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  1. Gilgamesh By: Anne Scafidi, Kiana Acosta, Lucia Mendez, Sandra Gomez, Oscar Rios,& Jocelyn Alcantar

  2. The Epic of Gilgamesh The Gilgamesh Epic: • Named for a Sumerian king • Describes an era about twenty-three times more distant from our Revolutionary. • Its concerns are timeless and universal • The story shows the reader how to be well known and respected and how to cope with the loss of a dear friend, and especially how to accept ones own inevitable death.

  3. How the Epic Endured • When the Babylonians conquered the Sumerians, they inherited the Sumerian cultural tradition. • Babylonians started the first part of the story, while others modified it an gave it its central theme-the search for immortality • After the fall of the Babylonians, the epic was lost. Only until archeologists excavated the story and were amazed at how a great portion of the epic described a great flood, similar to the story of Noah and the ark in the Bible.

  4. Story of the Arrogant King • Gilgamesh was known as the arrogant king, so the gods interfere in his life with difficult challenges and obstacles. • Aruru provides Gilgamesh a challenge with Enkidu. • Gilgamesh and Enkidu end up battling each other and after they battle they become close friends. • Enkidu helps in the battle with Humbaba and learns that one of the heroes must die. • His dream proves the fact that, the hero is him.

  5. Name for Himself • In order to find a name for himself he battles Humbaba • When Gilgamesh becomes worried of death he begins his search, or heroic quest, to find everlasting life. • He searches for the great survivor of the flood, which occurred many years before, Utnapishtim • Siduri’s advice was to stay home and take care of his family. That in the end he would learn that death completes the cycle of life.

  6. Questions!!! WEEEE • What would it mean to you if you lived forever? • What is an archetype? • What is characterization? • Would you say Gilgamesh’s quest is a selfish or an altruistic one? • What outcome of Gilgamesh’s quest suggests about human limitations? • How do you think you would handled Gilgamesh challenges, knowing all the mistakes he made in the story? • What personal goals set by people today might be considered quests for immortality?Explain.

  7. Vocabulary Builder • Immolation: noun; offering or killing made as a sacrifice • Succor: noun; aid, relief • Somber: adjective; dark, gloomy • Incantation: noun; chant • Ecstasy: noun; great joy • Teemed: verb; was full of, swarmed • Babel: noun; confusion of voices or sounds • Subsided: verb; settled, lessened, died down