as you breathe.Different and complicated chest pain or infections may require treatment in a hospital.

  3. You may be advised to see your local doctor Best Pulmonologist within 48 hours, especially if you are not recovering the health condition. This may need to be sooner if you are hard to have breathing difficulties such as feeling breathless or breathing very fast. If you have any questions contact your local doctor Y.N Chaubey is the Best Chest Specialist in Lucknow. During the treatment period, you will need to see a doctor after six weeks to make sure that you have a full recovery of your health condition. A chest X-ray is needed at this time (During treatment).

  4. Know more about doctor and hospital just visit. Best Pulmonologist in Lucknow Best Asthma Specialist in Lucknow