Sustainable Tourism
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Sustainable Tourism through Corporate Social Responsibility Glen Champion CHA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sustainable Tourism through Corporate Social Responsibility Glen Champion CHA Green Aruba, Oct. 24, 2014. Glen Champion Vice President , Bern Hotels & Resorts ***** Vice President , The Panama Hotel Association. ***** Chairman People 1st UK-Panama

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Sustainable Tourism


Corporate Social Responsibility

Glen Champion CHA

Green Aruba, Oct. 24, 2014

Glen champion vice president bern hotels resorts vice president the panama hotel association
Glen ChampionVice President, Bern Hotels & Resorts*****Vice President, The Panama Hotel Association


Chairman People 1st UK-Panama

Hospitality & Tourism Sector Skills Council

Bern Hotels & Resorts Panama (part of Empresas Bern)

Designs, builds, owns & operatesallproducts

Maintainingfivefranchiseagreementswith IHG hotels and threewithStarwood Hotels


Increase/maintainvalue of destinationthroughintegration of social, economic and environmentalresponsibilities


Bern Hotels & Resorts defines sustainability as a longtermstrategicfocustowardsintegratingour social, economic and natural environmentresponsibiltiesusing as a referencepointgoodrelationswithourinterestgroups and theUnitedNations Global Compact.


Increase/maintainvalue of destinationthroughintegration of social economic and environmentalresponsibilities

Is Sustainable Tourism achievable?

Tourism will never be completely sustainable as every industry has impacts, but it can work towards becoming more sustainable.

Example - Corporate Responsibility

Critical Areas Of Focus



Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)



Supply Chain

At Starwood, Global Citizenship provides our guests, customers, communities, owners, and associates a better way to experience the world. We enlist our global network of hotels, our world-renowned brands, and our dedicated associates in implementing our Global Citizenship initiatives to ensure our environmental and social standards are consistently upheld. We recognize that the most effective initiatives are those that are economically viable, exceed our guests’ expectations and make our associates feel proud to work for Starwood.

"At Starwood, we believe sustainable, responsible behavior is a priority—it benefits our business as well as society. And we act on that belief."— Frits van Paasschen, Chief Executive Officer and President

Example - Corporate Responsibility

Sustainable Communities. Better Lives. Corporate Responsibility is central to the way we do business and is a key part of our Responsible Business practices. We treat it as a strategic business issue, believing Corporate Responsibility only makes sense if it aligns to our vision of becoming one of the world's great companies by creating Great Hotels Guests Love. It's about how IHG and our hotels act in our local communities and how we manage our environmental impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility 3 Environments

The workplace, the community and the natural environment .

Corporate Social Responsibility 3 Environments

The workplace, the community and the natural environment .


ProvideLeadershipthatmaintains a strongworkforcestrategythrougheducation, guidedrecruitment, associatemanagement, training and careerdevelopment , motivation and inclusion.

A fewexamples of CSR providingEducationalLeadership

3 privateschools K to 12 in operation in Panama withover 1200 students


Assistingneighbouringpublicschoolstoraisethe bar

Modernfacilities and guidedinstruction

Music, arts, science , technology


The Panama International Hotel School is Central America’s leading hotel school for hospitality and Culinary Arts education. We provide handson internationally recognised certificates and associate degree courses as well as degree pathways that are highly respected within the global hotel and Restaurant Industry.

Associate degree in Hotel and Restaurant Business Management

Associate Degree in Culinary Arts & Food and Beverage Management

Work/study programs 2 days of study 4 days of work

Executive and line level short training programs


Project Bartender

Project Bartender prepares individuals to enter careers in bartending or related fields with the skills and knowledge needed to responsibly serve customers and provide excellent experiences.

Project Bartender was a natural and seamless fit for DIAGEO. It aims to engage customers and identifies employment opportunities with our stakeholders and on-trade partners. The program currently operates in Jamaica, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico, the USVI and El Salvador


Key IHG Academy achievements in 2013

Expanded IHG Academy to 301 programmes – an increase of 144 during the 2013 year, across 50 countries

Helped over 6,000 participants build hospitality skills and improve their employment prospects in 2013 alone

Corporate Social Responsibility 3 Environments

The workplace, the community and the natural environment .


Provideleadershipthatpromotesvaluestowardsthe ¨commongood¨ toprotect and developthe cultural and geographicalheritage of thedestination

History & HeritagePortobelo video 1 minute

Example of CommunityLeadership

Portobelo Bay Foundation was developed by local business leaders

Providing community support and leadership through:

An artist-run workshop/gallery of Congo art. A School of Rhythm, Dance & Music

A carpentry training and project workshop

Programs to build leadership skills in the community

The intentionis a healthyapproachtothedestinationwithalltheseactivitiesbenefitingeachother. And theendresultisimprovedquality of life in thedestination.

Example of CommunityLeadership

FundacionCalicanto’s main mission is to preserve the cultural and architectural heritage of Casco Viejo. Calicanto played a huge role in achieving Casco’s UNESCO title in 1998. In addition to helping preserve and restore Casco Viejo Calicanto aims to empower neighborhood residents. The do so though a program, “Foundation Cycle”, where they provide aide for personal development and preparation for vocational programs. Calicanto also runs CAPTA  (Capacitacionpara el Trabajo) a program centered around training  local women to enter the hotel and tourism industry in alliance with The Panama International Hotel School.

SustainableTourismthrough Corporate Social ResponsibilityStrategicMap – a balancedscorecardperspectiveLeadershipNeeded – Public/PrivateSectorsthe CSR EnvironmentsWorkplace/workforceCommunityNaturalCome together

Example of CommunityLeadership

Havealliances and assisted in programswith

Smithsonian Tropical ResearchInstitute


Jane Goodall´sRoots & Shootsprogram

Example of CommunityLeadership

Gamboa Rainforest Resort and Gamboa Tours workclosely in developing and supportingqualityexperienceswiththeneighbouringEmberaindigenoustribeprovidingvaluabletouristrevenuetothecommunity and helpingthemtoshowcase and preserve their cultural heritage

IndigenousHeritage Video

Showcasingthebiodiversity of the Rainforest

Showcasingthebiodiversity of the Rainforest

Corporate Social Responsibility 3 Environments

The workplace, the community and the natural environment .

Natural Environment

Provideleadership in resourcemanagement and usage, consumption of energy and expendablestowardsminimizingimpact

The ThreeRs

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Key elementbeing REDUCE



Punta bruja bio reserve 85 hectares of protected rainforest
Punta Bruja Bio-reserve85 hectares of protectedrainforest

Playa Bonita hotel providesstewardship

Under a public/privatealliance

Corporate Social Responsibility as a driver of SustainableTourismChangebeingtheconstantMapoutthestrategytomanage and lead changeSet Indicatorstomeasure performanceSet new goals