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Best Chest Specialist in Lucknow PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Chest Specialist in Lucknow

Best Chest Specialist in Lucknow

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Best Chest Specialist in Lucknow

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  1. BestChest Specialist in Lucknow DR. Y.N.Chaubey at +915224010303

  2. DR Y.N. Chaubey Dr. Y.N Chaubey is having vast experience in treating complicated respiratory diseases, tuberculosis Interstitial lung diseases pleural diseases and sleep disorders. Doing Diagnostic and therapeutic, Bronchoscopy, Biopsies, Pleurodesis & other pleural interventions and sleep studies. He has also completed "National course on educational science for health professinal" of national teacher's training center, ministry of health govt of India. He was coguide for post graduate research projects related to Interstitial preumonitis & DLCO in COPD

  3. Types Of Chest Pain Chest Pain is Feeling Of Discomfort or Soreness in Or around The Chest. Chest Pain is mainly divided into Two Parts First One Cardiac Chest Pain means related to heart and other one is Non Cardiac Chest Pain means The Pain Which Was Originated Have No Contact Or Relation With Heart For That Pain Other Things Responsible. If a Person Having Chest Pain and Not Able To Understand the Reason Behind This They Rush Towards Hospital Side For Treatment By Medical Professionals.

  4. Reason Behind Chest Pain Although There are So Many Reasons Led To Chest Pain. The Two Main Reasons are Cardiac Related Problem or Other one is Non-Cardiac Related Problems. Cardiac Chest Pain is Caused Due To Imbalance Between The Amount Of Blood Supply To The Heart Portion and Amount Of Oxygen Needed To Heart Muscle.The Other Terms Used For Cardiac Chest Pain is Angina. Non Cardiac Chest Pain Has many Reasons Ranging From Muscles or Bone Problems to Conditions Such as Lung Tumors, Lung Collapse, Chest Trauma Upper abdominal painand also Due To Some Gasteric Problems . Although Some of The Non Cardiac Chest pain requires Emergency Care Admitted To Hospital and For Some Reasons There is No Need To Admit Patients on Hospital.

  5. What Exactly Happen When Chest Pain Started ? When Chest Pain Started in Our Body Its Create Chest Discomfort, Including Pressure , squezzing,Heaviness or Burning Sensation Or Sometimes With Shortness Of Breathe Or Sensation Of Choking. When Actually Pain Started it lasts Sometime 1 to 5 minutes, Or may Be Some Time Half and Hour.This Discomfort Ranging From Sharp To Dull Ache and Usually Located in Uper abdomen, Back ,neck , jaw left arm or Shoulders . So ,Whatever The Reason Of Chest Pain Either Due To Cardiac Reason Or Non Cardiac ReasonYou Must Consult With Chest Specialist Doctor So That After Proper Examining YouHe Can Able To Give You Best Treatment.

  6. Pulmonologist in Lucknow If You Living in Lucknow and Facing Chest Related Problems Contact Dr Y.N. Chaubey at Medox Hospital One Of The Best Chest Specialist in Lucknow. They Treated Soo Many Patients Successfully . Dr Y.N. Chaubey having a Vast Experience in The Field Of Pulmonology . Once You Book an appointment and Discussing Your Problems You Get The World Class Treatment on MedoxHosptial Which Make Them Best Pulmonologist in Lucknow. If You Still Thinking ? Don’t Think So Much Its Time To Think About Your Healthy Life Take a Step Further For Your Helathy Life and Get Rid From all Chest Related Problems.

  7. For Appointment Contact Us +915224010303 CP-2, Near Bhawana Complex, Ring Road, Sector F, Jankipuram, Lucknow,UttarPradesh 226021