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Gatsby Update & Chapter 5. Summary of Events. Nick introduces reader to the world of excess that is the 1920s Image of Gatsby staring off across the bay at the green light on a dock Green Light = hope, youth, forward momentum, money Gatsby’s parties are a who’s who of NY society

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Summary of events
Summary of Events

  • Nick introduces reader to the world of excess that is the 1920s

  • Image of Gatsby staring off across the bay at the green light on a dock

    • Green Light = hope, youth, forward momentum, money

  • Gatsby’s parties are a who’s who of NY society

  • Gatsby & Nick have lunch with Wolfsheim

    • Another indication that Gatsby is dealing in something illegal

Summary of events1
Summary of Events

  • Gatsby shares his background with Nick but it seems contrived until he shows “memorabilia” of the events

  • Jordan tells the story of Gatsby and Daisy

    • Gatsby & Daisy in love

    • Gatsby no money

    • Daisy marries Tom b/c money

  • Jordan asks Nick to invite Daisy to tea (Gatsby’s request)

Important events in chapter 5
Important Events in Chapter 5

  • Nick invites Daisy to tea

  • Gatsby shows up an hour early (he’s way vulnerable)

  • Gatsby has been waiting, dreaming, hoping for this moment for 5 years

  • Once Daisy arrives, she and Gatsby and Nick stand in the living room

    • Gatsby leans against the mantle & almost knocks down a BROKEN clock

Important events in chapter 51
Important Events in chapter 5

  • Significance of BROKEN clock

    • Clock is stopped at a point of time, trapped forever

    • In a way, so is Gatsby’s life stopped at the point in time when he realized he could not have Daisy b/c he was poor

    • He is also trapped by his dreams of ideal love with Daisy

    • Might also indicate that emotionally Gatsby has stopped growing because he is chasing a dream rather than living (frozen in time)

Important events in chapter 52
Important Events in Chapter 5

  • Gatsby & Daisy’s emotional states change as they become more comfortable with each other

    • There is a “new well-being” radiating from Gatsby & Daisy

  • Gatsby wants to impress Daisy w/his house (he does & re-values all material possessions in the eyes of Daisy)

    • Significance of shirt throwing: to show how much he has amassed. Daisy cries b/c she is so overwhelmed by his material possessions & she loves material things

The green light
The Green Light

  • Gatsby points out the green light @the end of Daisy’s dock

    • Each day he looks at the light (a ritual) now the light no longer holds the significance b/c his love is standing beside him.

    • Gatsby’s goal (his entire adult life basically) must change

The end chapter 5
The End (chapter 5)

  • Nick offers this reasoning at the end of the chapter:

    • Gatsby may be dissatisfied with how his dream has turned out

    • Has Gatsby been in love with Daisy for 5 years or just the idea of Daisy (how he imagines her to be)?

Analysis chapter 6
Analysis Chapter 6

  • Cloud of mystery surrounding Gatsby cleared away

    • James Gatz = Jay Gatsby (fiction)

    • North Dakota raised - never really accepted his Midwestern upbringing

  • Gatsby’s story is rags-to-riches

    • Man from middle of nowhere makes it big through ingenuity & resourcefulness

  • Money large part of American Dream

    • Money is not enough - clear when looked @through Gatsby’s experience

More chapter 6
More Chapter 6

  • Distinction btwn “new” and “old” money

    • Regardless of how much $ you have, where it comes from & how long you have had it are what counts

    • Tom & Co. show up @Gatsby’s house - shows how shallow and mean-spirited “old” $ can be

    • Gatsby will forever remain outside the circle of “old” $ - they will never accept him

  • Dreams are good but not when they consume the dreamer (Gatsby stopped growing the day “James Gatz” ceased to exist.)

Still more chapter 6
Still More Chapter 6

  • Daisy & Tom come to a Gatsby party

  • Gatsby worries that Daisy did not have fun

    • In his dream she would have had a good time

  • Gatsby is like a knight searching for the grail

    • He must continually return to the past to revise and modify his dream.

