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Asthma Specialist in Lucknow PowerPoint Presentation
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Asthma Specialist in Lucknow

Asthma Specialist in Lucknow

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Asthma Specialist in Lucknow

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  1. Asthma Specialist in Lucknow DR. Y.N.Chaubey at

  2. DR Y.N. Chaubey Dr. Y.N Chaubey is having vast experience in treating complicated respiratory diseases, tuberculosis Interstitial lung diseases pleural diseases and sleep disorders. Doing Diagnostic and therapeutic, Bronchoscopy, Biopsies, Pleurodesis & other pleural interventions and sleep studies. He has also completed "National course on educational science for health professinal" of national teacher's training center, ministry of health govt of India. He was coguide for post graduate research projects related to Interstitial preumonitis & DLCO in COPD

  3. Asthma • When a Person Unable To Take Breathe Properly Or Feeling Shortness Of Breathe Especially During Winter Season or When There is too Much Pollution . • In Asthma Condition Airways Became Narrow and Swell and • Produces Extra Mucus Which Became Difficult Airways To Enter • Inside Our Body Which is Needed For Breathing • Generally Asthma Related To Resipratory Disease Problems

  4. A Picture Depicting Airway Passage Showing a Clean Airway Passage as Well as Mucus Filled From Where The Airways Passes and Goes To Our Blood Stream

  5. Breathing Process • To Understand Asthma Firstly We Understand Breathing • Process In Our Body What Exactly Happens When We Breathe • During Breathing Process We Take Fresh air From Atmosphere • With The Help of Our Nose and Down into throat with The Help • Of Airways • From Airways it Goes To Lungs In Lungs There is a Lots of • Small air Passage into Lungs From Where The Oxygen Goes • into Blood Stream Which is Needed For Our Respiration • Process in Our Body

  6. So If You Think You Can’t able to take Fresh airways From Outside The • Atmosphere And Your airways Which Act as a Bridge To Shows The • Direction Fresh air into Blood Stream Creates Hurdle • If The airways is Filled With Mucus So Very Less air Enters it Means Less • Oxygenated Blood Flows which Creates Shortness Of Breathe • Or If Airways Completely Choked This Can Lead To Heart Attack or • Results into Death

  7. Asthma Symptoms Symptoms Of Asthma May Vary From Age To Age It is Not Compulsory All Symptoms Present on That Patients Some Common Symptoms are as Follows- • Coughing- Too Much Coughing • Whistling Sound – A Whisting Sound During Breathing • Chest Tightness • Shortness Of Breathe

  8. Best Asthma Specialist Doctor in Lucknow • If You Belong to Lucknow and Suffering From Asthma You • MustContact Asthma Specialist in Lucknow Dr Y N Chaubey He is One Of The Best Pulmonologist in Lucknow. • Asthma Happens Due To Sometimes Allergy When Comes in • Contact With Pollution Or Some Times Due To Some Smell also • So Many Reasons Which is Behind The Allergy an Individual Can’t ableTo Understand Why asthma Triggers • For This He/She Must Contact with Asthma allergy Specialist in Lucknow While Telling Them Problems an Individual Get The Best Solutions.

  9. If You Searching For Best Asthma Specialist Doctor in Lucknow You are at Right Place Dr Y N Chaubey having Vast Experience in Treatment Of Asthma Patients and Treats Asthma Patients Successfully Which Makes Them Best Asthma Specialist in Lucknow • Your Life is Precious For You and Your Family Don’t Take it Lightly

  10. For Appointment Contact Us +915224010303 CP-2, Near Bhawana Complex, Ring Road, Sector F,Jankipuram, Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh 226021