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How to Format Typed Work PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Format Typed Work

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How to Format Typed Work - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Format Typed Work
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  1. How to Format Typed Work A Rosemont Guide for Craftsmanship

  2. Turn off the line skipping. It’s easy to do it here. You can do it here , too. Paragraphs should be indented without a line skipped.

  3. Set the type size and font. Select an appropriate font for your work. School work is formal, so no Comic Sans. That’s a play-time font. Appropriate fonts include Helvetica, Times, Courier, and a few others. Make sure the size of your type is 12 point. This is standard.

  4. Type the heading First, grab the marker on the ruler and move it to the 5” mark. If you don’t have a ruler, go to “View” and check the box next to the word “ruler”.

  5. Now type your heading. Start with your name. You must type your first and last name. Next list the class. The entire class title should be typed out. That means you type “Language Arts”, not L.A. Now type the class period. The word “period” must be completely typed. Do not write “P.” or “Per.” Last, type the date. You must write out the entire date without abbreviations. Do not write 10/17/11 or any other shortened version.

  6. Heading Trouble What do you do if your name is too long, or the date is too long, and it runs past the page margin? No problem. Just make a little adjustment. Oops. Highlight your heading, then grab and drag the right margin marker to the right until everything is in its correct location.

  7. Now type your title. Bring your margin marker back home. Type your title. You can align it to the left. You could also center it by aligning it to the center. Highlight your title and hit the “Align Center” button. Titles should be 12 point. Do not make the title a huge size. If you want it to stand out, it is acceptable to put the title in “Bold” type.

  8. Set your paragraph indent. Grab the top part of your margin marker and bring it over two spots (1/4”). Do not use “Tab” to indent. No discussion. Do not use “Tab” to indent. It is wrong. Wrong.

  9. Setting the spacing is next. Single spaced writing is really tight, but double spaced writing is often too spacious. Double spaced writing also tends to waste paper. Spacing your writing “1.5” is going to be just right in most cases. Sometimes a teacher will ask you to double space to make room for feedback. Other times, single spacing may be a better fit for presentation and publication. You should be flexible about these things, but know that 1.5 is the best spacing when it is not otherwise specified.

  10. Now it’s time to write. This is how to properly head and format your work. Notice there’s no space between the paragraphs and each paragraph is indented. This is how to head and format all of your written work. Even handwritten work should follow the same heading and format rules.

  11. The end.