6 th grade chapter 4 review n.
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6 th Grade Chapter 4 Review PowerPoint Presentation
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6 th Grade Chapter 4 Review

6 th Grade Chapter 4 Review

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6 th Grade Chapter 4 Review

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  1. 6th Grade Chapter 4 Review Online 50 Question Multiple Choice

  2. The Nile delta formed the region known as

  3. Because of the groups of rocky rapids called the Nile cataracts

  4. In order to overcome death like Osiris, Egyptians believed that they needed to

  5. The most important god of all those worshipped by the Egyptians was the sun god

  6. According to legend, the first pharaoh and leader who united the Kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt was

  7. Where did the gods weigh people's hearts after death?

  8. In ancient Egypt, those responsible for using hieroglyphics to record important information and maintain records were called

  9. In order to construct the pyramids, the Egyptians needed to be proficient in the fields of engineering and

  10. How were the Egyptians able to predict when the Nile would flood each year?

  11. Who discovered and entered King Tuts tomb in 1922?

  12. Ideas spread from Egypt to other lands through the buying and selling of goods and services, which was called

  13. What effect did continued trading with Egypt have on Nubian civilization?

  14. The Nubians created one of the world's first alphabets called

  15. The geography of ancient Egypt included vast desert areas of burning sands known as

  16. Queens of Nubia were called

  17. What was packed inside (and outside) a dead body for 40 days to help preserve it for the afterlife?

  18. The Egyptians developed a calendar with 365 days that was called a

  19. What aspects of Nubian culture did it take from Egypt?

  20. Because Nubians had less land to farm than Egyptians

  21. The soil of the Nile River Valley is best characterized (described) as

  22. The Book of the Dead was a well known piece of Egyptian literature that

  23. Skilled artisans created paintings on the interior wall of the pyramids and burial chambers showing daily Egyptian life because

  24. Which of the following is NOT TRUE of Nubians?

  25. Where is King Tutankhamun's Tomb located?

  26. What were statues in a temple called?

  27. What difference between the civilizations of Egypt and Nubia were the Nile cataracts responsible for?

  28. How tall was Khufu's (Great Pyramid of Giza) built around 2550 B.C.?

  29. Which group from outside the region pushed the Kushites (Nubians) out of Egypt?

  30. How did the poor preserve the bodies of deceased loved ones?

  31. The Egyptians created a writing system that used drawings and symbols called

  32. What is the source of the Nile River?

  33. What does a hieroglyphic writing system use instead of alphabetic letters?

  34. A skilled worker who practices a trade or handicraft is

  35. What does Hatshepsut's name mean?

  36. What was papyrus used for?

  37. What was the purpose of the pyramids?

  38. Who opens the door to the afterlife?

  39. The Black Land was caused by

  40. Along with papyrus, the Egyptians also invented

  41. What made the Egyptian lunar calendar so difficult (hard) to use?

  42. What was built inside pyramids to catch robbers?

  43. What is ebony?

  44. Where were your internal organs stored after death?

  45. Another name for Nubia was

  46. How did the narrowness of the Nile Valley in Nubia affect that country?

  47. How did you earn your way into the afterlife?

  48. Which group from outside the region pushed the Nubians out of Egypt?

  49. Trade that creates dependence by each country or group on another is called

  50. The first Nubian king to unite both Egypt and Nubia was