    • Sadly it will never be realized

Analysis chapter 7
Analysis Chapter 7

  • Weather becomes oppressively hot (do not overlook this)

  • Gatsby & Tom go head-to-head

  • To Tom, Gatsby is common and his existence meaningless

  • Gatsby, in all his years of dreaming, never thought he wouldn’t get his way - when this happens he doesn’t know what to do & is exposed

More chapter 7
More Chapter 7

  • Meet the real Daisy

    • Relatively few lines

    • What lies underneath the surface isn’t good

    • She has an affair w/Gatsby to get back at her husband - she’s playing a game

The death car
The “Death” Car

  • Daisy is exposed

  • Her recklessness results in Myrtle’s brutal death

  • The reader has a sense that Daisy has run over Myrtle on purpose

  • Gatsby’s car symbolizes the clear and obvious manifestation (sign) of American materialism

Myrtle s death
Myrtle’s Death

  • Myrtle’s death is tragic but…

    • Materialism brought about her demise

    • She wants all the material comforts $ can provide (isn’t this why she fell for Tom in his nice suit)

    • In effect, she has been killed by her desires

    • Materialism can only bring misery

Nick chapter 7
Nick - Chapter 7

  • Realizes it’s his 30th birthday (passage from youthful idealism to reality)

  • He sees clearly what Tom, Daisy and Jordan are about

  • Grows up enough to take a moral stand (no longer reserves judgment)

Final image chapter 7
Final Image - Chapter 7

  • Gatsby stays @Daisy’s house to keep watch

    • The dream continues…

    • Funny, Daisy could care less about Gatsby’s feelings

    • So Gatsby holds on to the last vestiges of his dream by standing watch

    • Tom might be sad about Myrtle but she’s expendable just like everyone who isn’t of his social class

Analysis chapter 8
Analysis Chapter 8

  • Nick is unable to sleep (premonition of bad things to come)

  • Gatsby becomes weaker, more helpless

    • Refuses to acknowledge that the illusion of his dream has vanished

  • Gatsby (as a young man) tried to become worthy of Daisy but cannot realize that his drive to succeed is worth ten times Daisy

More chapter 8
More Chapter 8

  • Gatsby loved Daisy, Daisy loved Gatsby

    • They each love the illusion they present to the other

  • If they are together they run the risk of exposing the real “selves” to each other

  • Daisy leaves Gatsby because she wants whatever is easiest to determine the direction of her life.

Still more chapter 8
Still More Chapter 8

  • Gatsby is a dreamer, has passion, genuinely cares for something even if it is a dream - more than can be said for the Buchannans or Jordan

  • Nick can’t stand to be with Jordan - he is irritated by her shallowness - he is growing seeing what society is really made of and having the courage to stand against it.

And finally
And Finally…

  • Wilson cannot be consoled - he is in effect a wasteland, void of spirituality, void of life - he believes the eyes of T.J. Eckleburg are the eyes of God & God sees everything

  • Overcome w/grief Wilson kills Gatsby thinking he is the one who killed Myrtle

Final image chapter 8
Final Image - Chapter 8

  • Gatsby’s Death in the Pool

    • His death is a rebirth (removes him from mortal life and allows him to go to a better place)

    • Gatsby remains the dreamer - his dream is completely dead

    • By doing nothing to protect himself, Gatsby dies in Daisy stead (chivalry at its finest)

Chapter 9 analysis
Chapter 9 Analysis

  • Reader comes face-to-face w/ugly side of the American Dream

  • Gatsby’s Funeral is Center Stage

  • No one is interested in planning Gatsby’s funeral so Nick makes the arrangements

  • Gatsby’s father shows up to fill in the rest of Gatsby’s story

More chapter 9
More Chapter 9

  • Nick heads back to the Midwest where morality and kindness still exist

  • Nick learns that Tom sent Wilson to Gatsby’s house and feels “entirely justified” in doing so

  • Tom & Daisy are careless people - in essence like children

  • Green light - hopes and dreams of society

    • Gatsby lives on despite his death

    • Is there futility in chasing dreams?

    • “boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past”