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Franz Marc

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Franz Marc. Expressionist Painter 1880-1916 Munich, Germany. More facts about Franz Marc. German born Artist Began painting career with natural realism but then moved to experiment with more expressive painting techniques.

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franz marc

Franz Marc

Expressionist Painter


Munich, Germany

more facts about franz marc
More facts about Franz Marc
  • German born Artist
  • Began painting career with natural realism but then moved to experiment with more expressive painting techniques.
  • Believed that animals were more spiritual than humans so he chose to paint them as the primary subject matter of his paintings.
  • Joined the Expressionism Movement in 1910, after meeting one of its most important painters, Wassily Kandinsky.
more facts about franz marc1
More facts about Franz Marc
  • Once he joined the Expressionist Movement, he began to use their emphasis on the power of color and expressive brush strokes to paint his animal subjects.
  • Marc strived to create spiritual experiences with his paintings and he did so by painting his animals with the explosive strokes and colorful palette of the Expressionists.
  • Humans have lost their spirituality due to industry, war, pollution, urban development.
  • Tried to rediscover that lost spirituality through his paintings.
wassily kandinsky
Wassily Kandinsky
  • 1866-1944
  • A Russian painter that was the first to completely abandon the use of recognizable images in his paintings.
  • Kandinsky was the first painter to create what was known as non-objective art.
  • Kandinsky believed that art elements can be treated like musical sounds and used to communicate the artist's inner feelings.
  • One of the primary members and pioneers of the Expressionism Art movement.
  • German art movement in the early 1900’s.
  • Believed the role of art was NOT to recreate reality, but to EXPRESS the artist’s feelings and beliefs.
  • Expression should be the artist’s primary goal.
  • Members of this movement were known as Expressionists
  • Expressionist painters believed that color was the most important element of art and it was the most effective element for expressing the artist's feelings.
  • Expressionists used bright contrasting colors, textured brush strokes, and creative distortions to fill their paintings with emotion.
  • Wassily Kandinsky was a painter that was one of the leaders of the Expressionism Movement.
which painting is a product of expressionism why
Which painting is a product of Expressionism?Why?

Raphael, Self Portrait

Kirchner, Self Portrait