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Surgical Training and Manpower Committee PowerPoint Presentation
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Surgical Training and Manpower Committee

Surgical Training and Manpower Committee

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Surgical Training and Manpower Committee

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  1. Surgical Training and Manpower Committee Report to Council 21st February 2009 J R Sadaba

  2. Summary • New committee members • New structure of the committee • Relations with the TSRA • Current activities • Annual residents meeting • Master Plan for Training • Web site • Planned activities • Manpower survey • Working Time Directive Survey • Integrated European Training Programme

  3. New Committee Members • The terms of six of the members finalised last year: • Jolanda Kluin • Maciej Kolowca • Michael Gorlitzer • Max Codispoti • Juan Comas • Pieter Kappetein • Three new trainee members joined in September • Mahmoud Loubani (Birmingham) • Patrick Myers (Geneva) • Peyman Sardari Nia (Braaschat). • Proposed new senior member: • David O’Regan (Leeds)

  4. New Committee Structure • In order to comply with the new structure of EACTS, one trainee is proposed to represent the committee in each of the four domains. • Sacha Salzber: Adult cardiac • Matthias Siepe: Congenital • Peyman Sardari Nia: Thoracic • Mahmoud Loubani: Vascular

  5. Relations with the TSRA - I • Dr Faraz Kerendi, as President of the TSRA, attended the committee meeting held in Lisbon. • Approval was obtained from Council in order to have the past President of TRSA (International relations officer) as ex-officio member of the STMP committee. This is a yearly rolling post. • Likewise, the EACTS trainees' representative is member of the TSRA executive committee and will attend at least one of their meetings every year. • Matthias Siepe attended a TSRA meeting during the STS meeting (see report here).

  6. Relations with the TSRA - II • Development of an Exchange Programme between North America (USA and Canada) and Europe. • To identify units (“centres of excellence” in particular techniques or procedures ) willing to accept trainees for variable periods of time • Difficulties for European residents to meet the US requirements for fellowships (STS/AATS/EACTS sponsored fellowships?) • Identify opportunities for research positions

  7. Relations with the TSRA-III • International Trainees Association. It was decided to concentrate on issues affecting specifically trainees in the US and Europe and postpone this project for the time being

  8. EACTS Master Plan for Training and Certification • Various meetings took place during the annual meeting in Lisbon in which the MP was explained to different groups of EACTS members (Sunday lunch time session, Residents meeting, Meeting with representative of National Societies, Committee Chairs). • Role of MPST committee: • The STMP committee will from now on work independently from the Master Plan committee, contributing with suggestions, identifying opportunities and assisting with assigned tasks

  9. Manpower Survey • Little progress in the committee's attempt to quantify the number of trainees in Europe. It was decided to carry out the survey planned in our previous meeting. Nevertheless, the plan was superseded by the announcement by Dr Alessandro Fabbri from Verona during the Meeting of National Societies of his proposal to conduct a Europe wide survey on number of cardiac units, facilities, number of surgeons etc. • Proposal to add queries on training and research facilities

  10. Website • Patrick Myers to be in charge of the Trainees Website

  11. Residents Meeting-I • Last year's Residents Meeting suffered from a less than expected audience.The original speaker (Isabelle Tran) was unable to attend. A last minute arrangement was to instead, discuss the MP for training and certification. • This year’s meeting will be held on Monday at 18:00 hrs and will be followed by the Residents Dinner

  12. Residents Meeting- II • Title: “Pros and cons of a hierarchical system within a Cardio-Thoracic surgical department” • Speakers • Aart Brutel de la Riviere: The crew and the skipper • Marko Turina: How to create a successful surgical unit • Nik Baerten (Pantopicon company): Dilbert at the bazaar: new cocktails of organization • Paul Sergant with his son Gregory Sergeant: The world is flat • Sponsored by Medtronic • Strong advertising

  13. Planned Activities • Interface with domains • In conjunction with TSRA • Exchange programme • Re activation of proposal for an Integrated European Training Programme • Manpower survey • European Working Time Directive survey • Website re-development • Residents meeting • Appointment of chairman