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Halloween Costumes PowerPoint Presentation
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Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

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Halloween Costumes

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  1. Halloween Costumes Katelyn Pringnitz

  2. Issue #1 • College women are expected to dress in outfits that make them look sexy and attractive during Halloween • Mocked for being childish or prude if they cover up

  3. Issue #1 • College women are judged and ridiculed for dressing in revealing outfits for Halloween by men and other women

  4. Mediation • Dressing up should be celebrated regardless of the outfit • People need to relax their judgments and keep an open mind when viewing women’s costumes

  5. Issue #2 • Choices for costumes in stores are very limited to tight, revealing, and short outfits • Most costumes include “sexy” in the title Sexy Princess Leia Slave Sexy Pucker Up Baby Cupid

  6. Issue #2 • Most college girls have to craft their own outfits that are less revealing • Crafting can be time consuming and typically requires a lot of preparation

  7. Mediation • Halloween costume companies need to make a wider range of options for women’s outfits • Making more clothing options will lead to more costumes being accepted • More acceptance will lead to changed expectations of women around Halloween

  8. Issue #3 • Costumes that are revealing and promiscuous send the wrong message • Halloween costumes lead people to believe that the woman is “slutty” or “trampy” • Halloween only occurs one day a year • What a women wears may not reflect her typical behavior or dress

  9. Mediation • Society needs to understand that outfits do not reflect women’s typical behavior • Pushing for more variety in costumes will lead to more open mindedness • Less judgment based on women’s costumes will decrease the negative connotation that occurs on Halloween

  10. Issue #4 • Provocative outfits lead to more potential for dangerous situations for college women

  11. Issue #4 • Guys are receiving mixed signals from girls’ outfits

  12. Mediation • Sexual harassment is never acceptable! • Women need to protect themselves and wear more clothing • Guys must understand that women’s outfits may not match their intentions

  13. The End

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  15. Rubric

  16. Overall Comments • Overall Comments: An interesting organization, raising a “problem” within your larger topic, & mediating that one before moving on to the next. Out loud I felt it didn’t work so effectively as it does when I can take time with the PPT slides on my computer — though, note, the respondents below followed the pattern fine. Still, if there is any difficulty w/ the arrangement, it derives in part from the repetition. Do we really need three slides of provocative costumes, among 13 overall (not counting the unnecessary “The End” slide)? Couldn’t you instead have gotten more specific about alternative costuming? I mentioned Hillary Clinton in class, & that still seems like a good idea. But enough carping. This is substantive, when it could’ve been frivolous, & in person you put your ideas across winningly, as the respondents note. A-

  17. Peer Responses • Response Team: Max Smith, Abhi Pant, and Michael Wilkerson • Visually the presentation was interesting because it used the theme colors of Halloween. There were also pictures to complement what was being talked about (Pant). Another key thing that made Katelyn’s presentation visually appealing was that her balance of pictures and text were well balanced and didn’t cause too much of a distraction while listening (Smith). • Sound wise, Katelyn had great vocal delivery. Overall strong presence and confidence with what she wanted to say (Pant). • The presentation was structured in an alternating format where the problem was presented followed by the mediated solution to the problem (Wilkerson). By having the alternating format that she did, she was able to clearly send her message to the audience and say what she wanted to say (Smith). • The presentation was clear due to audible talking, clean slides, and a structured format (Wilkerson). Another point of clarity that really helped Katelyn was her use of personal experience when she discussed her and her group of friends dressing up and going out to celebrate her Halloween night (Smith). • Katelyn also did a great job of using specific details in her presentation. She did this by telling specific facts about Halloween costumes, and gave in depth solutions to the problems that she proposed (Smith). • Fine work here, attentive to larger issues like structure & to details as well, & sensitive about the presenter’s own role. Plusses all around.