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Crisis Management Plan

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Crisis Management Plan. Jackson County Public Schools In-Service Training July 1999. Purpose of the Plan. To coordinate the prompt and effective response to crisis situations

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crisis management plan

Crisis Management Plan

Jackson County Public Schools

In-Service Training

July 1999

purpose of the plan
Purpose of the Plan
  • To coordinate the prompt and effective response to crisis situations
  • To give teachers, administrators, school board officials and the community assurance that a comprehensive plan is in place and operational
  • To provide guidelines that are easy to use and accessible to all personnel
the crisis management plan is designed to
The Crisis Management Plan is designed to:
  • Communicate the Plan with faculty, students, parents, emergency services, media or other entities
  • Reduce confusion or panic
  • Provide step by step instructions for various types of crisis or incidents
  • Establish specific responsibilities for the staff, faculty, security and emergency personnel
annual crisis management plan requirements
Annual Crisis Management Plan Requirements
  • Designate, orient and train the Crisis Management Team
  • Review and update the Plan
  • Train faculty and staff in their duties and responsibilities
  • Drill students in emergency procedures
  • Review and update the coordination with local police, fire and medical personnel
requirements continued
Requirements, Continued
  • Verify that the various emergency entities have coordinated with each other.
  • Assure that emergency personnel have easy access to an updated drawing of the facilities and grounds
  • Communicate to parents the intent and guidelines of the Plan through meetings and materials.
crisis management plan checklist
Crisis Management Plan Checklist
  • Crisis Management Team designated? Y N
  • Plan reviewed and updated? Y N
  • Faculty and Staff In-service? Date_______
  • Student training and drills? Date_______
  • Emergency Personnel Coordination? Y N
    • Date - Police____, Fire____Medical____
    • Other_____________________________
  • Drawing provided? Y N Who Has?_____Where kept?________________
  • Parent/Guardian Communications Y N
responsibilities administration and staff
Activate Plan for facility and site plan

Notify Superintendent's office

Notify County Crisis Team

Activate plans to support impacted staff or students

Debrief officials on issues relevant to the community and media

Meet and debrief staff

Assure follow-up with impacted or at-risk students and staff

ResponsibilitiesAdministration and Staff
responsibilities of teacher or supervising adult
Responsibilities of Teacher or Supervising Adult
  • Know and understand the Plan
  • Intervene immediately to help victim(s) and create a safe environment
  • Inform administration and staff members with known facts
  • Deal with emotional impact to self and students
  • Encourage restoration of normal routine
communication with the media
Communication with the Media
  • ONLY the designated County Press Information Officer or Designated Point Person is to discuss or be in contact with the Media
  • If you are are contacted, refer all inquiries to the PIO.
  • Do not comment, draw conclusions or make any reference to the incident unless cleared by the PIO
tips and suggestion for talking with the media
Tips and Suggestion for Talking with the Media
  • Don’t - Unless you have been given authorization!
  • Provide accurate information
  • Speak conversationally
  • Answer each question succinctly and then stop speaking
tips continued
Tips Continued
  • If you don’t know the answer, say so
  • If information is known, but you can’t supply it, say so and explain why
  • If a reporter interrupts you, stop speaking
  • If a reporter asks more than one question, ask which question you should answer first.
letters or memos
Letters or Memos
  • All letters and memos must be approved through the PIO before being made public.
county and school telephone tree
County and School Telephone Tree
  • Keep up to date
  • Check all telephone numbers
  • Verify all personnel have up to date copy
teacher evacuation procedures
Teacher Evacuation Procedures
  • Take your grade book/roster and the emergency plan with you
  • Keep your students together
  • Follow the Crisis Management Team directions and instructions
  • Do not return or re-entry the school until told you can do so.
precautions for the disabled impaired
Precautions for the Disabled Impaired
  • Hearing Disabilities
  • Visual Disabilities
  • Learning, Emotional, Cognitive Disabilities
  • Physical Disabilities
precautions continued
Precautions, continued
  • General
    • Procedures are read to/by student in languages they understand
    • Student demonstrates they understand
    • A buddy system and backup is used
    • Special equipment is always accessible
the jackson county crisis management plan
Emergency Telephone Numbers

