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Best Practices For Data Center's Physical Security PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Practices For Data Center's Physical Security

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Best Practices For Data Center's Physical Security - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Best Practices For Data Center's Physical Security

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  1. Marketing proposal presented by Media HighInc. BestPracticesFor Data Center's PhysicalSecurity

  2. Whenwestumbleuponthetermdatacentersecurity,itisoften consideredasprotectinghardwareandsoftwarefrommalicious attacksbyimplementingsmart,advancedtechnology.However, cybersecurityisapartoftheentiresecurityconcept.Physical datacentersecuritymeansrestrictingphysicalaccessintothe datacenterandlimitingaccessonlytotheauthorizedusers. Enforcing security features is not enough. Ensuring reliable physical security is what matters the most. Is your security equipmentworkingright?Isitdoingthethingswhatitismeant for?Areyoursecurityprotocolsstrongenough? Thereareseveralcriteriathatyouneedtolookintoandno wonderwhatwe'llbediscussinghereisbeexpensive,time- consuming andresource-intensive.

  3. Constructedforensuringphysicalprotection:Whiledesigningt data center, the professionals must ensure to construct the exterior (walls, windows, and doors) of materials that provide ballisticprotection.Inaddition,itmustalsoprovideprotectiono physical grounds, which means that it should have all the physical equipment in place such as barriers to keep invaders from sneakinginside. 24x7backuppower:Foruninterruptedbusinessoperations,data centersmustbackitsserverswithhigh-performancegenerators and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. So in case of poweroutage,yourserverswillkeeprunningoptimally. Cages, cabinets and vaults: These physical structures are designed to keep servers secured and safe within and thus, IT operators must ensure that the structures are well-built and properlyinstalledwithoutanylooseormovingcomponents.Tha meansthatthecages,cabinetsandvaultsshouldbestrongand rigid,ensuringthesafetyoftheequipmentsresidinginside.

  4. Electronicaccess-controlsystems(ACSs):ElectronicACSallow onlyauthorizeduserstoaccessthedatacenter,ensuringsafety around thefacility. Provisioning process: Apart from electronic identification, anotherpracticetoprovideentrytothefacilityinvolvesaproce thatrequiresprovidingstructuredanddocumentedprovisioning by the individual requesting to get inside the data center. The documentswillthenhelptoidentifytheindividual'sintegrity. Firedetectionandfiresuppressionsystems:Now,we'removing towards securing the data center from catastrophe. The structures must be hard-wired with alarms backed with fire suppressionsystems,assuringfiresafety.

  5. Educate the entire team: Your staff must be educated about security.Theymustseedatacentersecurityasatoolintended atimprovingproductivityandnotahitch.Wearementioning thisbecausethebiggestsecuritythreatcomesfrominside,not that it is done deliberately, but it happens as a result of negligence.Thebetterthetrainingonsecurity,thesaferwillbe yourenvironment This piece has highlighted the best practices data center operatorscanfollowtofoolprooftheirfacility.Everydatacenter, bigorsmallarevulnerabletosecurityissues,butwiththeevery securitymeasureinplace,youcanmaintainasafeatmosphere around.

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