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TKM Vocabulary. Amiable - . (Adj.) Friendly, kind, agreeable. The sweet, new neighbor was very amiable when he greeted us at his front door. Assuage - . (V.) To lessen; to make milder; to relieve.

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Presentation Transcript

TKM Vocabulary

Amiable -

(Adj.) Friendly, kind, agreeable

The sweet, new neighbor was very amiablewhen he greeted us at his front door.

Assuage -

(V.) To lessen; to make milder; to relieve

You canassuage the feelings of guilt from doing something bad by doing something nice for someone.


TKM Vocabulary

Cantankerous -

(Adj.) Hard to get along with; ill-natured; quarrelsome

Stalter and Waldorf are cantankerous old men who heckle the other Muppets by making many sarcastic remarks.

Circumstantial -

(Adj.) Referring to indirect evidence or accompanying events that lead someone to believe that something actually happened

The evidence was circumstantial and not enough to prove any guilt.


TKM Vocabulary

Contemptuous -

(Adj.) Scornful; showing an attitude that something is worthless or beneath notice

The mysterious man next door is very contemptuous towards young children who he refers to as rotten trouble makers.

(Adj.) Fond of arguing; quarrelsome

Contentious -

The lawyer is of a contentious nature in the courtroom when he is trying to prove his case.


TKM Vocabulary

Corroborate -

(V.) To support; to make more certain

The children must corroborate their innocence if they wish to escape punishment from the principal.

Deportment -

(N.) The way a person acts or behaves

His sudden change in deportment lead us to suspect that something had happened to him.


TKM Vocabulary

Diminutive -

(Adj.) Small; tiny

Even the most diminutive detail in a trial can lead to a change in the jury’s verdict.

Eccentric -

(Adj.) Acting in a way that is unusual, peculiar, or out of the ordinary

She was a very eccentric woman who enjoyed expressing her creativity, but we never considered her to be a threat to anyone.


TKM Vocabulary

Edification -

(N.) Moral or spiritual instruction or improvement

The lady claims that she attends church every single Sunday for some edification.

Exodus -

(N.) A going out; a departure or emigration

The coming of summer results in a great exodus of people in our town to the beach.


TKM Vocabulary

Fractious -

(Adj.) Inclined to cause trouble; cranky; peevish

The teacher placed the fractious student at the front of the room to keep an eye on him.

Furtive -

(Adj.) Stealthy; done in secret

The suspects had to be very furtive to pull off this crime in the middle of the day!



Hypocrisy -

(N.) Claiming to hold beliefs or virtues that one does not really possess

The police officer was accused of hypocrisy when he was caught speeding down the highway.

Malevolent -

(Adj.) Evil; harmful; malicious

When Grurevealed his freeze ray, the people at the coffee shop knew he had malevolent intentions to ensure he was first in line.



Mollify -

(V.) To calm; pacify; to soften in temper

The young mother had to mollify her toddler when he threw a temper tantrum in the grocery store.

Mortification -

(N.) Shame; humiliation

The student felt mortification when he heard the principal call his mother on the phone.


TKM Vocabulary

Obstreperous -

(Adj.) Noisy; unruly; difficult to control

Because the class was being so obstreperous, they all received lunch detention for the entire week.

Taciturn -

(Adj.) Inclined to silence; quiet and stern in manner

Kelly was known to be taciturn and would not talk to the other students in the class.