Crisis Management Team

Medical Response Team

Early Closing of Schools


Drug Incident

Chemical Spills &Railroad Accidents


Serious Injury or Illness

Sexual Battery on Campus

Severe Weather

Severe Disruptions involving criminal acts

Bomb Threat or Suspicious Object

Other Emergency Procedures


Teacher Evacuation Procedures

The Jackson County Crisis Management Plan
jackson county emergency phone numbers
Jackson County Emergency Phone Numbers
  • Provides a list of major telephone numbers to report a variety of incidents
  • Used for incidents with Immediate Danger to life and/or property
school crisis management team
School Crisis Management Team
  • Established by School Administration at beginning of each year.
  • Provides leadership and management during crisis.
  • Must be knowledgeable and have clear understanding of responsibilities and duties
  • Have practiced the Plan
school medical response team
School Medical Response Team
  • School first responders
  • Trained in first-aid and CPR
  • Volunteers?
  • Assigned - meet bloodborne pathogen health requirements if assigned by job title
early closing of school code a
Early Closing of School -Code A
  • Key Duties
    • Administration makes decision
    • Transportation will be arranged
    • Administration notifies Board Members and Media
    • Teachers prepare students for transportation
    • Arrangements made for students that cannot leave school for what ever reason
suicide or attempt code b
Suicide or Attempt- Code B
  • Attempt
    • Teacher immediately sends for help and has other persons leave area
    • Administration notifies emergency personnel and parents/guardians
    • Student is NEVER left alone
  • Actual Situation
    • Send for help
    • Move other persons away from scene
drug incident code c
Drug Incident - Code C
  • Only Administration will approach suspected person
  • Law Enforcement will be called
  • Teacher will move other persons from area if potential for violence exists
chemical spills railroad accidents code d
Chemical Spills & Railroad Accidents - Code D
  • Administration will call Superintendent, Transportation and County Emergency Management.
  • Students are to be brought indoors to main building and and building closed - Reason: to reduce exposure to unknown chemicals
  • CEM will provide guidance as to evacuation as necessary
fire code e
Fire - Code E
  • At Alarm, Prepare students and immediately follow evacuation procedures
  • Assure ALL students are accounted.
  • Do not return to the building for any reason
  • Emergency personnel will search as necessary
serious injury or illness code f
Serious Injury or Illness - Code F
  • Immediately call for medical assistance
  • DO NOT MOVE person if potential exists for head, neck or back injury.
  • Do not leave student unattended
  • Parents/Guardians will be notified concerning any injury immediately
sexual battery on campus code g
Sexual Battery on Campus- Code G
  • DO NOT leave victim alone
  • Immediately call for Medical Response Team.
  • Administration will contact police, parents or guardian
  • Do not discuss the incident with anyone other than Administration, Law Enforcement or Legal
severe weather code h
Severe Weather - Code H
  • Tornado Watch
  • Tornado Warning
  • Thunderstorm
  • Hurricane Watch or Warning
  • Flooding
severe disruptions involving criminal acts code i
Severe Disruptions Involving Criminal Acts - Code I
  • Criminal Acts or violence are “Zero Tolerance” events
  • Lock Down Procedures
  • Evacuation Procedures - No Delay
  • Student and Staff Safety are paramount - Do not take undue chances - Evacuate persons from area as quickly as possible
  • If you hear gunshot or explosion, drop to the floor.
bomb threat or suspicious object code j
Bomb Threat Or Suspicious Object - Code J
  • Use Bomb Threat Checklist as soon as possible
  • Notify Administration
  • Do not take undue chances
    • Evacuate the suspected area immediately
other emergency procedures code k
Other Emergency Procedures - Code K
  • Gas Leaks
  • Electrical Outage Problems
  • Water shortage or other incident that degrades use of school or may cause injury
  • Campus Disorders and Florida Law
  • Emergency Disaster Plans and Community Services
  • Emergency Evacuation Drills
  • Acknowledgements
  • Jackson County
    • Student Assistance Program
    • County Emergency Planning
  • Panhandle Area Educational Consortium
    • Risk Management - Pat McDaniel
      • Marsh, Inc. Risk Services
    • Safe and Drug Free Schools - Linda Booth
additional resources
Additional Resources
  • Internet
    • US DOE -
    • Insurance Services Office -
    • National Association of School Psychologists -
    • National School Safety &Security Services -
    • National School Safety Center -