chest specialist in lucknow n.
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Chest Specialist in Lucknow

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Chest Specialist in Lucknow - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chest Specialist in Lucknow
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  1. Chest Specialist in Lucknow DR. Y.N. Chaubey atthe • +915224010303

  2. Chest pain needs to worry or not • When the chest pain is happen first you think of is heart attack but may be the chest pain is not the sign of heart attack or any other cardiac condition . • Nowadays it’s very difficult to determine to chest pain it belongs to heart related or non heart. • During the heart attack the blood supply normally nourish the heart with oxygen and there is blockage one and more arteries, blood supply will stop and the muscles being to die . • Heavy pressure in your chest pulse has been faster than the normal days. That signals could be heart attack.

  3. Some symptoms of heart attack you should to know about it like- • Heavy pain in chest or felling disorder • Nausea (belong to cold and flu) • Sweating • Feeling pain in arm and head tightness • Fatigue (related to tiredness, exhaustion and overtiredness) • Shortness of breath

  4. Chest Specialist in Lucknow

  5. About the DR. Y.N. Chaubey • Contact Dr Y.N. Chaubey at Medox Hospital One Of The Best Chest Specialist in Lucknow. • Dr Y.N. Chaubey having a great Experience in The Field Of Pulmonology . • If You Facing any Problems related to chest problem you must have to consult Best Chest Specialist in Lucknow by Discussing Your Problems You Get the Best Solution. • Its Your Life so don’t take a risk with your life and health. Book an Appointment Now.

  6. Book an Appointment Now ! • +915224010303 CP-2, Near Bhawana Complex, Ring Road, Sector F, Jankipuram, Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh 226021