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What is BOSS TM ?

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What is BOSS TM ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is BOSS TM ?.

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what is boss tm
What is BOSSTM?

The Brain Optimization and Synchronization SystemTM (BOSSTM) is a custom engineered rotating medical table that is used to synchronize the activity of the brain and relax the body. BOSSTM is fully automated, and can be programmed by the user for the direction of rotation, speed, and duration, for up to three

treatment cycles.

BOSSTM is a component in ITEM’s

International Research and Development

Program. ITEM provides the special BOSSTM table to those interested in researching the effects of horizontal rotation. ITEM also provides a technical manual that outlines the principles and theories about why BOSSTM works, and includes ITEM’s recommended procedures for obtaining successful results.

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why does boss tm rotate
Why Does BOSSTM Rotate?

Everything is in relative motion. Motion is critical to life. Electrons orbit the nucleus of atoms, atoms, molecules, cells and organisms move to establish and maintain homeostasis, and so forth.

Left alone, the human body theoretically will take those actions to move toward and maintain homeostasis. Mental, physical and environmental stressors can cause imbalance. Motion, we are learning, can restore balance. Motion therapy is a popular form of physical therapy. However, as we will explain, BOSSTM motion therapy is much more than physical therapy.

Why does a mother instinctually rock her baby? Why do people pat each other on the back when embracing in a hug? Why is laughter so therapeutic? The answer involves in part the benefits gained by promoting the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) through piezomechanical processes. All of these activities facilitate the movement of electrolyte-rich CSF through the spinal cord and brain. BOSSTM motion therapy invigorates the flow of CSF in a systematic fashion, increasing the electrical conductance of CSF, which in turn facilitates the efficiency of the brain.

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why does boss tm rotate continued
Why Does BOSSTM Rotate? (continued)

BOSSTM is designed to rotate because, according to ITEM’s research, the process of spinning a person while lying down 1) promotes, harmonizes, and increases the flow of CSF in the spine and brain, 2) increases the conductance of CSF, and 3) equalizes the electrical activity between the brain hemispheres. These are explained briefly as follows:

1) Spinning with the spine as the axis of rotation promotes fluid movement that is unimpeded by gravitational forces. Impeded flow of CSF is linked to many age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. BOSSTM rotation appears to improve the rate and rhythm of CSF flow, and harmonize this flow to the cardiac cycle (heart rhythms).

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why does boss tm rotate continued5
Why Does BOSSTM Rotate? (continued)

2) An electrical pulse occurs within the brain, according to EEG data, every time the head passes to the magnetic north and south. This pulsing phenomenon is illustrated on the right. The induction of electromagnetic energy appears to increase the conductance of the CSF, which in turn accelerates the rate of energy-information exchange in the brain and body.

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why does boss tm rotate continued6
Why Does BOSSTM Rotate? (continued)

3) Rhythmic BOSSTM rotation results in the synchronization of the brain hemispheres. Why this occurs is still under investigation. It may result from the electromagnetic induction phenomenon along with the regulation of brain activity by the hypothalamus. In any case, the brain synchronization effect is easy to achieve with BOSSTM using methods described by ITEM, and

the benefits are numerous. Additional theoretical bases for how BOSSTM works is presented on ITEM’s website and in the Practitioner’s Manual.

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how do you operate boss tm
How Do You Operate BOSSTM?

Operating your BOSSTM table is simple: 1) Plug the table into any 110 V or 220 V electrical outlet; 2) Program the control panel for the duration (1-99 minutes), direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) and speed (0.5 – 5.0 RPM) for up to 3 cycles or treatment steps; 3) Press “Start” and then lie down on the table – rotation will begin in one minute; 4) When there is one minute left in the total rotation sequence, your table will beep briefly to alert you; 5) When the rotation sequence is complete the table will automatically stop.

For example: a typical BOSSTM treatment program would consist of 15 minutes of rotation clockwise at 3 RPM (Step 1), followed by 15 minutes counterclockwise at 4 RPM (Step 2), and finally 15 minutes clockwise at 2.5 RPM (Step 3). The table will automatically stop and

reverse direction in accordance with the programmed sequence if you have purchased the automatic control system. Variations in time, speed and direction will result in different effects.

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what are the benefits of boss tm
What Are the Benefits of BOSSTM?

The benefits of using BOSSTM appear to include the following, at a minimum,

based on several years of research at ITEM:

  • Brain synchronization. Using ITEM’s recommended procedures, you will achieve brain synchronization easily. Depending on the level of distress and other environmental influences, a person’s brain will become reprogrammed to work in unison after only 2 to 10 BOSSTM sessions. Regular BOSSTM sessions are recommended for reprogramming work and ongoing maintenance of the synchronized condition. Synchronized brain activity beneficially affects all organs and systems of the body.
  • Enhanced cognitive functioning. Evidence is available to support that the use of BOSSTM increases mental processing speed and intelligence. This may be due to the increased electrolytic concentrations and flow rate of CSF due to BOSSTM rotation.
  • Increased motor coordination in martial arts and athletics.
  • Reduced stress and improved sleeping patterns.

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what do you receive with boss tm
What Do You Receive with BOSSTM?
  • The state-of-the-art BOSSTM rotation table with choice of color for mattress and base. The table is manufactured by an FDA-approved manufacturer of Class I medical devices, and has been making medical tables for over 50 years.
  • BOSSTM Practitioner’s Manual and access to ITEM’s password-protected BOSSTM Investigators website with special updates and discounts.
  • 1-year warranty on all fabricated parts and electrical components.
  • Lifetime technical support through ITEM.

Optional parts and components for your BOSSTM table include: laptop desk for

using an EEG system to monitor brain waves during rotation; ITEM’s Resonant

Field ImagingTM (RFITM) system; WaveRider 2cx EEG system; a fixed or

adjustable contour mattress; and an automatic control system to program the

table before the session begins.

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how much does boss tm cost
How Much Does BOSSTMCost?

BOSSTM is much more than a product – it is an engineered process for

synchronizing and optimizing the function of the brain. BOSSTM is an ongoing

research and development (R&D) program. ITEM is establishing a worldwide

network of investigators for its BOSSTM system, with the intent that research data

and practical results will be shared with others across the globe.

The retail price of BOSSTM has been set by ITEM to only $4,995 (freight

charges extra). BOSSTM is professionally packaged, insured, and delivered

by freight carrier in the continental US and by plane to all overseas destinations.

BOSSTM can be ordered directly from ITEM’s website, or you can contact ITEM

at 1-888-304-ITEM or

© 2007 ITEM, All International Rights Reserved. Visit ITEM’s website at