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Welcome to Year 4. Our Mission … “ to ensure that students of all nationalities grow to their full potential as independent learners in a caring British international community”. Bangkok Patana School Master Presentation. Specialist subject Co-ordinators. Colette Lacrosse MFL.

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Welcome to year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Our Mission …

“ to ensure that students of all nationalities grow to their full potential as independent learners in a caring British international community”

Bangkok Patana School Master Presentation

Specialist subject Co-ordinators

Colette Lacrosse MFL

James Abela ICT

Rachel Stead Music

Andrew Tatam PE

Khun Rosie Thai

Co-ordinators that support student learning

Ann Keighran Head of Learning Support

Ondine Ullman Head of Language Acquisition

Sally Flint

Head of Libraries

Steph Lethlean Primary Counsellor

Abigail Boutayeb

Primary Counsellor/LS

Very important people in the Primary School-

The Primary Office Staff

Khun Pom

Office Manager/

PA to Principal


PA to Assistant Principal

Khun Art

Today’s Agenda

  • Meet the Year 4 team

  • Personal belongings and equipment

  • The parent - teacher partnership

  • The Residential Visit

  • The Year 4 Curriculum

  • Home learning

  • Back to your child’s class to their your teacher

Meet the team

John O’Shea – 4O

Kay Wilson – 4W

Sophie Richardson – 4S

Claire Lunn-Walker– 4C

Dan Hatfield – 4D

Jennifer Laird – 4L

Miriam Foster – 4M

Clare Tomlinson– 4T

Margit Adam – EAL

Paul Johnson – EAL

Jo O’Kane - EAL

Dawn Gosling – Learning Support

Meet the team

MrsSue – Year 4 teaching assistant

MrsJam– Year 4 teaching assistant

Miss Bell – Year 4 teaching assistant

(currently on maternity leave)

  • Communication

  • Personal Information - Please keep all of your personal information up to date via the Parents’ Gateway.

  • If you have trouble logging in please contact KhunSurapon – email [email protected]

  • Specialist Lessons

    • PE – Two 1 hour sessions per week (one of these is a swimming session during Term 1).

    • Thai – Two forty minute Thai lessons a week.

    • Modern Foreign Languages – Two forty minute sessions per week.

    • Music – One 1 hour session a week

    • Library – Children will visit the library once a week and can borrow up to 3 books at a time.

    • ICT – One 1 hour session with a specialist teacher each week.

    Personal Belongings and Equipment


    • Patana hat (field)

    • Spare trainers/t-shirt (field)

    • Water bottle

    • Pencil case

    • PE kit bag

    • Labels (change class codes)

    • Healthy snack

    Please avoid

    • Valuables / cash

    • Mobile phones

    • Sweets or gum

    • Nail varnish, braids jewellery, bandanas and obvious hair dyes

    • Unlabelled items

    The parent/teacher partnership

    • Emails [email protected]

    • Telephone contact 02785 2274

    • Year 4 page on website

    • Year 4 class blogs

    • Newsletter - weekly and half termly

    • Three way conferences

    • Personal appointments

    • Parents’ Gateway

    • Share expertise

    • Class parents

    • Helpers in class

    Our Cake PolicyWe love brownies and cupcakes!Please note that nuts can be a problem for some children

    Residential visit to kanchanaburi
    Residential Visit to Kanchanaburi

    • Aim: To develop personal and social skills and enrich learning in a challenging and stimulating environment.

    • To foster independence.

    • Week one: 20th January 2014

    • Week two: 27th January 2014

    • 3 nights

    • Orientation in school on the Monday

    • Parents’ Information Evening in November.

    Year 4 curriculum
    Year 4 Curriculum

    Literacy and mathematics

    • We follow the English National Curriculum.

    • Both of these subjects are taught daily.


    • Using and applying

    • Calculating

    • Understanding shape and measuring

    • Handling Data


    • Speaking and Listening skills

    • Reading

    • Writing

    Connected learning
    Connected Learning

    • Science

    • History

    • Geography

    • Art

    • Design Technology

    • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

      All underpinned by Literacy

    Connected learning units for 2013 2014
    Connected Learning Units for 2013/2014

    Term 1

    • Leap into Learning (2½ weeks)

    • Drop Pins

      Term 2

    • Building Bridges

    Connected learning continued
    Connected Learning - Continued

    Term 3

    • Business Matters

      Special Weeks

    • Residential – Term 2

    Learning at home what will it look like
    Learning at homeWhat will it look like?

    • Daily reading

    • 2 x 25 minute home learning tasks each week (Mathematics, Literacy, Connected Learning, Spelling, Number facts)

    • Given out by individual teachers based on the needs of their children and what is being learnt in class.

    • Differentiated

    Home learning what will it look like this half ter m
    Home LearningWhat will it look like this half-term?

    • 26th August – Mental Mathematics; Literacy

    • 2nd September – Mathematics; Word investigation

    • 9th September – Mental Mathematics; Connected Learning Project

    • 16th September – Mathematics; Word investigation

    • 23rd September – Mental Mathematics; Connected Learning Project

    • 30th September – Mathematics; Word investigation

    • 7th October - Mental Mathematics; Connected Learning Project

    • 14th October - Mathematics; Word investigation

    Connected learning projects
    Connected Learning Projects

    • Once per term

    • Giving children structured choice, with boundaries to ensure the reinforcement of a range of skills

    • Connected to the current learning theme

    Psche and reflection
    PSCHE and Reflection

    • Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education

    • Reflection

    • Portfolio

    21 st century skills
    21st Century Skills

    • Technology – iPads, laptops, iPod touches

    • Creativity and innovation

    • Critical thinking and problem solving

    • Communication and collaboration

    There is now an opportunity for you to find out a little bit more about your child’s teacher in their classroom.

    Should you wish to discuss matters concerning your child, please make an appointment to see their teacher.

    Thank you for coming!