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Maryanne’s Power Point Victorian Funeral Clothing PowerPoint Presentation
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Maryanne’s Power Point Victorian Funeral Clothing

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Maryanne’s Power Point Victorian Funeral Clothing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Maryanne’s Power Point Victorian Funeral Clothing
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  1. What was worn in the days of the Queen? The mourning dress of Queen Victoria became the style of the high societies in England and made its way across the Atlantic to the U.S. Maryanne’s Power PointVictorian Funeral Clothing

  2. Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840, and he died in 1861. Although Victoria was only 42 years-old when he died, she remained in mourning for the remainder of her life--40 years. In respect to the queen, prominent women from England to the states followed her style of mourning dress. Even to this day some of her style still exsist. Victoria and Albert's Wedding Picture Queen Victoria

  3. The Stages of Mourning Dress • The First stage Black was the traditional color of mourning because it symbolized night and an absence and joy of light. • The Last stage Also known as half mourning, the colors permitted were gray, mauve, purple and white. • The Second stage: Inthis stage women were allowed to add white to the cuff or around the collar. Wearing mourning dress helped to identify the mourner, showed respect for the deceased. It encouraged the sympathy of the community and matched the wearer’s mood

  4. Victorian mourning jewelry mirrored the lives and times of the people who wore it. It was a souvenir to remember a loved one, a reminder to the living of the inevitability of death, and a status symbol, especially during the Victorian era.  This jewelry was generally made of materials such as jet, gutta-percha, gold, pinchbeck, and human hair. Collectables Mourning Jewelry

  5. Resources and Personal Links Victorian Mourning Etiquette Morbid Outlook Museum of Funeral Customs Personal Links My Index Page CS 101 Website Construction Page Northern Michigan University