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Kaliska Hui’s Styling Research Book

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Kaliska Hui’s Styling Research Book - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kaliska Hui’s Styling Research Book. (Promotional Shoot). My Story- ‘I Am Still Alive Even Without You’.

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my story i am still alive even without you
My Story-‘I Am Still Alive Even Without You’
  • Sophie and Josh used to be so in love, but not anymore. Last Valentine’s Day, Josh got her a Diesel watch and he got himself one. These watchers used to be the proof of their love, but not anymore. Sophie thought about to throw it away, but the watch, it’s way too beautiful to just throw it away, so, Sophie picks it up again, puts it on her hand again, wears it again. But this time, with a completely different style (independent, rock style) completely different mood. But Sophie likes this new ‘different’. And she looks at the watch and says: “I am still alive even without you”.
my chosen brand for the shoot diesel
My chosen brandfor the shoot - Diesel
  • Diesel is an Italian design company. It is best known for luxury clothing aimed at the young adult market.
  • The brand Diesel was born more than 20 years ago and is today an innovative international design company, manufacturing jeans and casual clothing as well as accessories. It is present in over 80 countries with 10,000 points of sale and almost 50 company-owned stores.

The company views the world as a single, border-less macro-culture. And the Diesel staff reflects this: a wide variety of people and personalities from all parts of the globe, creating an unpredictable, dynamic vitality and energy within the company. Diesel people and their working methods are so unconventional, and yet productive, that they have been profiled in countless magazines, newspapers and documentary television programmes, and have been studied by international conglomerates, consulting organizations, universities and business schools.

why diesel and the product of diesel that i have chosen to promote watch
Why Diesel? And the product of Diesel that I have chosen to promote – Watch
  • Why Diesel?

I personally like Diesel this brand a lot. Their products are cool especially their watches. They also produce really creative, audacious and eye-catching adverts. Basically the whole brand is always about fun. My chosen theme is about relationships between couples. So I want to promote a product that both girlfriends and boyfriends can have/wear. And Diesel reminds me that they do produce couples watches and most of their watches are unisex so both girls/guys can wear them. Moreover my story is about independent, changes, and causal rock style which I think Diesel this brand matches my theme totally.


Inspirations from movies ..

Closer: The relationships of two couples become complicated and deceitful when the man from one couple meets the woman of the other.

Those complicated relationships inspired my to create my story.


Erin Brockovich:

A true story of a single mom who works to uncover the underhanded dealings of a California power company polluting a city’s water supply.  Erin is a no-bullshit personality with a compassionate soul who you will root for until the end.

This film inspired me a lot. It shows me how independent a woman can be. This inspired to create my store


Inspirations from music ..

Independent Womenis a song by American girl group ‘Destiny’s Child’. It’s basically about how women can be so independent and don’t haveto rely on anyone.

The vocalist from ‘Destiny’s Child’ – Beyonce has inspired a lot as well. Her whole image is about feminism, independent, autonomous. She always steps up and advocate women’s rights.


Miley Cyrus

Anna Wintour

Naomi Campbell


Lady Gaga

Gwen Stefani

Olivia Palermo


Inspirations from street styles..

Want to create a rock look? Go with black and it cant be wrong!


Inspirations of accessories

Inspirations of accessories, bags, shoes..

Most of the Diesel watches are unisex and suitable for different styles, my story is about a girl who changed from one style to another style, and Diesel always launch watches for couples, that’s why I chose it to be my promotional shoot.

Diesel Mr. Daddy watch


Inspirations of makeup..

Smokey eyes + rock style = perfect match!


Red always goes well with black. That inspired me to put red lipstick on my model!

But as I am going to do smokey eyes on her so I don’t want bright red lipstick so I will go with dark red colour.


Composition ..

The composition of the whole shoot will be following by my story board; my whole story. And that including model’s poses, expressions. There will be one portrait photos and one landscape. Both of them are close up shoot. (Details refer to the story board).


inspirations for pose of my 1st photo.

1st photo (close-up shoot):

Models holding hands and I will do a close up shoot. Firstly it can clearly show the product secondly it shows that old good time when model and her boyfriend were still together (refer to my story).


inspirations for pose of my 2nd photo.

2nd photo (close-up shoot):

Models put her hand on shoulder to show the product. Body lean forward with a happy smile as she likes the different her.


Technical Issues ..

-Focus: All photographs in focus.

Although some parts in some photographs (model’s hair) can be a bit blurry to

create the fresh, the ‘brand new’ mood.

- Depth of field: Photographs will be with short depth of field as the

photo shoot will be taken place in the studio and will do close-up shoots to show the product.

- Shutter Speed: Most of the poses are steady (model stands still ) but I still

want to make sure I can catch/freeze the movements of the model so that

I will set the shutter speed at 1/125s with a lower aperture number F4 and

a higher ISO number so that the photographs will not be too dark.

- Lighting: Would like to create a brand new, fresh mood so will use butterfly lighting in order to create bring light.


Mood ..

Would like to create a brand new, fresh mood to match my theme. Therefore I will choose a white background in order to make the photographs brighter . And I will use

‘butterfly light’in the shoot, this light will set right in front of model and make her face bright. For model’s poses and expressions, they will go with the story of my theme. There will be different poses and expressions.


Location ..

LCF College Studio


Casting ..

As two of the photos are going to be close-up shoot so I am not looking for any specific kind of model, I just want to find a western girl with blonde hair therefore I asked my classmate Sophie.

So I asked her to try on some clothes, then I measured her body size so then I can start to look for outfits for my shoot.


Prepare outfits ..

After doing all the research and looking at different inspirations , I already have a outfit in mind but as I mentioned before, I am going to do close-up shoot to promote the product so I don’t want some outstanding outfits to take the focus so I am going to find a simple rock style black top and black jeans to with the shoot.