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Project Plan. MARS. Medical Application Radiology System. Presentation Outline. Company Introduction Business Analysis Recommended Solution Project Approach Product Demo T.A.C. Benefits vs. Costs Future Business Enhancements Lessons Learned. Elite Technology Consultants.

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Project plan

Project Plan


Medical Application Radiology System

Presentation outline
Presentation Outline

Company Introduction

Business Analysis

Recommended Solution

Project Approach

Product Demo

T.A.C. Benefits vs. Costs

Future Business Enhancements

Lessons Learned

Elite technology consultants
Elite Technology Consultants

  • Deen Babayale

  • Caitlyn Craft

  • Steve Dansby

  • Monica Haaksma

  • David Preza

  • Archie Tang

DeenBabayale – Systems Analyst

Caitlyn Craft – Quality Control Manager

Steve Dansby – Assistant Project Manager

Monica Haaksma – Project Manager

David Preza – Software Developer

Archie Tang – Business Analyst

About et
About ET

  • Mission:

    • Quality consulting

    • Improve efficiency

    • Achieve business objectives

    • Provide measurable results

    • Ease-of-use and reliable training

    • Superior customer service and satisfaction

Company introduction
Company Introduction

This section will introduce your company, your vision and your services.

Texas cardiology association of houston
Texas Cardiology Association of Houston

Ronald Artis

  • Nuclear Medicine Technician

  • Administer Radioactive Drugs

  • Track

  • Imaging Amount in Patient

  • Diagnostic Imaging

Organizational time line
Organizational Time Line

Texas Cardiology Associates of Houston was established

TCA began working with Elite Technology

TCA began construction on new clinic building

TCA moved into new clinic

Jan. 1988

Feb. 2004

Aug. 2006

Aug. 2010

Business analysis
Business Analysis

This section will focus on how we dug into the issues that the Texas Cardiologists Associates were concerned with.

How we conduct analysis
How We Conduct Analysis

  • Review Historical Data

  • Observe Current Procedures

  • Understand Business Processes

  • Face- to- Face Client Analysis

Business rules
Business Rules

  • Provide Recommended Stress Tests

  • Stress Tests Prices are an avg. $4,000.00 each

  • Open M-F 8am to 5pm

  • Patients are seen systematically

  • All Patients Appointment Based

  • Doctors must be on-site

  • Stress Test Types

    • Dobutamine(chemical)

    • Bruce Stress Test(physical)

Manual process samples
Manual Process Samples

QC Camera Flood Bars Aro

Daily Survey Report

Issues Log Binder

System objectives
System Objectives

The general company objectives are as follows:

Track radiation contamination levels

Perform Patient Stress Tests

Access accurate data in a timely manner

Edit and Implement Important Data

Track Dobutamine injections with corresponding patient information,

Enforce state regulations regarding quality control reports

T c a likes vs dislikes
T.C.A. Likes Vs. Dislikes


Here we have identified what T.C.A. Houston is satisfied with and what processes they feel need improvement.

Estimated process impact resolutions
Estimated Process Impact Resolutions


Proposed Issue Resolutions

  • Improved Wait Time Efficiency

  • Improved Data Storage

  • Computerized Quality Control Reporting

  • Reliable Calculation of Dobutamine injections

    Proposed Positive Impacts

    • Due to improved clinic data organization, more time can be spent with the patient and core nuclear medicine technologist activities

    • Due to improved record keeping and multiple backups, the company will be able to comply with state obligations

    • Less data redundancy problems and high data accuracy

    • Ability to correctly calculate the amount of imaging agent based on patient’s weight

The financial impact
The Financial Impact

This section will focus on how our proposed resolution to T.C.A. Houston’s problem will have a monetary impact on the business.

Financial impact
Financial Impact

Long Patient Wait

Scheduling opportunity to add 1 patient, or $4,000, monthly

Data Storage

Ability to avoid state compliance fines

up to $23,000 a year

Financial impact cont
Financial Impact Cont.

Manual Reports

Reduce report processing time saving 27 minutes, or $17.73, a day

Manual Calculations

Reduce Dobutamine calculation time by 4 minutes, or $2.60, per patient

Yearly financial gain
Yearly Financial Gain

TCA’s Yearly Financial Gain:


Recommended solution
Recommended Solution

This section will cover the solution E.T. has formulated to address T.A.C. Houston’s issues

Requirement summary
Requirement Summary

Monitor Overall levels of Dobutamine in clinic

Track well counter history

Track Dobutamine amount administered to patients

Report generation

Project approach
Project Approach

This section will cover the approach E.T. will take towards solving the issues at hand.

Our finished application
Our Finished Application

This section will cover the complete web application we have constructed for T.A.C. Houston.

Explore m a r s
Explore M.A.R.S.

We will now give a comprehensive preview of how our application is to work.

Project improvements
Project Improvements

This section will cover future improvements for the MARS system.

Lessons learned
Lessons Learned

This section will cover the lessons that were learned by Elite Technology.

What did we discover
What Did We Discover?

Google is your friend!!!

Development Issues


Sample Documents

M.D. Anderson Library

Many programming resources available

What would we d o differently
What Would We Do Differently?


This section will summarize the presentation.