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WSA Modified Laws of the Game (LOTG) PowerPoint Presentation
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WSA Modified Laws of the Game (LOTG)

WSA Modified Laws of the Game (LOTG)

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WSA Modified Laws of the Game (LOTG)

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  1. WSA Modified Laws of the Game (LOTG) For all WSA Recreational players, coaches and Jr. Referees

  2. Law I: Field of Play rectangular • The field of play is to be what shape? ADUHHHHHH!

  3. The lines are part of the areas they describe. 3 2 Penalty Area 1 • Lines should not exceed 5 inches in width.

  4. SAFETY is key when inspecting the field. Always inspect the field for potential hazards prior to game time

  5. What else to inspect… The Goal

  6. Most important aspect of the goal: It must be weighted down

  7. Field area and Markings • Identify the following markings, areas and lines: Corner Arcs Penalty area Goal Area Center Circle Goal Goal Area Goal Goal Lines or end lines Penalty area Sidelines or touchline

  8. Law II: The Ball

  9. The ball is to be spherical, properly inflated, and the proper size. • The referee approves the ball before the start of the game. Size of Ball for U8 (2nd grade) = 3

  10. Law III - Number of Players

  11. FIFA Law • A soccer match is played with two teams, each consisting of no more than 11 players one of whom is a… • A minimum number of 7 players is required for a team to play a game. goal keeper

  12. WSA rule modification • The following # of players are in the rule modifications for younger ages; it still includes the : • Number of players for U8 (2nd grade)= 7 v 7 (no less than 5)

  13. What to do if there’s not enough players on one side???? • “coach, can this team borrow one of your players so that we can have a match?”

  14. Substitutions Substitution procedures according to WSA Rule Modifications: The substitution REQUEST is made by whom? The coach During ANY Stoppage In play When can a Coach request a Substitution?

  15. Substitution procedure continued: According to FIFA: A substitute only enters the field of play after the player being replaced has left and after receiving a signal from the referee. WSA Rule Modifications: Typically subs will start coming on the pitch as players are coming off. This is mostly due to the lack of stoppage time that can be added. Try to have the players exiting and entering the field quickly WITH YOUR PERMISSION.

  16. Substitutions; continued • Where does the substitute enter the field of play? • What should the coach be told about substitutions prior to the match? • What about switching out the Even when subbing out the goalie with a current player on the field, the referee must be told and give permission to do so. Halfway line All subs must stand at the halfway line and await permission from the referee Before entering the field

  17. Law IV - Players' Equipment

  18. Players equipment consists of: • Jersey

  19. Shorts

  20. Socks

  21. Cleats/shoes

  22. Shin guards

  23. Socks MUST be covering what? • Shin guards

  24. Who needs to wear a shirt or pinnie that distinguishes him from the other players? • The Goal keeper

  25. What must be removed prior to the match? • jewelry

  26. Equipment Inspection: what’s first?

  27. Equipment Inspection; what’s next?

  28. Law V – The Referee

  29. WSA Referee responsibilities: • Enforce the laws of the game. • Promote/insure safety • Educate and instruct • Create a fun playing environment

  30. Other Referee responsibilities • Minimize the risk of being struck: • Protect the safety of all participants by stopping game • activities quickly. • No place outside is safe near thunderstorms • (2) The best shelter is a large, fully enclosed, substantially • constructed building. A vehicle with a solid metal roof and • metal sides is a reasonable second choice. If there is not • proper shelter, avoid Higher elevations; wide open areas, • including fields and tall isolated objects. Lightening • Apply the 30-30 rule: When you see lightning, count the time until you hear thunder. If this time is 30 seconds or less, seek proper shelter. When to “call” a game… If you can't see the lightning, just hearing the thunder is a good back-up rule. Hearing thunder means you are within reach of lightning

  31. The referee continued • Any incident that occurs during a match falling outside of the norm should be reported. • How does a referee report injuries or inappropriate behavior of a player/coach? A referee report

  32. The Referee’s favorite tool • Referees are reminded that the whistle is a tool of communication and not merely a convenient signaling device. • Whistles should be selected carefully for the match conditions, age of players and other factors. • It is neither required nor expected that the whistle be used for all stoppages and restarts of play. A whistle demands attention and should be blown when such attention is needed. • Uncontested stoppages (as when a ball clearly leaves the field) should not be whistled — a voice and/or hand signal by the referee will normally be sufficient. • Referees should also be alert to the need for variations in the length, force and tone in their use of a whistle to indicate different types of stoppages or different degrees of concern for the event that has just occurred.

  33. Law VI - Assistant Referee. Job responsibilities of the AR or linesman: To indicate when the ball is out of play and which side gets the throw-in To call offside To indicate a foul has been committed when out of sight of the center referee

  34. Assistant hand signals

  35. Law VII - Duration of the Game

  36. WSA Jr. Referee Match Times • U8 (2nd grade): 4 10-minute quarters, totaling 40 minutes

  37. Half time and Quarters How much time should a Jr. Referee allow in between quarters? How much time should a Jr. Referee allow in between halves? About 5 minutes (longer in hot weather). Remember… you need to stay on schedule About 2 minutes: enough time For the players to get a drink. Indicate this by saying “2 minutes coach”

  38. Keeping Time • When should a referee start his watch; according to FIFA Once the ball is kicked and moves forward during the kick-off

  39. WSA Match Duration • When should a Jr. Referee start his/her watch ? Once the referee Blows his/her Whistle… LOUDLY

  40. Law VIII - Start of Play • The Kick Off

  41. Kick-off According to FIFA Once the kick-off team is determined, where should the two teams be positioned

  42. Where does the defending team Stand prior to kick-off? defense defender defender Offense defender Where does the attacking team Stand prior to kick-off?

  43. Kick-off Procedure • At what point can the defenders come in to the Center Circle Once the ball is kicked and moves forward

  44. Law IX - Ball In and Out of Bounds • The ball is out of play when it has wholly crossed the goal-line or touch-line, whether on the ground or in the air Field of play

  45. On a throw-in: • On a throw-in, if any part of the ball passes over the touch-line, the ball is in play In this case, the whole ball does not need to cross the touch-line completely

  46. Law X - Method of Scoring

  47. Method of Scoring When the whole ball crosses the goal line between the uprights and underneath the crossbar of the goal.

  48. GOOOOAAAAAAAL??? Goal line, in Between the Cross bars Inside The Goal Field

  49. Law XI - Off-Side

  50. To be in an offside position: • A player is standing behind the second to last defender at the moment the ball is kicked by a teammate. Who is typically the last defender?? The Goalkeeper