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The Flipped Classroom

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The Flipped Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Flipped Classroom. RIMS CTAP May 15, 2013. Apply. Explore. Explain. Introductions. Your hosts Tim Downey Molly Large Yma Marañon-Davis Jenny Thomas. And you are... Name District Role 1 thing you are hoping to get from this session. Why Flip?. Too much content for schedule

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The Flipped Classroom

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    1. The Flipped Classroom RIMS CTAP May 15, 2013 Apply Explore Explain

    2. Introductions Your hosts • Tim Downey • Molly Large • Yma Marañon-Davis • Jenny Thomas And you are... • Name • District • Role • 1 thing you are hoping to get from this session

    3. Why Flip? • Too much content for schedule • Lots of absences • Move from algorithms to concepts • Place high cognitive load activities in the classroom with teacher accessibility

    4. Active Reading A Pedagogy-First Approach to the Flipped Classroom

    5. Active Reading •Read blog post –Underline areas of interest –Put a ? next to areas you have questions –Put an ! next to areas you think are vitally important –Circle an item that you would like to share out to the group

    6. Targeted Discussion What instructional shifts does the blog suggest must take place in order to implement a flipped classroom model?

    7. Standard Day Warm up - 5 minutes Homework review - 10 minutes Direct instruction - 25 minutes Practice - 10 minutes

    8. A Different Model

    9. Thermal Expansion •

    10. Question & Think Consider a rectangular metal plate with a circular hole in it. When the plate is uniformly heated, the diameter of the hole... • increases. • decreases. • stays the same. From Eric Mazur, CISC Presentation 3/21/13

    11. Poll

    12. Discuss At your table, work in groups of no more than 3. • Discuss your answers. • Explain your reasoning. • Use evidence from the instructional video. • See if you can convince the other person.

    13. Re-poll

    14. What Happened? You... • made a commitment. • externalized your answer. • moved from answer/fact to reasoning. • became emotionally invested in the learning process.

    15. Correct Answer? When the plate is uniformly heated, the diameter of the hole increases. Why?

    16. Explain

    17. Explain

    18. You can forget facts but you cannot forget understanding. Dr. Eric Mazur

    19. Explore, Explain, Apply Model • Explore: community activity • Mid-range cognitive level • Building background knowledge • Explain: individual learning • Low cognitive level • Direct instruction • Apply: community activity • High cognitive level • Transfer of knowledge and skills

    20. Flipping and Bloom’s Apply Explore Explain

    21. Traditional Model Home Class

    22. Flipped Model Class Home

    23. Why "Explore"? • Builds background knowledge • Raise questions • Open-ended • Meaningful • Create interest • Be provocative • Stimulate thinking • Reflection • What if… Explore

    24. Why "Explain"? • Teach concept • Input phase • First best instruction • Address misconceptions • Re-teaching Explain

    25. Why "Apply"? • Higher cognitive domain • Greater depth of knowledge • Transfer from facts to understanding Apply

    26. The problem with education is not one of engineering, but one of design. FarboodNivi,

    27. Explore Explore

    28. Introduction to Mass and Density

    29. Discuss Remember that we have been learning about mass and density… • What questions about mass and density does this video raise? or • What went wrong for Indiana Jones? • Design a way Indiana could have successfully replaced the gold statue using sand.

    30. Resources for Explore Apply Explore

    31. Finding content is the easy part; the challenge is deciding how to best have students interact with the content

    32. Screencasting A screencastis a digital recording of computer screen output often containing audio narration–sometimes called a video screen capture. Explain

    33. Screencasting

    34. Why Screencast? Increased contact time between students and teachers Students take responsibility for their own learning Absences don't leave students behind Content is archivedfor review or remediation Student engagement in learning Students can get a personalized education

    35. Screencast-o-maticvs.Educreations Four Ways to Multiply Example-Screencast Four Ways to Multiply Example-Educreations

    36. Edmodo

    37. Using Edmodo

    38. Using Edmodo

    39. Vehicle to the Future •

    40. Discuss How is Flipped Classroom different for these teachers from the "flavor of the month" initiatives they mentioned?

    41. Resources for Direct Instruction Explain

    42. Resources for Direct Instruction Explain

    43. Resources for Direct Instruction Explain

    44. Lunch Return by 1:00

    45. The Flipped Classroom is Not... •

    46. Reflection Discussion Now that you’ve explored the flipped model in more depth, how would you define “flipped classroom” to other teachers at your site?

    47. Google Forms Explain

    48. Google Forms – Your Turn! Apply

    49. Lesson Plan Template Apply Explain