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When your husband undoes the pins from your hair

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When your husband undoes the pins from your hair - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When your husband undoes the pins from your hair/n

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When your husband undoes the pins from your hair on your honeymoon night, you want a luxurious cascade of hair falling down your back. Here are some tips to ensure this.. Visit a salon as soon as you decide upon your wedding date, so you have time to grow your hair into a certain style.. Talk to your hair stylist about what you want your hair to look like on your wedding day. Get your split ends and unhealthy hair cut.. Get a hair spa treatment done once every month before your wedding and get an oil massage from a professional at least once a week.. Also, try oiling your hair thrice a week to ensure its luster and strength. Use a hot towel on your hair once you finish massaging it so that the nutrients from the oil are able to penetrate the hair shaft.. Go in for some home treatments such as using henna or egg to condition your hair. Speak to your hair stylist before you start these treatments. Some hair types are prone to become brittle with henna and some become limp with eggs.. Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Also invest in a good hair dryer and straightener so you don't do any damage to your hair. Speak to your stylist about a good serum that you can use.. If you have extreme hair problems try consulting a hair specialist or a nutritionist to discuss remedies.. Ensure that you follow a balanced diet, and eat a
lot of protein and good fat to maintain the luster of your hair.. Drink plenty of water, since a hydrated body ensures a hydrated mane of hair.. Try de-stressing methods such as exercising, doing Yoga, meditating etc because stress is one of the main causes of hair fall.. If you are planning on getting your hair straightened, smoothed or rebounded for your wedding day, make sure you go to a good stylist for the same. You don't want your hair growing out too soon or falling off.. Decide on the different styles you will be wearing on the day of your wedding. Try these styles out once before, so you know they'll suit your face.
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